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Me and my Screen Name

By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, A screen name is like a tatoo, you should have thought about it BEFORE you got it. read on - Humor!


Me and My screen Name



Tis just a poem about my name

Booksie decided to play a game

Every time I typed one on the screen

Already taken; the message I seen


The Alice part, I got when I was born

Give me more, the blinking did warn

A moniker is a formal kind of brand

I was losing patience, because I didn’t plan


Sultry – means romantic, and I am

So I typed it in and hit enter, bam!

Accepted at last, I was good to go

The name Sultry Alice would now show


I looked up Sultry that very day

To see what Webster had to say

The list was very long and scary

Synonyms I will now have to carry


Seductive, provocative and prurient a few

Lustful, concupiscent and wanton too

Voluptuous, erotic and lascivious in the book

Capable of exciting strong sexual desire, I took!


I figure I better get busy writing all the time

Short story, jokes, novels and rhymes

If I ever expect to live up to my screen name

That I hastily entered that day I came


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