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Little red riding hood altered #2

By: veltzshmertz

Page 1, Same idea as the first one, but here I turned red riding hood into an apple and the wolf into a worm... can\'t say it isn\'t different :p


Little-red-apple and the worm

There once was a worm, squirming about

It found it’s way into a basket of fruit

Once inside it gave a big shout

And once there, it slightly pooped


It had seen a little-red-apple

All shiny and bright

The worm just wanted a sample

No one was in sight


It slithered closer and closer

Then he took a big bite

He rested, afraid of an ulcer

An was startled with fright


As a hand had shot in

Fingers splayed wide

Searching for him or his kin

The fingers groped inside


They pinched, and he said “crappers”

Then he was severed, lay dead

No more little red apples

If only he'd eaten a grape instead

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