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Page 1, A humorous take on the news events on and around December 20, 2010, as well as a look back on 2010.

TV-14 L
Aired December 20, 2010
(We start with a huge cup falling from the sky and landing in D.C., Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Baghdad, Beijing and a bunch of other places until it covers the whole Earth, and the “CUPS NEWS” logo is formed on a map of the world. The cameras then roll into a man in a suit at a news desk with flashy graphics behind him holding papers.)
SEAN BYRNE: Hello, welcome to CUPS News, only on the NEO Network. I am Sean Byrne and here are today’s top stories.
(He turns to camera 2 and there is a picture of Russia and a nuclear bomb.)
SEAN BYRNE: Congress is working up until the Christmas break to try to pass a Nuclear Arms Treaty with Russia. Not only that, but they passed a bill repealing the controversial “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy the military holds. So it seems that, for now, homosexuals will not get their hands on Nuclear Weapons even if we invade Russia. Thank the lord. To talk about this, please welcome Catherine the Great and Lieutenant Dan Choi.
(Catherine the Great and Lieutenant Dan Choi come in and sit down.)
SEAN BYRNE: Welcome, Catherine.
CATHERINE: It’s a pleasure.
SEAN BYRNE: Yeah it is.
DAN CHOI: It’s nice to be here as well.
SEAN BYRNE: Yeah, whatever. So Catherine, you have not been in charge of Russia since, (Looks at paper.) 1796. Only several years after the United States became a country. What do you think about this nuclear arms treaty?
CATHERINE: Well, since you and your news buddies dug me from my grave, brought me back to life with that mad scientist Megatron-machine, and adjusted my genetic code to make me appear thirty-three like I was at the beginning of my reign in 1762, I have researched much about the great American Experiment, and I have concluded that Russia is trustworthy and will abide by the Nuclear Arms Treaty.
SEAN BYRNE: Right…you’re so beautiful…
CATHERINE: I beg your pardon?
SEAN BYRNE: Nothing…anyway, Catherine, if you, such a beautiful, smart, sensible, strong woman think it’s the right thing to do, then we should do it.
DAN CHOI: I’d like to say that I think the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” repeal is wonderful and is a landmark for Civil Rights in the United States. I was dishonorably discharged for my sexuality, and I am glad America has finally realized that homosexuals do not disrupt unit cohesions any more than heterosexuals.
SEAN BYRNE: Right, right. So Catherine, do you have a man?
CATHERINE: Oh, I had many lovers during my reign, but they’re all long dead now.
SEAN BYRNE: Oh, Jesus…(Smiles, sweats and pulls on his collar.) Um, anyway, thank you two for joining us.
SEAN BYRNE: Anytime?
SEAN BYRNE: RIGHT? You know she’s hot, you son of a bitch you!
(They high five.)
SEAN BYRNE: Alright! Civil rights leader Dan Choi and Catherine of Russia everyone!
(They shake hands with each other and leave.)
SEAN BYRNE: Man, that chick is awesome. Okay, anyway, more stories. Infamous WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (A picture of Assange appears next to him.) was released from prison recently, and when he walked out, he was subjected to an impromptu interview with a reporter, who asked him questions about the rape allegations. When confronted with this, Assange stormed off, calling him a “tabloid schmuck”. In a later interview, he called the rape allegations a “highly successful smear campaign”. This is the third time Assange has walked out on an interview. He walked out on CNN’s Atika Schubert when asked about these allegations as well. At least Assange knows when some things are over.
SEAN BYRNE: To explain his behavior, please welcome, Julian Assange.
(Julian Assange walks in and sits down.)
SEAN BYRNE: Julian, are you a fan of rap?
JULIAN ASSANGE: Alright. (He takes out his mic.)
SEAN BYRNE: No, Julian, for Christ’s sakes, I said “rap”. “RAP”.
JULIAN ASSANGE: Oh. Okay. (He puts his mic back in.) Right, well no I am not a fan of rap. I don’t get why you would think I am.
SEAN BYRNE: Just asking. So, why are you too much of a pussy to answer questions about extremely flimsy rape allegations?
