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Money: the quest

Script By: ana jester

When Stan gets arrested for suspicion of stealing and robbing a restaurant(and other places), his broke drinking friends Devon,Paul,Jim, and carrah try to gather money to bail him out of jail. They cross trouble from getting suspected of stealing to accidental arsen to having their money stolen all the way to landing in jail themselves. Meanwhile Stan found out he had a rich uncle who left all his money to him and he bails himself out and leaves.

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This is a story or in some cases, a voyage or quest. This is about friends who go through a lot, but not how they do in most stories. This is less love and more like, well, you determine it when you finish it.

Chapter 1: "The night Before"

The sun was just coming up in New Jersey. Jersey City. On the street West Overdrive, in the 9th 2 story house on the right side facing south to other houses are the friends Devon, Jim, Carrah, Paul, and Stan. Most of the time they just sleep and drink; sometimes party. Stan's the only one who really has a job and Masters Degree in Medicine. The rest, yeah, not much. You'll find out later.

The house was a little trashed and the TV was still on on channel 265: News. Carrah slept on the couch, Devon on the ground on some Cheetos, Jim at the table drooling and holding a beer bottle, andPaul outside by the mailbox. Stan is already up and ready for work.

Stan-" Good morning guys, and girl," He looked at the table and the living room," C'mon." As he turned away he accidently stepped on a red balloon and it popped loudly that he jumped. Stan looked around and fixed his black tie. They still slept. He looked around unbelievably." That's it." And he went into the living room. Stan tripped over their doberman Red and a few bottles. He stood in front of Devon and Carrah. The only one who woke up was Strawberry, their calico cat. So far you can tell they're fans of the Cheech and Chong movies.

Stan-" Get up guys, c'mon! I gotta go to work and each of you gotta get ready too." Last chance... Stan kicked Devon and he woke up.

Devon-" Mm? What," he looked up with some Cheetos crumbs on his face, " Oh, hey Stan. What's up?" Devon stood up and staggered; he fell onto the table," Sorry." He rubbed his eyes and they went into the kitchen.

Stan-" Devon, what's up here? I thought each of you were gonna stop drinking?" While he said this he took the bottle from Jim's hands and Jim's head hit the table. Stan threw away the bottle.

Devon-" Well, we started out not drinking then Ernie and that creepy guy stopped by to say hi. Ernie left but the creepy guy across the street stayed and kept trying to get Carrah to go over to his house and- never mind, never mind. Long story short she locked herself in the bathroom-"

Stan-" Devon, Devon. Drinking." Devon looked at him confused.

Devon-" Oh yeah, right. Anywho, we didn't touch the beer that Ernie left and then we began to dare each other like ' I dare you to take a sip' then ' Well I dare you to drink a gulp' and Jim said ' I'll dare you to drink the whole bottle' then the best dare was ' Drink the whole two cases'"

Stan-" How many was there?"

Devon-" 24 plus 24 is 48. 48 beers."

Jim-" I drank the most." They turned and looked at Jim lying there. They turned to each other again.

Stan-" I gotta go. Someone go get Paul outside and wake Carrah up. Bye!" He took two boxes of pop tarts and left. He got in his black Lexus. After he drove away, Devon looked at the living room, picked up a rubber ball that their dog plays with and threw it at Carrah, hitting her on the head.

Carrah-" OW!!!" She sat up and Strawberry ran to the kitchen.

Devon-" Hit you right on the head."

Carrah-" Yeah, nice hit." She looked around.

Chapter 2: "

After getting up, Paul came in and flipped through channels," Oh man, this is bad," Devon, Jim, and Carrah looked," SpongeBob lost his spatula."

Jim-" Oh no." Devon just looked at them.

Devon-" Guys, come on now, let's clean. You know Stan." They agreed with him and decided to clean, only if they're allowed to take breaks. After a few seconds Devon said," Uh, no."

Paul-" Deusche." While cleaning, Stan was at work.

His degree in Medicine really didn't have anything to do with Accounting, but nevermind. He got his first customer but the person( a woman) was trying to call her son and accidently dialed the wrong number. During his break he went to a local restaurant. A man wearing a mask bumped into him and said," Oh hey man, here," he took off his mask and pulled it over Stan, then he handed him a Colt 47," Hey! We have the same clothes on." and he ran with a bag yelling," Happy Birthday!" Stan, being the gentleman that he is, just accepted them and walked in as soon as the cops pulled up. He walked in to notice everyone was in shock. The red head waitress Lacy screamed. Lacy-" He's back!!" Stan-" What?" And the police ran in pointing guns. cop-" Freeze! Down, get down!" Stan pulled off the mask and looked to his left on the ground and he seen a man lying there with a bullet wound on his right forearm. Stan jumped and looked at the officers. Then one officer got fed up," That's it!" Two of them dove on Stan; he screamed almost like a girl but not as high pitched. Part 2: the Colt 47 Stan sat in the interrogation room with two cops. Officer Carol Stonehall and the rookie officer Andy Monahan. Carol is a guy to let you know. A guy with a girl name. The two cops stood with their backs to Stan.

Carol-"Well, well, well...


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