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Oaks parents (part one) : Iggy and his girls

Script By: Iggysgirl

Well, its wierd, and I added to be continued, so it will be.

Submitted:Jun 16, 2008    Reads: 123    Comments: 9    Likes: 2   

Oaks Parents Starring: Iggy as Iggy, Gaby as Oak, Lydia as Adrine, Kara as Loor

Narator: Oak is running around and cleaning for her parents arrival.

Oak: Guys! Its not clean enough! Ig! Your hairs not right. *pulls Iggy down* *smoothes his hair*

Iggy: Oak, sweaty. Calm down. *hugs Oak* Its okay.

Oak: *pauses* No. You never met my parents.

Iggy: But... I want to. If their your parents....

Adrine: Um, Oak? Why doesour house have to be so clean? An' why are we wearing dressws? Whys Iggy wearing a tux?

Loor: Her parents.

Oak: Less chat! Adrine, stop messing with your shoe. Iggy, stand up staight. Mom and dad are gonna-

Narator: There is a know on the door, and Oaks parents walk in.

Oak: Mom! Dad! *hugs parents*

Iggy: Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Willows, were all happy to-

Mr. Willows: And you are?

Iggy: *grins* Well, Im Oaks boyfriend, Iggy

Mr. Willows: Oh my God, Oak! Look at him! Why?

Iggy: .....

Oak: DAD! Iggys my best friend ever.

Mrs. Willows: Whats wrong with his eyes?

Loor: Yes, hes blind *Holds out hand* And hi, Im loor. Thats Adrine.

Mr. Willows: And what kind of name is Iggy?

Oak: Drop it, dad. Hes a great cook, ya know. *kisses Iggy* Love ya, Ig.

Iggy: Love you too, Oak.

Mr. Willows: Oh, God. *steps between Oak and Iggy*

Adrine: You two meat heads are the reson Oak was freaking out?

Mrs. Willows: Exuse me?!

Iggy: *claps hands loudly* Wellup, who wants to eat?

Mr. Willows: *mutters* Its probly McDonalds.

Iggy: No, I made it.

Mr. Willows: Then its probly poisened.

Adrine: Um, how do we end this? I useualy tackel someone, and our times up. Iggy?

Iggy: Well, the frase you all hate: To be continued.


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