JULIAN ASSANGE: Okay. (He gets up, and takes out his mic.)
SEAN BYRNE: Julian, I said “Why are you too much of a pussy to answer questions about extremely flimsy RAP allegations?”
JULIAN ASSANGE: Oh. (He puts it back in.) Well, like I said before, I don’t like rap.
SEAN BYRNE: Let’s move on, WikiLeaks is very controversial, and PayPal recently stopped taking contributions to WikiLeaks, which caused a series of attacks on PayPal and MasterCard sites in an internet mission called “OPERATON: PAYBACK”. So my question is, did you rape two women?
JULIAN ASSANGE: I am not a supporter of Operation Payback. And-waitaminute…PISS OFF. (He takes out his mic and leaves.)
SEAN BYRNE: Julian Assange, ladies and gentleman. Moving on, the Christmas season is upon us, and so is the end of 2010. So in an effort to combine our BS “Christmas 2010” and “Five Biggest Stories of 2010” segments, let’s do the “FIVE HOTTEST GIFTS OF 2010 BASED OFF THE FIVE BIGGEST STORIES OF 2010” SEGMENT! Okay, so let’s get started with this BP Oil Disaster Lava Lamp!
(He pulls out a lava lamp with brown, squirting liquid inside.)
SEAN BYRNE: As you can see, this lamp illustrates how terrible the disaster really was, and it makes an awesome conversation speech. Be ready to be taken back to April 2010 with this baby! They’ll be excited to find that under the Christmas tree, as long as they’re not little people! Buy today. Next, we have a wonderful collectible plate, which is a great stocking stuffer. This-
(pulls out collectible plate with John Boehner on it and the inscription “NOVEMBER 2, 2010- STOP RIGHT THERE, CHANGE.”)
SEAN BYRNE: Beautiful collectible plate will be a great replacement for that retarded (Pulls out plate with Obama on it and the inscription “NOVEMBER 4, 2008-CHANGE HAS COME”) plate you bought two years ago when people actually liked that guy. Now you can remember the day that the republicans stomped all over hope and change, and just said “No.” to a Democratic House in the 112th congress. Forever celebrate the crushing of President Barack Obama’s dream, by purchasing the Boehner plate. And if you don’t, remember, you hate America. (The plate shines.) There you go. This next gift is great to get grandmother in what will probably be her last Christmas. This is the government-issued-
(Pulls out a white box with a picture of a granny getting punched in the stomach on it, with the words “HOME GRANDMA EUTHENASIA KIT” plastered on the front.)
SEAN BYRNE: This was put in department stores recently, so that people can experience the effects of the Health Care law that was signed in March! Instead of having to pay the gas or the taxi to go and mercy kill your grandmother, why not do it in your own home? Well now you can with the Home Grandma Euthanasia Kit. Buy today. Next up, the gift that will keep on giving. The fact that Jerry Falwell is a dick. For a limited time, you can get Falwell’s infamous line, “Haitians made a deal with the devil to get their independence and that is why they are having this earthquake”, embroidered on a petrified piece of human feces.
(He takes out a turd with that quote on it.)
SEAN BYRNE: This piece of crap is there for you to constantly remind yourself how much of a piece of crap Jerry Falwell himself is. It makes a great stocking stuffer! Actually, a stocking is a little too classy for this. Put it in a gym sock and throw it in your neighbor’s trash can. That ought to do it. Available wherever douchey quotes on pieces of crap are sold. Lastly, this gift will be available soon, especially at the CIA Gift Shop. But here’s a sneak peek.
(He takes out a present with red wrapping paper and a bow.)
SEAN BYRNE: Let’s shake it. (He shakes it, and something small bounces around in there.) Could it be? (Shakes it some more.) IT IS! (He pulls out a bloody severed white ear.) It’s Julian Assange’s left ear! And for that big present you want for your kids, get-(Takes out a bigger box and shakes it with a large clomping.) his head! All of these gifts will really reflect what a year it’s been. And of course next year, there will be another batch of idiots to make fun of. So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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