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Limerick Writing Fun!

By: Sambelini

Page 1, Well, I was reading this \"anti-limerick\" and it told me to try one. So, I was trying to write a couple anti-limericks but it wouldn\'t let me comment, so I decided to write them here. The first one didn\'t work. It didn\'t work because it turned out as a true limerick. But, then I decided it WASN\'T a true limerick because the punch line isn\'t on the last line: it\'s more or less on the second. So, whatever. I wrote two anyways.

Though limericks are very nice,
I much prefer chicken fried rice.
It tastes so much better
Than poem, word, or letter
And makes a fine dinner, with spice!

It's not a hard task to write poems
Nat'ral as plants growing phloems!
But you'd better be ware
'Cause you'd get quite a scare
If ever you forgot to rhyme!

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