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Hillbilly Billy

By: Stormbird Throneshaker

Page 1, Written 01/01/2000

Hillbilly Billy was from New York City

Or was it upper state

And if Billy ever took a bath

The smell never went away

Billy cussed his boss, he lost his job

He doesn't work there any more

So he took his money to buy some meat

When she waltzed right into the store

Billy fell in love with this lovely girl

She was the best pet he ever had

She supported him well, but what the hell

Billy's always smellin' bad

Billy thought he ought to buy some soap

To clean up for the wife and kid

He never thought that it would chase them away

But then again, he did

This lovely girl talked him into it

What other choice did he have

Billy didn't want to lose his pet

He forced his wife to give him a bath

Wash the dishes in the toilet, dry them in the tub,

with an old greasy rag

The wife threatened to leave him, like a stick in the mud

Ol' Billy would miss that hag

Spending lonely nights in the sewer pipes

Never caused as big as a stink

As the day Billy brought home a skunk

And made it a bed in the sink

Billy tried to keep this lovely clean girl

She couldn't get passed the smell

But the wife and kid didn't like her any way

Keeping Billy clean was just pure hell

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