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Little red riding hood altered

By: veltzshmertz

Page 1, This is a silly poem I started based on an assignment I once had to look at well known fairy tales from a different perspective and see where it leads... this is what came out:)


Little humpty red riding hood -

Little red-riding hood sat on a wall

Little red-riding hood had a big fall

Little red-riding hood fell in a bog

Little red-riding hood’s knickers were sogged


Then all of her friends and all of her kin

Came to help, or mock with a grin

Little red-riding hood was miserably wet

And huffed off with a frown firmly set


Little red-riding hood's shoes squelched

Little red-riding hood's feet were drenched

Little red-riding hood was quite upset

Little red-riding hood wasn't her best


She wished she'd never climbed the wall

She wished she'd never had a big fall

She wished to Grandma's she had gone

So she'd be allowed to go to prom


Little red-riding hood's mother knew best

Little red-riding hood failed the test

Little red-riding hood couldn't go on a date

Not even as the no good wolf's date…

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