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The Bumblescum, A Cautionary Tale

Poetry By: Wilbur

Ah what a back star can yield. And what trouble we're in if String Theory proved right then fails! All from a little stardust. And enterprising Bumblescum. Oh yes. What a to-do!

Submitted:Mar 28, 2012    Reads: 25    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

Bumblescum - A Cautionary Tale

See? Here they come!
The Bumblescum
Ta-ra dum dum dum
They drum
The Bumblescum come
March to a drum
Ta-ra dum dum dum
They come
Never will cheat
Are shy and so sweet
They eat very little
Oh long long ago
Our own old ones know
The Bumblescum
Mined mold
Lived way way afar
On a dead dead black star
Where the Bumblescum
Earned gold
Must* of black stars
Helps make fine attars
And Bumblescum mined
The must
But, cold-pressed must
Creates stardust
Whose molecules
Make a must-lust
It took just one bloke
Who took just one toke
And found that he hadn't
Gone numb
When he told what this did
They recovered their id
And made babies but
Didn't go dumb
Now they had found
The gold in the ground
The Bumblescum
Tossed attars
Cold-pressed the must
Processed must-lust
Advertised it
As Seeing Stars
They sent out the word
The whole cosmos heard
Seeing Stars
Was really selling
Planets made buys
All across the skies
Seeing Stars
Was truly compelling
Now the strings knew not lust
Yet felt that they must
The Bumblescum?
Had no clue
Sold to the strings
'N'things being things
Cosmic chaos soon
Came due
See, it don't mean a thing
If you ain't got that string
Seeing Stars?
Very high cost
Cuz the strings all got high
As high as the sky
And String Theory?
Well, it got lost
And when String Theory bends
Everything ends
Nothing it seems
Is immune
Not the planets or stars
Not broad stripes or bars
Not Bumblescum
Nor even Neptune
Things lapsed and flew
Celestial stew
Three blown-out suns
Six blue moons
New orbits set in
Some thick and some thin
Cosmic buffoons
Thrown out of the game
With no say and no name
The Bumblescum
Landed splat
Like a loosened string
With no strength and no spring
Bumblescum all
Crashed flat
In cold rock-bound hills
Caught ague and chills
Hadn't no must
Nor no heat
On one long losing streak
Growing older and weak
With nothing to mine
Nor to eat
So there came a day
When they marched away
Banging on drums
Would not fold
Out seeking must
For turning to dust
To sell and earn them
Some gold
With which they'll build
Thru' a new Space-Age Guild
A ship to shoot
For a star
A star black and dead
For them to homestead
Live once again
High and far
Mine black star must
Create the lust-must
And sell Seeing Stars
In the face of a fuss
Any trouble or muss
Earnings will pay
Every fine
Oh! See, here they come!
The old Bumblescum
Ta-da dum dum dum
Here they come!

*must-1. mold, fungus; 2. frenzied state of certain male animals


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