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Men and Boobs...

By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, Rated G. Just a fun look at guy\'s facination with a woman\'s breast.


This is about the fatty tissue that’s upon a woman’s chest

Made to feed a mammal’s young, and known as a breast

We have them right in front where they are easy to see

And they greatly vary in size from a watermelon to a pea


A women’s sexuality is partially determined by her boobs

Because they extend out and are noticeable by the dudes

Men really like to watch them as they jiggle, bounce and sway

I have even overheard said; “I wonder how much they weigh?”


Men have an obsession when it comes to women’s knockers

They discuss them at home, work and even at their lockers

They hardly look a woman in the eyes, when she has a nice pair

Whenever the woman looks away, they use the time to stare


They can’t wait to get their hands and mouth on a nice set

They fantasize about big busted girls like Dolly and Annette

When they see a woman with exceptionally gorgeous mounds

They get all excited like little puppies and their heart pounds


When they see the cleavage caused by squeezing our tits

We catch them looking all the time, and licking their lips

Maybe the fascination goes back to when they used to nurse

Because when your nipples get near them, their lips do purse

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