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Creation of my Creations

By: Shadows of Memories

Page 1, A reading-request to my readers !


I found a pen and paper fold,

Kept on my table carefully rolled,

I tried to scribble something on there,

Sitting straight and firm on my  chair.

And the magic happened pretty soon,

The letters looked like funny cartoon.

They started to talk and dance and act,

I was not dreaming, its real fact.

I know how you laughing at now,

When I write ‘C’ it turned to cow!

It sounds so funny, looked more prank,

I don’t know if I was turning a crank.

It made me laugh, it made me cry,

Oh my god! Can’t erase; it’s dry.

I washed them water, I drained running tap,

I felt so tired, slept and took a nap.

I woke up early, 5 by the clock,

I woke up in haste, when somebody knocked.

It was Mr. Mind, so full of thoughts,

With Mrs. Heart, he tied up a knot.

And came in Mr. Ink, to give them some shape,

And turned them into fine Words, so full of grace and pep.

And they formed Phrases and Sentences lively,

And created a family...umm.. Poems and Poetry.

And they kissed me so much, they named me the Author,

They hugged and caressed me, as if Godmother!

Now I become their father-mother-parents,

Would be obliged if you read them, they are my children!

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