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Teddy Bear Royale

Script By: eludingdarling

The road not taken is empty now a days. A band, a dream, reality, fantasy, and a crown. All this on one road. The road not taken.

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(At the playground)

Ronnie: *swinging on the swing* Its TAH-matoes!"

Destery: *on the seasaw* Ah, but there is where you are wrong! Its TAH-MAH-toes. There is right and there is wrong, and there is ugly which is you. Bong! yeah this is the song, the song in which i tell you your wrong~"

Nathan: *on the other side of the seasaw* " you guys are idiots, with no life, and with no brains."

Shayde: *sitting at the bottom of the slide* I hate you all. So much."

Destery: " I thought you hated penut butter?"

Ronnie: " You stab my heart, you really do!"

Shayde: *glaring at Ronnie* " I hate EVERYTHING so yes, I do hate penut butter aswell."

Nathan: : "Keep acting like that and you will be a 'aswell' with a hole"


Nathan: *rolling his eyes* " Yey, you can speak. Now, can you shut up?"

Shayde: " If only. His constant noise makes my life a bottomless black hole of nothingness and despair. He is my prime example that people talk without meaning a thing and that humans are such pathetic creatures."

Destery: "Hear that Ronnie? We DON"T like you. So, WHY do you keep hanging out with us?"

Ronnie: " The same reason I go to school. I'm payed."

Nathan: "WHO'S paying you?"

Ronnie: *Shrugs* " God."

Destery: "Like God would even talk to you."

Nathan: "Hey, how about you guys stop being idiots?"

Ronnie: "Never!"

Shayde: "I hope on day that your own idiocy will be the death of you."

Ronnie: "I like you better when your wishing for your own death."

Destery: "GET OUT OF HERE!!!"

Ronnie: "But i can't~ For I do this for the CHILDREN!!* cups hands around mouth* THATS RIGHT KIDS I LOVE YOU!!!!!!"

Nathan: *sighs* " Only you would yell that at a playground"

Ronnie: *grips chest dramatically* " I can't take it anymore!! I AM A LIAR!! I HATE YOU, HATE, HATE, HATE, HAATTEEE!!! NOISY, NAIVE CHILDREN, I HATE YOU!! I HATE HOW YOU LIVE YOUR LIVES SO BLINDED!! HATE!!!!"

Shayde: " We ask him to shut up and he goes and starts yelling"

Destery: " Don't you have a little brother?"

Ronnie: " Yeah, and I hate him." *clenches fist* " Living his life as if hes the king!"

Nathan: "Sounds like Silas to me"

( A lady walks up to the group in quick, angry strides. The lady's blonde hair blew in the wind, and onto her face as she made her advance to the teens)

Lady: " Would you mind not acting like idiots here, Better yet, leave. This is a playground for KIDS not delinquints who do nothing but cause trouble. Especially when all they're doing is yelling about their hatred for kids. See that angle over there?" *points at a little girl who is hideing behind a man* "That angle is too scared to come and enjoy this playground. This place isn't for you"

Ronnie: *scoffs* " Then, prey tell me, what is my place? Where should I be?"

Lady: *Places her hands on her hips* " Jail"

Ronnie: *clutches his stomach* " AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT AN ANSWER!!!" *smirks* "Lady you don't know me. It amuses me to no end how people make such assumptions when they don't know the person themself. Ah, how amusing! So, am i allowed to assume that you ALSO should be rotting in jail?"

Lady: ".....why you....kids like you are the garbage of society..."

Nathan: " And people like you keep us from going forward. If we are the garbage then the society is the dump."

Lady: *waves over at the man* " I'll show you to bad mouth a lady"

Shayde: "I hate you"

(The man jogs over to the lady, leaving his daughter behind)

Man: "What?"

Lady: " These boys refuse to leave and let Angle play"

man: "Will you leave?"

Ronnie: "why should we? She can play with us here."

Man: "you've got to be kidding me...Could you please be a bigger man and not act like a child?"

Ronnie: "I hate children. They never grow up."

Destrey: "Well, i'm out"


(It is the next day. At school. Lunch. At the roof of the school.)

Valentine: ( reajusting his beanie while chatting away) " And the teacher had the sach to say that she believes in all of us. As if. When they see me they just see a punk and have already given up on me. How is it my fault I have ADD and delexia?"

Destery: " I don't think thats why they hate you."

Ronnie: *Laying down on his back* " They do...Don't they? Not care I mean. They don't believe in us because we don't love the conformity of school."

Nathan: "School is key to the future."

Shayde: "I tend to stay away from locked doors."

Valentine: *glaring at Destery* " Regaurdless, school is really the only way."

Ronnie: *Sits up* " I don'ty want that way."

Nathan: "Theres no other way"

Ronnie"....the road less taken...thats not school. Thats not following your dreams. That is conforming and playing it safe..."

Shayde: "why does there even have to be a road? All roads are roads that never end."

Ronnie: *reaches up to the sky* " I want to reach for it...for my dreams."

Destery: " So does everyone else"

Ronnie: "I WILL reach it!"

Valentine: *throws fist up* " Thats the attitude! YEY!! Dreams!"

Shayde: "What would someone like you dream of?"

Ronnie: *smirks* "You got kicked out of your band right?"

Valentine: "Yeah....."

Ronnie: *loweres his hand and uses it to block the sun from his eyes* "WELL NO MORE!!" *whirls his head towards Valentine* "Your in a band, now Valentine so smile real big." *throws his head back* " Hell, were ALL in a band now!!!"

Destery: *crosses his arms* "I beg to differ."

Ronnie: *Lays back down and throws his arm over his eyes* "Don't make me force you, Destery. Lets keep a positive air about this band, kay?"

Nathan: "whats in it for us?"

Ronnie: "I'm forcing you. There doesn't have to be anything in it for you. Though! Since I am such a great person~ I will let you prove everyone wrong. Where going to F**k up that road not traveled on"

Shayde: "I hate that road."



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