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Cody, Amy, and Emit all have different types of crazy stupid drama in their lives.

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Act 1 Amy

Scene 1 Intro to Amy

Amy: Why did we have to move, mom?

Ms. Senar: Because I don't want to be near your father anymore!

Amy: Why so far away?

Ms. Senar: I don't want to see him anymore.

Amy: But in the middle of the year? Why move in the middle?

Ms. Senar: Well if your dad hadn't start being an alcoholic, then we would have not moved.

Amy: You didn't answer my question.

Ms. Senar: What does it matter to you!

Amy: Hello! Middle of the year, New school, I won't have ANY friends.

Ms. Senar: That's it! Go to your room!

Amy: Room. What room?

Ms. Senar: Go pick one!

Amy: I will. Hey mom can you stop yelling at me please.

Ms. Senar: Sure, just go upstairs and start unpacking.

Amy: OK.

Scene 2 Some first day

Amy: Um... I'm new. Can you show me around?

Girl: I don't know what do you say Hailey?

Hailey: Lydia! She is not blonde so heck no.

Amy: (Mummers under breath) Fine I will take my black hair elsewhere.

Lydia: What'd you call us?!

Amy: Nothing.

Lydia: I heard something.

Hailey: I heard it too!

Amy: What did I say?

Hailey: Tell me! (Pushes Amy)

Lydia: Tell us! (Pushes Amy)

Amy: Ow! You're hurting me!

Lydia & Hailey: Tell us! (Both push Amy to the ground)

Cody: Ladies stop! Didn't you hear her say you're hurting me? (Helps Amy up)

Amy: Thank you.

Cody: Are you o.k.

Amy: Yeah. I guess.

Cody: What was this all about?

Hailey: Hi Cody! (Twirling hair)

Lydia: Hello.

Cody: By the way, my name is Cody. What was this all about?

Lydia: She called us a mean name (lip puckering)

Hailey: Really mean.

Amy: No I didn't.

Cody: Can you stop fighting for a moment?

Lydia: OHHHHH! Hailey she is frizzing up your hair.

Amy: How could I?

Cody: (whispers in Amy's ear) Did you call them names?

Amy: (whispers back) No.

Cody: So they are lying

Amy: (sobbing out the words) Yes. They just started saying I called them a name, and then they started pushing me.

Cody: Don't bruise yourself up just because life isn't going right.

Amy: I know that.

Cody: Why don't you all apologize?

Hailey & Lydia: Do we have too?

Cody: Y-

Hailey: What-

Amy: Y-

Lydia: Freaks!!!

(Say all together)

Hailey: So whose side are you going to choose? Your girlfriend or a mean girl.

Amy: Violence is bad for th-

Lydia: She so called us j-

(Cody shuts everyone up with his shout)

Cody: ENOUGH!!!!!!

Mr. Blacksworth: What was this entire racket? Schor? Blondey? Lydia? Excuse me what is your name?

Amy: Amy. I'm new.

Mr. Blacksworth: I'll see you all in detention after school today.

Scene 3 Take it

Hailey: I can't believe I got a detention.

Lydia: I know I can't believe my Dad did this to me.

Cody: Hey Am-

Amy: Can you please not talk to me you sort of got me a detention, on my first day at this school.

Cody: Hey I didn't mean to get you a detention.

Amy: Stop saying HEY please.

Cody: Hey I mean that's all you hear-

Mr. Blacksworth: No TALKING!

Cody: Mind If I call you so we can talk this out. We could be friends.

Amy: Yes I do mind.

(2 hours later)

Mr. Blacksworth: That's it. Have a good weekend. Hold it. Newbie and Schor.

Amy: AMY!!!!

Mr. Blacksworth: Since you were talking the whole time I'll see you tomorrow. Schor and Newbie.

Cody: It's CODY!!!!!

Mr. Blacksworth: And Sunday too.

Cody: For what?

Mr. Blacksworth: For yelling at me.

Amy: Excuse me but do I have to come two?

Mr. Blacksworth: Of course not. You did no yelling.

Amy: Thank you.

Scene 4 New Friend talk

Ms. Senar: You get home late! How was school?

Amy: Let's see! When I got to school I got thrown around.

Ms. Senar: What! Why?

Amy: Because two stupid girls wouldn't show me around.

Ms. Senar: Maybe bullies are attracted to you because you're a pacifist.

Amy: Then at lunch my sandwiches mayo spilled over my shirt. (Shows shirt)

Ms. Senar: Hooray! More laundry.

Amy: Do you have a comment for everything I say.

Ms. Senar: Not everything.

Amy: Then can you please stop so I can tell you about my best day ever.

Ms. Senar: O.k. Continue.

Amy: Then to wrap it up I got a detention because a boy shouted at Hailey and Lydia for pushing me around.

Ms. Senar: Who is Hailey and Lydia?

Amy: The girls who thrown me around like a basketball.

Ms. Senar: Did you make any friends?

Amy: One. At least I think.

Ms. Senar: What was the girl's name?

Amy: GIRL! Ha! It's not a chick.

Ms. Senar: Really?

Amy: The same he that got me a detention too. Cody. Cody Schor.

Ms. Senar: What?

Amy: His name.

Ms. Senar: Oh! What a weird name?

Amy: (Sits on couch) Our name is weird too! Listen, Amy Senar. I sound like a mythology creature.

Ms. Senar: It's better than Amy Williwilli.

Amy: Why do you always have to be mean to dad after you guys got divorced? Cause' I mean you guys once loved each other.

Ms. Senar: I don't know. Its part of divorce I guess. Besides I always hated that name. Especially because my name is Winifred. Wili was my nickname.

Amy: Winifred Williwilli. Funny. Wili Williwilli. That is funny!

Ms. Senar: I'm still mom to you. Understand?

Amy: I understand. You will always be mom to me.

Scene 5 Intro to Cody and Emit

Emit: (banging head on table) I hate my life. I hate my life. I hate my life. I hate my life.

Cody: O.k. Why do you hate your life?

Emit: I have to sit next to a girl in science.

Cody: What's her name?

Emit: Amy Senar.

Cody: Amy Senar. I know her.

Emit: Sure you do.

Cody: She is my new friend.

Emit: Girlfriend!!!!!!!

Cody: No friends.

Emit: You never were friends with a girl. Why start now?

Cody: I saved her.

Emit: Wow you must really like her. Hercules.

Cody: N-

Mrs. Schor: Who? Who do you like?

Emit: He likes new girl, Amy Senar.

Mrs. Schor: That's nice you should invite your girlfriend over for dinner.

Cody: 1. she is NOT my girlfriend-

Emit: Yet.

Cody: 2. I'm afraid about that.

Mrs. Schor: Exactly Why?

Cody: I would invite her but you'll guys' embarrass me.

Mrs. Schor: Well you have my word that I won't.

Cody: What about Emit?

Emit: Hey we'll see.

Cody: Mom!

Mrs. Schor: No you won't.

Emit: Depends if I want to mess with your head.

Mrs. Schor: Didn't you hear me. No!

