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the return of sign and line

Script By: brucek

sign and line return and have new adventures.

Submitted:Feb 14, 2012    Reads: 56    Comments: 14    Likes: 5   


1. A Curve in the Road Ahead, by Brucek

2. A Curve in the Script Ahead, by Zin Dar

3. A Rose at the Side of the Road, by Brucek

4. Cat at the Side of the Road, by Zin Dar

5. The End at the End of the Road, by Brucek


Hello out there! My name is Sign. I'm actually a "curve in the road ahead" sign. Some of you may remember me from some skits Brucek wrote a long time ago on Booksie. I've been told they were pretty good, even made a few people laugh. I really wouldn't know. You see, I was one of the characters in those skits, and I wasn't always having the greatest time. Back then, all Brucek wanted me to do was talk to Line the whole time. He's one of the lines painted on a road. We were going along just fine, and as soon as I strayed a little from the script, Brucek got all huffy and started doing crazy things! He even wrote me out of a skit, and then later he..........

Line: Sign. What are you doing? Isn't Brucek supposed to be the one who writes the introduction?

Sign: Line? Is that you? Where are you?

Line: I'm not sure. I can't see anything.

Sign: Hold on, hold on. Give me a second. I'll fix it.

Out of nowhere, there appears a bright, hilly landscape, with a meandering two lane road running across it. There are three lines painted down the the road, and Sign is talking to the one closest to him.

Sign: There you go! Isn't this great!?

Line: Sign!! You've got arms! How did that happen?

Sign: I'm not really sure. Ever since Brucek ended the last skit, I've been stuck in that bar at the end of the road. I thought I was going to be there forever! What I think happened is that one of the other Booksie writers finally decided to take matters into his own hands.

Line: What in the world are you talking about?

Sign: I think someone who really liked those other skits decided to write a little skit of his own that gave me my arms and .................these!

Line: A notebook and a pencil?

Sign: Yep! Now I have as much power as that jerk Brucek.

Line: Uh oh............you can't be serious. You're playing with something hotter than fire, Sign.

Sign: You are so negative! I can do just about anything I want with these. Here, watch.

Sign starts writing in the notebook, and in a moment or two, far up in the sky a blimp appears. A second later there is a message on the side of the blimp.

Line: "Sign is fine"? You have the power to create anything you want, and that's the best you can do?

Sign: What do you think I am, a poet? Here, let me try again.

Sign erases part of a line and, after pausing to think for a moment, writes again. Suddenly the blimp turns into a enormous green Zepplin with purple stripes. On its side a new message appears:

Sign is so fine,

All of the time,

If you have a mind,

Don't cross the Line.

Line: Cute............and i suppose Brucek's not going to notice any of this?

Sign: What's he going to do? I've got............

Pencil: Are you done? I'm so dizzy I'm about to be sick! Can you PLEASE hold me still for a while? Ohhhhhhhh!

Notebook: He won't listen. He thinks he's some kind of writer, or something. Does he ever think about what he's doing to us? I don't want to be scribbled all over. It's disgusting. Just look what he's done to me! And his penmanship is terrible! Hey, who do you think you are, anyway!?

Sign: What!? I don't want a talking pencil and notebook! I need you two so I can write the skit the way I want to.

Notebook: Well, la di da, yadda yadda yadda! I guess you're going to have to make other plans buddy, 'cause you're not writhing on me!

Pencil: Oh!! Part of my eraser is gone! Now I really am going to be sick.

Line: Hey Sign?

Sign: Yeah?

Line: Did you ever stop and think that maybe it was Brucek that was writing this skit? Maybe he wants you to think that you're in control.

Sign: Oh no, no, no. Not this time. He's not going to pull the rug out from under my feet again.

Line: ............uh, you don't have any feet.

Sign: Whatever!

Line: Okay, I have an idea. Let's ask Pencil and Notebook here who created them, and then you'll know where you stand.

Sign: You know what? To hell with them! I'm going to use thim to write a skit that gives me a pencil and notebook that doesn't talk!

Notebook: Don't you touch me! What gives you the right?

Pencil: Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!

Sign grabs hold of Notebook and Pencil and is just about to start writing when Brucek appears holding his own notebook and pencil.

Brucek: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Quicker than a flash of lightning, Brucek scribbles in his notebook.

Sign: Arghghghgh!! My arms!

Pencil and Notebook fall to the ground.

Brucek: Hi Line.

Line: Hey.

Brucek: Looks like Sign here's been up to his old tricks again.

Line: I tried to tell him, but he never listens.

Burcek: Well, what do you think I should do with him?

Sign: Do with me!? What do you mean, "do with me"? You took away my arms, isn't that enough?

Line: All he ever wanted was to exist. That's what I want too.

Brucek: Hmmmmmm. Let me think it over. And Sign?

Sign: What!?

Burcek: Can you please try to behave yourself?

Sign: For how long?

Brucek: Sign!

Sign: Okay, okay.

Brucek: Alright then, I'm going to go back home. Try to be nice to Pencil and Notebook while I'm gone.

Line: You got it, boss.

Brucek writes in his notebook, and suddenly..........

Brucek: "pop!"

He disappears in a puff of smoke.

Sign: You know Line, you are such a suck up.

Line: Shut up.

The End.


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