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Iggy teaches School: Iggy and his girls

Script By: Iggysgirl

Ive been reading Dilbert, so maby thats why Iggy is acting a bit like dogbert. It was all because a dinosour named Bob is in it.

Submitted:Jun 13, 2008    Reads: 153    Comments: 7    Likes: 2   

Iggy teaches school Starring Iggy as Iggy, Gaby as Oak, Lydia as Adrine, Kara as Loor

Narator: Iggy and the girls went to the local kindergarden school.

Loor: Hey kids! Hows it going?

Kids: Goooood!

Loor: Thats wonderful! Iggy, Oak, Adrine, say hi to the kids.

Iggy: Greeting, you little creatans. Im here to poison your minds.

Teacher: *whispers to Loor* Um, are you sure that one, the boy... is okay?

Loor: Hes just upset because he doesnt like waking up early.

Oak: Um, what Iggy said.

Adrine: Awww, your all so bit-sized!

Loor: Um, I have a few question cards. We'll all get a chance to anser each one. First questoin: Why should we stay in school? Adrine, you go first.

Adrine: Um, unless there's a school for feeding little kids to hamsters.....

Loor: Oookkaay. Iggy, your turn.

Iggy: Listen, kids. I've never been to school, never wanted to. And Im living in a mansion with a girlfriend, a girl so smart she could be a scientist, and a little girl who could beet the crap out of a pro wresler. So, while other teens my age are reading books, Im living the dream life. You brats tell me: Wich is better, huh?

Oak: Yah, what he said. *leans sleeply on Iggy*

Loor: Well... I think you should stay in school. Its fun and eucational. So... next question: How our lifes work. Adrine?

Adrine: I have fun feeding store managers and car sales men to my hamster, Bob....

Loor: Hehe... she means feeding... toys to her hamster.

Iggy: I enjoy making bombs... yup, dating Oak, Trying not to be eaten by Bob... Messing around with Adrine, experement with experents with Loor... Hey, how bout I teach you how to make bombs? And use them, while holding them. *smiles evily*

Teacher: Thants not a very good idea, Mr.Griffith

Iggy: *balls fists* My...names....IGGY! And its a wonderful idea. less mouths to feed. *Nods*

Oak: Lets see.... kissin' Iggy. Thats about it. Hanging out with Iggy.... thats all.

Loor: ..... I like hanging out with my best friends ever, these guys. *waves hand to the others*

Iggy: Whos that? *looks around* I cant see them.

Teacher: But... Mr-

Iggy: Iggy?

Teacher: Iggy... Arnt you... blind?

Iggy: People are so thick.

Narator: After a few more.... odd ansers for questins from Iggy, the teaches kick them out.

Loor: Great job Iggy. You got us kiched out of a kindergarden class.

Iggy: Theres a good thing, though.

Loor: And that is?

Oak: Adrine stole a kid to be my.... our.... persinal waitor.


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