Cody: Deal. I'll invite her tomorrow night.

Scene 6 Want to meet my parents

Cody: Amy!

Amy: Cody?

Cody: Wait up! My folks want to meet you.

Amy: Folks?

Cody: My parents.

Amy: oh! When?

Cody: Tonight.

Amy: O.k. Now let me ask you this. Are you my friend?

Cody: Yes!

Amy: Then let me call my mother to ask.

Cody: O.k.

(On the phone)

Amy: Mom you remember that one friend I have.

Ms. Senar: Cody is it?

Amy: Uh... Yeah!

Ms. Senar: What are you guys? Boyfriend and girlfriend now?

Amy: No mom.

Ms. Senar: It was a joke.

Amy: Can I go over his house after detention?

Ms. Senar: Where does he live?

Cody: Hi Mrs. Senar.

Ms. Senar: Mrs.?

Cody: Oh sorry. Ms. Senar.

Ms. Senar: Continue.

Cody: I live just down the road from the school.

Ms. Senar: That's far from our house.

Cody: I'll drive her.

Ms. Senar: Thank you. Can you hand the phone back to Amy?

Cody: Yah sure.

Amy: I'm back.

Ms. Senar: Yes. Just remember to come back around 9:30.

Amy: Thanks bye!

Scene 7 At Cody's house

Cody: This is my place.

Mrs. Schor: Hello.

Amy: Hi!

Cody: That's my mother.

Mrs. Schor: Call me Mrs. Schor.

Amy: O.k. mom 2.

Cody: I believe you met my twin brother in science.

Amy: You have a twin!

Cody: Oh you know Emit.

Amy: (Screams)

Emit: Hi! Don't touch me!

Amy: Why?

Emit: Koodies.

Amy: What?

Cody: He says every girl has them. Come on I'll show you the rest of my family.

Amy: You have a bigger family.

Cody: Yah. This is Susan.

Susan: Suzy

Cody: She is 15.

Susan: 8

Cody: She grows up so fast.

Amy: Hi I'm Amy.

Susan: You big person.

Amy: Cute.

Cody: Then there's my dad.

Mr. Schor: (Snoring)

Amy: Let me go turn that off.

Mr. Schor: No!

Amy: Wow you're awake.

Mr. Schor: I knew you were coming. AMY!

Cody: O.k. dad you're good at fake sleeping.

Mr. Schor: Thank you. Now go show your girlfriend around.

Cody: Not my girlfriend. I was showing her around while I was finding you and mom and Emit and Suzy.

Amy: Can I See your room?

Cody: Yes.

Amy: Your house is like mine but flipped. Is your Kitchen have a bathroom in it?

Cody: C-o-r-r-e-c-t!! Correct. Correct. Cor-.

Amy: O.k. correct.

Cody: Hey!

Amy: What?

Cody: Correct.

Amy: (hitting Cody playfully) I told you to stop.

Cody: CORRECTion you said "O.k. correct"

So I have every right to keep on saying correct.

Amy: Now I'm telling you to stop.

Cody: Got it.

Amy: What do you plan on being when you grow up?

Cody: A lawyer or a music conductor. You?

Amy: A vet.

Cody: You might be working next to Suzy then.

Susan: I hear you.

Cody: O.k. where are you? If you're in my room I'll tickle you.

(Amy and Cody walk into room)

Susan: Find me.

Cody: Help me find her.

Amy: O.k.

Cody: Suzy? Are you in the closet? Nope.

Amy: Under the bed? No.

Cody: Behind the door.

Susan: (Screams)

Cody: (picks Suzy up and holds her) Found you.

Susan: Down. I want down.

Cody: O.k. (puts Suzy down)

Susan: Thank you. (Hugs Cody then Amy)

Mr. Schor: Dinner!

Cody: Come on Amy and Suzy.

Susan: Dinnew.

Amy: Your sister is so cute.

Cody: Thank you. Isn't she.

Amy: I wish I had a brother or a sister.

Cody: You can have Emit. If you want.

Emit: Hey!

Amy: No thanks he doesn't seem to like me that much.

Cody: Or me.

Scene 8 Time to go home

(Sitting in car)

Amy: Time to drive me home.

Cody: Sleeping.

Amy: I know your faking.

Cody: Yah your right. Let's go!

Amy: Nice try though.

Cody: I know I'm a very bad fake sleeper.

Amy: Very.

Cody: Can you get in my car please?

Amy: Oh yah sure. This is your car? It's so well taken care of. Shiny Bright. Amazing.

Cody: Yep it's my car. Thank you for the compliment.

Amy: I can't believe you got your driver's license.

Cody: No offence but First try!

Amy: I didn't get it so many times i lost track.

Cody: I can help you if you want the offer.

Amy: Yes!

Cody: Which house is yours?

Amy: 4313 Bassoon ave.

Cody: Oh wrong street then.

Amy: There's my house. (Points over to house)

Cody: O.k. see you tomorrow.

Amy: Wait we don't have detention.

Cody: It's a Monday.

Amy: Nooo I have to ride the bus again.

Cody: I'll pick you up around 7:30

Amy: What time does school start?

Cody: About 8:45.

Amy: Why are you picking me up so early?

Cody: Maybe breakfast, teach you how to drive.

Amy: COOlio.

Scene 9 Anger will be bad

Cody: I'm back! Mom? Dad? Suzy?

Mr. Schor: Hi son.

Cody: Where is everyone?

Mr. Schor: Suzy is in bed. Mom went to the store. But No Idea where Emit is.

Emit: (jumping out of the closet screaming like a killer)

Cody: (screams) Emit!

Mr. Schor: (Laughs) He got you!

Cody: You knew he was in there didn't you?

Mr. Schor: (laughs) Y- (Laughs) Yea.
Cody: Why does everyone in this family insist on picking, teasing, and scaring me?

Emit: Sorry bro but you're an easy scare.

Cody: Apology accepted.

Emit: Actually I'm not sorry. So how was your date?

Cody: It wasn't a date.

Mr. Schor: No wonder. You can't get a date.

Cody: There's the teasing. I've been scared where's the-

Emit: (flicking Cody's head) Pick. You like her. You like her. You like her.

Cody: (growls) I will bite you. I'm going to take the car out.

Mr. Schor: So you're cheating on your girlfriend.

Cody: She is not my girlfriend. I am taking the car for a spin.

Emit: I don't think the car will fit in a dance club.

Cody: I'm going to drive around.

Mr. Schor: You going to pick up your girlfriend.

Cody: Good-bye!

Emit: Wait take me with you! (Jumping to grab onto Cody)

Cody: Why? Get off of me please.

Emit: I need materials for my awesome totally cool party.

Cody: Isn't mom doing that?

Emit: She was going to the store then I forgot to ask her. So take me with you!

Cody: No!

Mr. Schor: Take your brother.

Cody: Fine! But I won't be happy.

Emit: (turns around to give dad thumbs up)

Scene 10 Anger is bad

Cody: Which store do you want to go to?

Emit: A good one.

Cody: Jewel?

Emit: Anything but that.

Cody: Wal-Mart.

Emit: Nothing good there.

Cody: Walgreens?

Emit: No. I'm starting to think Party City.

Cody: (voice sounds like its getting annoyed) Fine.

Emit: I know you love that store.

Cody :( Saying exaltedly) Yah its-

Emit: "Give me that deviled fish give me that fish!" Hold that thought. (Answers phone)Hello. Who is this?

Mark: Mark.

Emit: Why didn't you call on your cell?

Mark: Fell out of my pocket when i went swimming in the beach. Don't know where it is now.

Emit: Well what did you call for.

Mark: Certainly not to tell you I lost my phone in the beach.

Emit: Ha ha.

Mark: Can I bring some of my friends to the party?

Emit: Yah! The more the merrier.

Mark: cool. Bye.

Cody: You know I don't like that ring tone right.

Emit: Like I don't like your symphony stuff.

Cody: You mean you don't like Mozart or Beethoven.

Emit: Yeah whoever those boys are.

Cody: Don't talk to me in this trip. We're here. I hate having to share a phone with you.

Emit: Good. I don't like sharing either.

Cody: I said don't talk to me.

Emit: Fine.

Cody: No talking.

Jennette: Hi welcome to Party City.

Emit: Thank you. At least someone is nice.

Jennette: Oh it's you Emit, and Cody too.

Emit: What?

Cody: That's mom's friend Jennette.

Jennette: Thank you Cody for remembering.

Emit: Sorry Jennette. I didn't recognize you with your hair cut.

Jennette: It's o.k. I heard your throwing a party at your house tomorrow.

Emit: y-

Cody: Wait that's tomorrow? (Emit nods head) Shoot I was going to teach Amy to drive tomorrow.

Emit: Date.

Cody: No. It's not a date.

Emit: Besides if your teaching her to drive you wouldn't need the house. Date

Cody: You are really getting me mad dude. (Marches out of party city)

Jennette: What did you do?

Emit: Keep on saying he had a girlfriend. Amy. But their just friends as far as I know.

Jennette: Better go pick your stuff the store is closing in a few minutes.

Emit: I'll take (Grabbing random stuff off of shelves) this. This. This, oh and all of these.

Jennette: Come on I'll check you out.

Emit: O.k. Jennette.

Jennette: That'll be $9.99 including tax.

Emit: Hold on a minute. (Walks out of store and goes to car)

Cody: Are you done?

Emit: Can I have your wallet?

Cody: MY wallet! Why?

Emit: I left mine at home.

Cody: Cheese Louise.

Emit: Please. (Does a frown face) Pwetty pweease. I'll pay you back.

Cody: (Smiles and takes wallet out) How much do you need?

Emit: A 10 dowwaa billy pwease.

Cody: Here you go.

Emit: Thank you big bwothew. (Walks back into store) I'm back. Here is a 10.

Jennette: Thank you. Now here's your change. (Hands a penny over) Come again.

(Emit takes his stuff and heads to the car)

Emit: Thank you Cody. (Hands penny over) Here.

Cody: A penny? That's it?

Emit: You will get $9.99 when we get home.

Cody: o.k.

Emit: I will go and put the stuff in the back. (Puts stuff in back then comes to front) There Cody Can you unlock my door?

Cody: No.

Emit: Why?

Cody: You're walking home.

Emit: But that's against one of mom's rules.

Cody: I don't care how bad i get in trouble you're not coming in. You already ruined the passenger seat.

Emit: You're not doing this really. Right?

Cody: Yes I am. (Pulls out of the parking lot) Bye.

Emit: No! No! You can't leave me! You don't have the guts! (Cody leaves parking lot and Emit turns around) He has the guts.

(Cody pulls back up and honks horn then Emit turns around)

Cody: (Pops out window) Got you!

Emit: (Laughs hard) I thought you actually left. (Opens door to passenger seat and crawls in)

Cody: (Punches Emit's arm a bunch of times) You should have seen your face.

Emit: Why did you do that?

Cody: You kept teasing me about Amy. (Pulls out of parking lot) To tell you the truth. I do like her.

Emit: (Punches Cody and Cody makes a pained face) No way. I was only joking.

Cody: Secrets really don't last long in this house. That's why I didn't want to admit it.

Emit: Man you can tell me anything and I won't tell anyone. Unless you want me too. You're my brother and I won't tell not a single soul of your crush.

Cody: Thank you.

Scene 11 Cameron!

(Amy is Reading on a bench at school)

Cameron: Do you mind if I sit by you?

Amy: (Looks up from book) Yeah go ahead. Not my bench.

Cameron: True. Hi I'm Cameron.

Amy: Hi Cameron, I'm Amy. (Puts book down and looks at Cameron) Do I know you?

Cameron: I don't know.

Amy: (Looks closer at Cameron) Cameron Heldman.

Cameron: Yes.

Amy: Omg! Cameron Heldman! We used to go to grade school together.

Cameron: Amy Williwilli.

Amy: Yes!

Cameron: Oh my gosh! We used to be best friends in grade school. What are you doing here?

Amy: I just moved here! My parents got a divorce.

Cameron: Ah that's got to be hard!

Amy: So how's it been since you moved in what was it 5th grade?

Cameron: Yeah. It's been great. Jinx died, so it's been hard.

Amy: Awl Jinxy died. I loved that cat.

Cameron: We got another cat named Boots. Then we have a dog now. Its name is Leaper.

Amy: I love dogs. What is Leaper and Boots like?

Cameron: Leaper is full of energy. And Boots is a sleepy cat. Always sleeping, but when he is awake he is swimming.

Amy: Swimming?

Cameron: I know it's weird. Do you want to hang some time and catch up?

Amy: That would be great.

Cameron: See you sometime around, I guess.

Amy: Yeah.

(Cameron walks away to the library)

Scene 12 F-U-N-N-Y

Amy: When do we start?

Cody: Hold on.

Amy: What's the matter?

Cody: I need to go to the restroom. And d-

Amy: I get it. GO!

Emit: Psst Amy.

Amy: Emit? I thought you don't talk to girls or touch girls.

Emit: I got over that fear. Amy. Don't get Cody mad.

Amy: What! Why?

Emit: He pranks people

Amy: OMG what did he do?

Emit: I laughed incredibly loud when he did this to me.

Amy: (Says with anticipation) what did he do?

Emit: Well he took me to party city for my party that you're now invited to. It's tonight. It's going to be totally awesome.

Amy: Stay focused.

Emit: Ok. Ok. Ok. Sorry. Um… well I put my stuff in the back of his car and I go over to the passenger seat, guess what he locked it. So I ask him to open it and he says no. Then he says that he is leaving me there. I believe him and he pulls out of the parking lot. I'm thinking he never gone to this level before. So I turn around and he comes back! He honks at me-

Cody: Emit what are you doing?

Emit: Talking to Amy.

Cody: What we're you talking about?

Amy: Stuff. No I'm kidding.

Cody: Did he tell you about last night?

Amy: Yeah but it's nothing. Brothers get mad at each other. Your anger is (pauses) pranking. So what did Emit do that angered you so much?

Emit: I was teasing him.

Amy: About what?

Emit: Th-

Cody: (Cody wrestles Emit) Shh. You don't want to say. (Sits on Emit)

Emit: You're crushing my ribs.

Mrs. Schor: (Walks into room) Cody why are you sitting on Emit?

Cody: (Gets cozy) Remember when we did this when we were little kids. Then you yell at us at the top of your lungs.

Amy: (Laughs) Come on Cody get off him.

Emit: I feel like road kill.

Cody: (Gets up) I'm sorry for Siting on you.

Emit: It's fine. I'm sorry for (Mouths) Almost spreading your secret.

Amy: (Chanting) Hug! Hug! Hug! Hug!

(Cody and Emit hug)

Amy: Yeah!

Mrs. Schor: Glad to see that you brought my sons closer Amy.

Cody: Great so now you're on his side.

Amy: I'm on both of your sides. You've both got a friend on me.

(Cody and Emit stop hugging)

Emit: We cool?

Cody: Were cool. Come on Amy; let me teach you to drive. Want to come with us Emit?

Emit: No I have to work on the party.

Scene 13 A Kiss will Start it All

Cody: Do you understand?

Amy: Can you run it by me one more time?

Cody: Sure. How about this time you watch me instead? Without me talking?

Amy: That might work. It's hard to understand by just listening. I'm more of a visible person.

Cody: Alright if you have a question just ask. (Pulls out of a parking lot then is driving around for a while) No. No. No. Nonononononono. (Pulls over on side of the road) We're out of gas.

Amy: Where is the nearest gas station?

Cody: About 2 miles away?

Amy: That's not that far away. (Opens car door and goes outside)

Cody: Wait. (Gets out of car and runs around the side to Amy) Before you, we go. I have a secret to tell you.

Amy: What? (Leans on car)

Cody: Well you know how Emit was teasing me about me liking you. Well it's true. I do like you. ALOT!! I wondered if you want to go out.

Amy: Aren't we already... out? (Goes up to Cody and kisses him on the lips and puts her arms around him and Cody returns the kiss and wraps his arms around her)

Cody: (Stops kissing Amy) So do you like me?

Amy: I don't know. Is this a date?

Cody: I guess it is. (Kisses Amy and leans against Honda) So how long have you liked me?

Amy: Since you saved me Cody.

Cody: So we could have been doing this earlier.

Amy: (Kisses Cody again) We should go get some gas.

Cody: Fine. (Cody and Amy let go of each other) I have to lock my car so it doesn't get stolen. (Walks over to his then side of the car then takes the keys out and locks the car.

Amy: (Shivers) It's getting colder lately.

Cody: It's becoming winter. Want my jacket?

Amy: No I'm ok.

Cody: Have you not experienced winter before?

Amy: What do you expect I lived my whole life in the Sunshine state? (Walks next to Cody then puts her head on his shoulders) How can you live with the cold every winter?

Cody: You get used to it after a while. (Takes jacket off then gives it to Amy)

Amy: I said I didn't need your jacket.

Cody: Just wear it. You are not used to the cold but I am.

Scene 14 the Party

Amy: Emit I feel uncomfortable being the only woman here.

Emit: Relax you know most of these people. Any ways you know me. You know Cody, who I have no idea where he went. You know… Suzy! She is a girl.

Amy: Yeah but that's all your family.

Emit: (Points at Amy) Listen up missy, you are lucky I invited you! Go talk to someone, they all go to our school. In the same grade.

Amy: I have to tell you something now. (Whispers in Emit's ear) Your brother and I sort of got together since the last time I saw you. Which was 2 hours ago?

Emit: (Looks at Amy weirdly) You are kidding right?

Amy: (Shakes head no)

Emit: How did it happen?

Amy: It just did. Don't announce it to anyone though.

Emit: Deal now go talk to someone.

Amy: Fine. (Walks up to random person) Hi.

Frank: Hi? You're Emit's friend right?

Amy: Yes and you? The name's Amy.

Frank: Frank. But call me Frank-N'-Further.

Amy: You're a Rocky Horror fan, are you?

Frank: Like the biggest. I love Columbia! I would love to date a girl like that!

Amy: So what are you to Emit?

Frank: I'm nothing to Emit.

Amy: Then what are you?

Frank: Cody's BFF.

Amy: Hi nice to meet you then.

Frank: What are you to Emit?

Amy: Emit's friend. Can I trust you?

Frank: Yeah you can trust this Hot Dog!

Amy: (laughs) Follow me. (Goes to Cody's room and Frank follows)

Cody: My darling you found me. Sevested Hilgaro (Hello Frank-N'-Further).

Frank: Sevested Machina (Hello Cody)

Cody: Tue mana evetva gufon hjih blafeg (She doesn't know what we're saying).

(Frank and Cody laugh)

Amy: What's so funny?

(Frank and Cody look at each other than laugh)

Cody: Hilgaro vafga uhas bejiang niavci kinairl Amy (Frank-N'-Further this is beautiful girlfriend Amy).

Frank: Oh so that's the secret?

Amy: What language are you guys speaking?

Cody: Our own made up language called?

Frank: Evinichi?

Cody: Sure that. I said you're my beautiful girlfriend.

Frank: Aww. Cute. You guys will be a happy couple.

Amy: (Holds Cody's hand) You think?

Frank: Yes by far. You'll probably be Cody's best. (Walks out of room backwards then turns the lights off) Have fun.

Cody: (Shouts) You sicko! (Talks to Amy) Don't worry we're not doing what he thinks. Our relationship just began. So tomorrow after school do you want to go out on a date? Our first date.

Amy: Sure.

Cody: Excellent. You'll come home with me. Then I'll keep the rest a secret.

Scene 15 a Threat

(Lydia and Hailey block Amy in hall)

Amy: (Looks up) You know I never mean any harm to you guy's right?

Hailey: I saw you hanging out with my boyfriend yesterday. I would have hurt you but I was with my dad.

Amy: Your boyfriend? Who's your boyfriend?

Lydia: Cody of course.

Amy: You guys broke up remember? (Steps back)

Hailey: Oh please, he didn't mean breaking up with moi. He loves me and I want him to finally ask me to marry him. I know how the wedd-

Amy: He is not your boyfriend. Yesterday we got together.

Hailey: I know I saw your kiss. (Pushes Amy to the ground and all her books go flying)

Amy: Hey!

(Hailey and Lydia walk to Amy and stand her on her feet)

Lydia: You better wise up!

Amy: Violence is not the answer.

Lydia: (Pushes Amy to Hailey) Take care of her girl!

Hailey: (Grabs Amy's hair and pulls her) Come on.

Amy: Stop please stop. Help me.

Hailey: (Throws Amy against wall) Listen and listen up good. You stay away from my boyfriend. Or expect this every day. (Slaps Amy's face) Alright?

Amy: Alright.

(Hailey turns around)

Amy: What am I supposed to do?

Hailey: You will break up with him and tell him you hate him and say I'm beautiful and 10 times better than you. (Turns around and kicks Amy then walks away)

Amy: (Wipes eyes) Why didn't anyone help me?

Lydia: Wimp. (Walks away with Hailey)

(Amy gathers books and papers)

Emit: Do you need help? (Bends down and starts picking up papers and looks at Amy) Are you ok?

Amy: (Sad) I-I'm fine. (Stands up and Emit hands papers over to Amy)

Emit: No you're not. You're sad about something. You are not happy. What happened?

Amy: I was threatened.

Emit: By whom? For what reason?

Amy: I'll tell you in science.

Emit: Tell me now.

Amy: (Walks away) I'll tell you science.

Scene 16 Breaking up Already?

Cody: Hi beautiful.

Amy: (crying) Cody. I have a problem.

Cody: What is it?

Amy: I have to… break up with you.

Cody: What! Why? Did I do something wrong?

Amy: No but.

Cody: Why are you breaking up with me then?

Amy: (Gasps then stammers) I hate you and Hailey is 10 times better than me. You should have never broken up with her.

Cody: (Hits wall) Hailey made you do this. Didn't she?

Amy: Maybe.

Cody: Don't lie.

Amy: Yes! Yes! Yes! She threatened me that she would beat me up 10 times as worse as she does now if I don't stay away from you!

Cody: Poor baby. (Tries and hugs Amy)

Amy: (steps back) No. I can't deal with Hailey anymore. I can't take being pushed around. I can't take going home with bruises on me. I can't be with you. I'm sorry Cody. (Walks backwards)

Cody: What about a secret relationship?

Amy: No can do. (Stops) Wait. That is not a bad idea. No that's indisputable. As a pacifist, I can't. That would be cheating.

Cody: Not when I love YOU. I can't have an affair with Hailey if I love you. Hailey may be a snobby little stuck up blonde brat, but I love you. With your black hair that bounces when you walk, and your green eyes that sparkle every time you have an idea, and your intelligent mind, and, and the way you always make me smile.

Amy: Cody that is very sweet. I don't know what to do. If I should do in what I believe and stay with you and get beat up every day. Or go against everything I do believe and get rid of you and be safe.

Cody: Well in my opinion, I think you should keep yourself safe and get rid of me. Even though I love you, I can't risk you getting bruised up because of me.

Scene 17 Emit to the Rescue

Emit: I'll help you solve this.

Amy: I don't know what to do and I'm afraid.

Emit: I'll talk to her and tell her that Cody and her have been through for a long time and that she should just get over it.

Amy: What if she does something worse?

Emit: I'm your friend. I'll be your body guard. Cody will be no help, he is bullied too! So you and he can depend on me if you guys need help. For captain of the football team, people fear me but still pick on my friends and family.

Amy: Thank you Emit. That is sweet of you. This school is not as cool as my other one.

Emit: So Thanksgiving break is coming up. Do you have any plans?

Amy: No I'm probably going to spend Thanksgiving with my mom and the Henry's. What about you?

Emit: I'm going out to have dinner with my Aunt. Cody is going to have dinner at my Uncle's then Suzy is going to my Grandma's Vylueties.

Amy: You're all going separate. What are your mom and dad going to do?

Emit: You don't want to know but it is gross.

Amy: I think I can handle it.

Emit: (Whispers into Amy's ear)

Amy: Ewwww. Why would they do that? Aren't they a little old.

Emit: Not really.

Amy: Do you like visiting your Aunt?

Emit: Yes I prefer her over my uncle and my grandma. That'd be why I go there every holiday.

Hailey: (Comes out from behind) So Amy (Punches Amy's arm), have you completed your task that I've given you?

Amy: (goes behind Emit) Emit.

Emit: You shouldn't threaten Amy or anyone, Hailey. Bullying is not allowed in our school and you can get in serious trouble.

Hailey: Look who is Mr. Safety.

Emit: (Leans to Hailey's height) You don't want to deal with me when I'm angry.

Hailey: Oh! Emit! I thought you we're Cody! I didn't mean to anger you or your friend. Sorry Amy, you can have Cody. (Turns around and runs away)

Emit: (Stands normally up) See people fear me. When I bring no harm? She is pretty short. Why are you afraid of her?

Amy: I don't believe in fighting. You are my best friend.

Emit: Thank you.

Amy: I have to get back together with Cody!

Emit: You actually broke up with him.

Amy: Yes it was his chose though. He said he rather had me safe.

Scene 18 Cody and I are Dating

Ms. Senar: (Opens door) Hi Mrs. Henry. Amy said you were coming over! Hi, I'm Ms. Senar. Do you want to come in?

Mrs. Henry: Yes please

Ms. Senar: Do you want anything to drink?

Mrs. Henry: Sure. So how old is daughter?

Ms. Senar: She is 18.

Mrs. Henry: I have three sons and wondered if you could watch them on weekends?

Ms. Senar: On weekends? I'm busy on weekends but maybe Amy could.

(Amy, Cameron, Emit and Cody all run down the stairs)

Amy: What time is it?

Mrs. Henry: About 5:30 pm?

Cameron: I have to go. Bye Amy. Bye Cody.

Cody: I have to go home too. Bye Amy.

Amy: Bye you guys. (Shuts door then goes sits next to her mom and leans on her) Hi mommy, hi Mrs. Henry.

Ms. Senar: Hi Amy. Would you do a job for Mrs. Henry?

Amy: It depends on the task.

Mrs. Henry: Will you watch my sons on weekends? I have this class I have to go to, and my husband works.

Amy: Sure I can do that.

Ms. Senar: Would you like some tea?

Mrs. Henry: Yes please.

Ms. Senar: (Starts standing up)

Amy: No mom I got it. Go ahead and sit down and talk to Mrs. Henry.

Ms. Senar: Thank you my sweet.

Amy: (Stands up) You are welcome. (Walks into kitchen)

Ms. Senar: So what are your son's names?

Mrs. Henry: Tommy, Justin and Blake.

Ms. Senar: That's nice. You know Am-

(Amy screams from the kitchen then Ms. Senar and Mrs. Henry run into kitchen)

Ms. Senar: Amy, are you alright? (Walks towards Amy) Oh! You cut your finger. (Takes a paper towel and wraps it around Amy's finger) Hold that there until I get you a bandage. (Walks away)

Amy: OK.

Mrs. Henry: Poor baby. Are you alright? What happened?

Amy: I was cutting basil for your tea, and then I looked out the window and saw someone hit then window.

Mrs. Henry: Probably my sons they always go into other people's yard for an adventure or to scare other people. Just like they did with you.

Amy: It scared the living day light out of me.

Mrs. Henry: I'm sorry. (Hugs Amy then stops) I will tell my sons not to bother you.

Amy: Well it wasn't the most frightening thing I've seen.

(Ms. Senar comes into room and hands bandage to Amy)

Amy: Thank you mom. (Puts bandage on) Your tea is almost done, Mrs. Henry.

Ms. Senar: Go sit in the living room with Mrs. Henry. I will finish her tea off.

(Mrs. Henry goes into living room)

Amy: Mom, Cody and I are dating… now.

Ms. Senar: (Gasps) I am so happy for you! How was your first date?

Amy: Well our first date is on Saturday. We have only kissed and held hands.

Ms. Senar: Oh ok. Now go sit out there right now. We will talk about this later. We have company right now.

Scene 19 Are you a Calculator?

Amy: You're early.

Cody: I wanted to start right away!

Amy: I'm not dressed yet.

Cody: We are only driving. No one is going to see you but me and Emit.

Amy: You brought Emit.

Cody: Yah he wanted to come and join us.

Amy: That's fine.

Cody: Yep!

Amy: I don't need this night gown to be ripped so I'm going to get dressed.

Cody: You can always buy a new one.

Amy: No I can't my great grandmother made it.

Cody: She can make a new one.

Amy: She's dead.

Cody: O.k. then. (Shouts too Emit) We have to wait a few minutes she is getting dressed.

Emit: I didn't need to know that!

Cody: (Turns back to Amy) Can I watch?

Amy: No! Heck no!

Cody: Go! (Amy runs up stairs and 8 seconds later she comes down)

Amy: Ready!

Cody: You're fast.

Amy: 8 seconds flat.

Cody: I just realized something about you.

Amy: What?

Cody: You're amazing at math!

Amy: No I'm not. (Pushes hair behind her ear)

Cody: What's 9875 divided by 45+27?

Amy: I am going to round that too 246.4.

Cody: Yah I need a calculator to find that out! Emit do you have a calculator!

Emit: Yes.

Cody: (Amy and Cody walk up to car) What is 9875 divided by 45+27?

Emit: (Calculates on Calculator) 246.4444444444444444444444444.

Cody: Than you rounded. Amy you're a human calculator!

Amy: Is that a good thing?

Cody: Yes it's a very good thing!

Emit: How about your memory?

Cody: Let's test.

Amy: Oh jeese.

Cody: Repeat what I say. Red3bluedud3000.

Amy: Umm...Red3bluedud3000. Anyone can memorize that.

Cody: Good you remember my email. Oh @yahoo.com!

Amy: Well guess what I don't have an email yet

Cody: Need help composing one?

Emit: Can we please start? I want to see you drive like a little old lady.

Cody: Sure. Hey!

Amy: No fighting. (Gets in backseat)

Cody: Emit get in the backseat.

Amy: No Cody I'm fine back here.

Emit: Your right I should get in the back. (Worms into back of seat and kicks Cody in the mouth by accident)

Cody: OW!

Emit: Sorry. Go on Amy. Go up front.

Amy: Ok. (Gets out of car and goes to front) So Emit, I noticed you're not in the hospital anymore. How'd you break your arm?

Emit: I was driving in the family car and I went on a green light and a guy he went on a red light. He hit my car and I flipped over two times. I went into the coma then. When the ambulance came, my car was upside down, and all the glass from the front window was all over my face.

Amy: (Whines)

Cody: What's wrong?

Amy: The way he said that so calmly. Scares me. Like it's an everyday thing.

Emit: Do you want me to say it again? Only with more emotion?

Amy: No. (Cody Drives) Why did you say it like that?

Emit: Well life is wonderful and a broken arm and scratched up face won't make me moan and groan.

Scene 20 Hero

Amy: Cody you're a hero!

Cody: What!

Amy: I got my license.

Cody: Which one to kill or drive?

Amy: Drive! Silly. I don't want to kill I just want to drive. I can drive! My mom bought me a car.

Cody: What type of car?

Amy: A van.

Cody: Used or New New.

Amy: Used. But it works as far as I know. I can't believe it took me 2 years to get my license. I could of got it when I was 16 but I'm 18.It probably would of took me another 2 years to drive. But because of you I got it.

Cody: You're welcome.

Amy: You're an awesome boyfriend.

Cody: Your welcome I helped you.

Amy: (kisses Cody) Remember that kiss as thank you.

Cody: You're an awesome girlfriend. Best one I've ever had.

Amy: By the way who were some of your old girlfriends?

Cody: Hailey.

Amy: How'd that work out?

Cody: I dumped her because she was a stupid jerk. She was an idiot.

Amy: Do I know that?

Cody: I bet you do.

Amy: So who else have you dated?

Cody: Dana.

Amy: Let me guess. You dumped her because of her spitting problem.

Cody: That and she got braces.

Amy: Have you ever been dumped?

Cody: I've only had 3 girlfriends and that's -

Amy: Hailey, Dana and who else?

Cody: A girl who has dumped me named Rachel.

Amy: Gross. All girls named Rachel and Jessica are very hateful girls. Because they have hot names and they think they can do anything.

Cody: Oh and Hailey was insane!

Amy: I know that too!

Cody: Do you want to come to my house?

Amy: Yeah sure i don't see why not?

Cody: That reminds me. Does Hailey still bully you?

Amy: Yes. She called me a nobody that has nothing to do with herself.

Cody: Ouch.

Amy: Then she slammed me up against my locker and put a bunch of bruises on my left arm.

Cody: Oh my gosh. Did you tell the principle? Or one of the teachers?

Amy: Yeah I told Mr. Stocker.

Cody: Do you want to come to my house?

Amy: Yes. You can tell someone there.

Scene 21 A Scandal

Amy; (Shooting hoops on school court yard alone) 33. (Runs around court yard then dashes across the court and shoots hoop) 34. (Shoots another hoop)

Pugerman: Hey!

Amy: (Turns around quickly) Hello?

Pugerman: You're pretty good.

Amy: How long have you been watching me?

Pugerman: Since shot 1.

Amy: That's a little stalkerish. Do you go to this school?

Pugerman: Yeah I'm the captain of the basketball team.

Amy: Pugerman is it?

Pugerman: How about a one on one game?

Amy: You are on!

Pugerman: Maybe if you're good enough then you might make it on the basketball team.

Amy: (Tosses ball hard to Pugerman and he catches it) Nice catch Pugerman.

Pugerman: (Checks ball to Amy) It's Pug now.

Amy: (Checks ball back to Pugerman then Pugerman checks it back to Amy and she checks it back to Pugerman and he runs across the court and Amy runs after him and steals the ball) Got the ball Pug!! (Runs across the court and shoots a basket) One; Nothing!

Pugerman: (Gets ball and runs across court and Amy follows) Try and catch me now!

(Pug shoots some baskets and Amy shoots some baskets and Amy shoots some more and Pug shoots more)

Amy: (Falls on purpose) OW!!

Pugerman: Are you ok?

Amy: Ow. My knee.

Pugerman: (Holds basketball in one hand and holds other one out to help Amy up) Need help?

Amy: (Grabs Pug's hand and gets pulled up) Thank you. (Steals ball and goes shoots basket) Boo-ya! I win! 32 points.

Pugerman: You're a cheat.

Amy: And you're gullible!

Pugerman: You're on the team.

Amy: Whoo! (Amy's phone beeps and she looks at it)

Pugerman: Who's that?

Amy: My boyfriend.

Pugerman: Who is your boyfriend?

Amy: Does it matter?

Pugerman: Maybe it does.

Amy: Cody Schor. (Calls Cody) You didn't.

Cody: I did.

(Pugerman shoots some baskets)

Amy: Will you help me? When I do it?

Cody: Yes. Where are you?

Amy: At school.

Cody: Did you get another detention?

Amy: No I'm just shooting hoops with Pugerman.

Pugerman: Pug!

Amy: Pug!

Cody: (Shivers) I'll come pick you up

Amy: Ok.

Cody: Bye I love you.

Amy: Bye- (Cody hangs up)

Pugerman: So how long have you and Cody been dating?

Amy: About five days.

Pugerman: And you guys have not gone public yet?

Amy: The only ones who know are me and him, our closest friends and family. So can you keep a secret?

Pugerman: Sorry but I'm the King of gossip but I'm honest.

Amy: Never mind. Can I have my basketball back then?

Pugerman: Yeah sure.

Amy: So I suppose you're going to tell everyone about me and Cody!

Pugerman: Yes I am. (Laughs evilly). Sorry. Gossip King got a duty. That is so fun!

Amy: You don't have to gossip. (Sits down on bench) I don't ever want to gossip. (Sits next to Amy)

Pugerman: That reminds me. Catherine is soo cheating on-

Amy: I don't care about gossip either.

Pugerman: Okay then. (Pauses) That's a shame. (Looks at Amy) I have to do this.

Amy: Do w- (Pugerman kisses Amy on the lips) Pugerman! (Pushes Pugerman off then stands up) Did you just kiss me?

Pugerman: Err… No.

Amy: PUG!!! (Stands up and walks away from Pug) I have a boyfriend remember.

Pugerman: Hot.

Amy: (Turns back around) Cody will hear about this.

Pugerman: So? He fears me.

Amy: (Walks towards Pugerman) Then I quit the basketball team.

Pugerman: No you're too good. You can't.

Amy: You should of thought of that before giving me the kiss of death.

Pugerman: It was that bad?

(Amy turns back around and walks away then Pug follows and puts his hand on Amy's shoulder)

Amy: (Stops) I suggest that you take your hand off of me.

Pugerman: Not until you join the team again.

Amy: You can't force me. Take your hand off of me or-

Pugerman: Or what? You'll beat me at basketball. Or you'll charm me with you-

Amy: (Screams) This guy is crazy!

Pugerman: No no no. Shh. (Covers Amy's mouth)

Amy: Mpph phhm m (Kicks Pugerman in the crotch then runs) I still quit you jerk!!!

Scene 22 What a Jerk?

(Cody and Amy are walking around in a park)

Cody: This Park is beautiful, especially in winter. The ice sk-

Amy: Cody, I have a confession.

Cody: What confession?

Amy: You know how Pugerman and I were playing basketball?

Cody: I'd prefer if you stay away from him, he is nothing but trouble.

Amy: I know.

Cody: What do you mean by that?

Amy: Well… Do you promise not to get mad?

Cody: I will try.

Amy: Pugerman, kissed me-

Cody: (Holds breath) What?

Amy: Then I quit the basketball team for what he done. Then he tried to force me back on it by holding me back. Then when I tried to scream he covered my mouth. Finally, I did something terribly wrong. You, know how I am a pacifist. Well I kicked him in the no no area.

Cody: (Laughs) Good job. I mean it wasn't wrong for you, Amy. He was doing something terrible to you so you had to have self-defense.

Amy: I am never going to hurt another organism again. Besides plants I still need to eat.

Cody: (Hugs Amy) It's alright, relax.

Amy: If I have self-defense, than why do I not fight her?

Cody: Amy, I cannot answer some questions you ask. I don't know everything. No one does.

Amy: True. So you were saying about this park in winter?

Cody: The ice skating rink would get set up and the snow is just beautiful.

Amy: Describe snow.

Cody: It is white and fluffy, most of the time. Other times it can be wet and sticky or slushy.

Amy: Interesting.

Cody: So this is our last good- bye.

Amy: What!

Cody: I'm going over to my Uncle Hazel's for the break. I leave tomorrow morning.

Amy: Right. Sorry, you scared me. I thought you were leaving me.

Cody: Now you know how I feel like when you said you were breaking up with me!

Amy: Sorry about that.

Cody: It is all right. A little dent. It is all right.

Amy: Thank you.

Cody: You are welcome, beautiful.

Pugerman: Amy! (Amy turns around then screams) Listen, (Cody turns around and stares at Pugerman) Amy I know what I did was wrong. Give me a chance to be with you. (Cody's anger is building up) Please, I kissed you because I thought you would dump this loser and be with a real man. Come on, (Puts hand on Amy's shoulder) be with me!

Cody: (Punches Pugerman right in the face) She is my girlfriend you jerk!

Pugerman: Well I like her too! Come on Amy be with me.

Cody: (Through clenched teeth) Let's, let Amy decide.

Pugerman: She will choose me then she will have a strong man. You fear me! Why would Amy want a guy like you? Right Amy?

(Pugerman and Cody look at Amy)

Amy: Wrong Pugerman. I love him. (Hugs Cody) I don't care about how big his head is. He is nice, sweet and adorable. He actually cares about me and doesn't threaten me.

Cody: Burn.

Pugerman: That's not true.

Amy: Yes it is.

Pugerman: No.

Amy: Do you want proof? (Grabs Cody's face and kisses him with great compassion)

Pugerman: (While Amy and Cody are Kissing) Please! That's not how you kiss. Let me show you how it is done. (This happens fast Turns Amy around by the waist and puckers his lips and moves towards Amy then Cody blocks the kiss)

Cody: Are you nuts? I may have feared you before but now I hate you.

Amy: (Amy tries and pushes away from Pugerman) Let go of me!

Cody: (Pushes Pugerman away from Amy) You think you are so cool and so hot. Let me tell you this… you're not. You are aggressive, mean, a trouble maker, and a bragger. Stay away from Amy, you sicko. Come on Amy. (Grabs Amy and walks away with her)

Scene 23 Why aren't you gone?

(Emit and Amy are on the floor sitting and Cody is a chair)

Emit: So Cody told me what happened yesterday.

Amy: Yes awful, terrible, frightening day.

Emit: Cody said he loved that kiss you gave him too.

Amy: It was something.

Emit: He was saying it held for minutes on end and it was amazing.

Amy: (laughs) Lucky him then. (Looks at Cody) Wait why haven't you guys left yet?

Emit: We are all setting out in an hour.

Cody: We wanted you over before we are gone.

Emit: (Whispers) He wanted you more!

Amy: I bet; I am his girlfriend.

Cody: Who I love!

Amy: You are adorable.

(Emits phone rings)

Cody: That reminds me I got my own phone now.

Emit: (Answers phone) Hello this is Emit, who is this?

Hailey: (On Phone) Hi Emit, It's Hailey.

Emit: Hi Hailey?

(Amy and Cody both looked surprised then Cody rushes over to hear)

Cody: (Whispers) Turn on speaker.

Emit: (Turns on speaker) What is up?

Hailey: I just wanted to talk to you.

Emit: About what?

Hailey: Well you know how Cody and I dated? (Cody makes a sick face)

Emit: Yes.

Hailey: Well I didn't get over that and when he got a new girlfriend I bullied her. I'm sorry for that. (Amy hugs herself) You helped her. Now I am over Cody and I like you. (Cody and Amy go surprised) I was wondering if you want to go out on a date?

(Amy and Cody shake their heads in a no motion)

Emit: Please hold another call is coming in.

Hailey: Ok.

Emit: (Hangs phone up) What should I do?!

Amy & Cody: No!

Cody: You've seen what she was like with me.

Amy: What if you break up with her and she doesn't get over you!?

Cody: She is a stalker girlfriend. Texts don't stop coming. Emails never stop. She is always calling you!

Amy & Cody: Don't do it!

Emit: I have to call her back. (Calls Hailey) Hi Hailey!

Hailey: Hi Emit, so who called?

Emit: No one you know.

Hailey: So have you made up your mind about going out on a date?

Emit: Yes.

Hailey: Oh Yeah! This is so joyous! I'll see you after break boyfriend! Have fun at your Aunts! (Hangs up)

Emit: She didn't let me say no! I said I made up my mind. Then she went on with I'm her boyfriend now!

Cody: It looks like you have a date with Hailey after break.

Emit: (Groans than falls on the floor) I never wanted a girlfriend. Now I have your ex- girlfriend! This will be fun. I have a stalker girlfriend now.

Mrs. Schor: Boys start packing! We are going to be leaving soon.

Cody: Ok mom.

Emit: Sure thing.

Cody: Come on. (Grabs Amy's hand and pulls her to his room) Help me pack.

Amy: Sure. (Hops onto Cody's bed and goes under the covers) It's cold so I'm going under your covers.

Cody: Go ahead. (Sits on the bed) See what I care? (Lays next to Amy on covers) You are too cute! (Amy and Cody kiss)

(Mr. Schor comes in)

Mr. Schor: So Cody I have your inhaler- Cody! What are you doing?

Cody: Nothing dad. (Gets out of the bed) See nothing. I wouldn't do that! That would be so wrong!

Mr. Schor: Alright, but your inhaler is ready for the trip.

Cody: Ok.

Mr. Schor: Don't catch let me catch you guys like that again.

Amy: Please I wouldn't let him.

Mr. Schor: Bye. (Walks out of room)

Cody: You wouldn't let me?

Amy: Not yet if anything.

Scene 24 A choice

(Mrs. Henry opens door holding a baby)

Mrs. Henry: Hi Amy and whoever you are.

Amy: Hi Mrs. Henry. This is Cameron, my friend. I thought I might need help watching your little monsters.

Cameron: Hello.

Mrs. Henry: Nice to meet you Cameron. So girls come on in. (Amy and Cameron walk into house) This is Blake, my precious baby. That is Justin (Points to child) and Tommy is out with his friends. (Hands Blake to Amy) Bye. Bye. (Kisses Amy than leaves)

Cameron: Did she just kiss you?

Amy: Yeah she treats me like I'm her daughter.

Cameron: Ok. (Goes on knees) Hi Justin. What are you playing with?

Justin: I am playing with GI Joes, Amy.

Cameron: I'm Cameron not Amy. That girl over there is Amy.

Justin: I got to go.

Amy: Don't go knocking on peoples windows and scaring them half to death.

Justin: You saw that?

Amy: Yes I cut my finger when I did see you.

Justin: Sorry it's just so fun.

Amy: Ok. (Justin leaves) Who is a cute baby? (Looks about to cry)

Cameron: Are you ok Amy?

Amy: I'm fine.

Cameron: You look as if you're going to cry.

Amy: (Faint voice) I might want to have kids with Cody.

Cameron: Cody Schor?

Amy: You heard that!?

Cameron: It's all right. Your secret is safe with me. So you want to have a child with him even though you guys only been dating for not a long time

Amy: I think but I've known him since I moved here.

Cameron: It was the beginning of fall right?

Amy: Yes. (Holds Blake closer) Seeing a baby influenced me.

Cameron: How did it influence you?

Amy: Well Cody and I were lying in his bed.

Cameron: Whoa! What?! You guys were lying in a bed together?

Amy: Yes.

Cameron: I'm surprised you two didn't do it then!

Amy: Well I was thinking what it would be like to have a child. I thought no, not at the time, too much work for a teenager. We have no money what so ever.

Cameron: You are so lucky! You have a boyfriend who loves you. He lets you choose stuff. Finally you make wonderful decisions. I wish I were you. Cody is a lucky man.

Amy: I guess but I think I'm luckier with him!

Cameron: Let me see Blake.

Amy: (hands Blake to Cameron) Ah! Justin forgot to close the door! (Goes to door and closes it) It stinks we are only babysitting Blake and not Justin or Peter.

Cameron: It does stink does it? So what would you like to name your kids if you have any?

Amy: No I'm not going to let him.

Cameron: What if you did though?

Amy: I would have 4 kids. If I were to name them it would be Natalie, David, Jefferson, and Melisa.

Cameron: What if Cody wants to name some?

Amy: Then he'll name them. Do you want any kids?

Cameron: Yes and No.

Amy: What does that mean?

Cameron: I'm not sure.

Scene 25 Changed and Not

Amy: (dribbling a basketball) I wonder what a basketball thinks whenever they hit the ground when someone is dribbling them.

Cameron: Maybe they think "Ow! Och! Owie!"

Amy: (Stops dribbling the ball) That sounds painful.

Cameron: Probably will be Amy. Would you like it if someone threw you on the ground repeatedly? Over and over-

Amy: I got it. Ouchie. Oh right! Happy Turkey Day!

Cameron: Right, its Thanksgiving.

Amy: I have to leave and help my mine prepare for dinner. Bye.

Cameron: Bye.

Amy: (walks out of bedroom door) See you around.

Cameron: Amy! (Amy turns around and Cameron throws Amy's jacket) Don't want to forget that, now do you?

Amy: Right, it is cold out.

Cameron: On a thought of difference I'll walk you home.

Amy: All right.

Cameron: I can't stand my family on holidays.

Amy: Oh really?

Cameron: Everyone makes such a big deal.

Amy: Well then stop complaining and come on!

Cameron: (Walks to Amy) We've both changed a lot since 5th grade.

Amy: That is way too true, but at the same time we are who we were.

Cameron: A little bit.

Amy: Cameron, you still have an obsession with unicorns.

Cameron: Right. (Amy and Cameron walk down the hallway) Like you for instance, are still a nerd.

Amy: I could have been popular but I rather be with my nerdy boyfriend.

Cameron: How could you been popular?

Amy: Pugerman.

Cameron: Mr. Hotty. (Sighs) He is so hot. (In dreamy voice) What about him?

Amy: He kissed me and asked me out.

Cameron: Lucky. I would do anything just for


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