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My Favorite Gal Pal!

Script By: RichardsonProductions

It's about a beautiful college student who befriends a lonely guy who's real parents died, living with his foster parents who has been treating him very mean. But she and her friends are always nice to him at the end.

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My Favorite Gal Pal: by Preston J. Richardson! Once upon a time in the city of Los Angeles on a great summer day lived a very beautiful, pretty, attractive, sexy, outgoing Mexican-Italian/American college girl with olive skin, high cheekbones, long hair, and such a beautiful big smile on her face driving her car to the Los Angeles airport named Jolene Maria Pena heading straight to a parking lot to park her car which she did, shut off the engine, got out of the car, walked straight to the doors to go get her fun loving cousin from Mexico City who will be staying with Jolene and her family for the whole summer. She went to one of the desks where the cashiers at the airport are right now. And yes, the whole place was really packed and busy with people getting ready to travel. So Jolene saw a beautiful lady at one of the desks. She rushed up to that lady and asked her this simple question. Jolene: Excuse me, Miss. I'm looking for somebody that I'm here to pick up, and she's from Mexico City. The lady: Sure. And what's your name please? Jolene: My name is Jolene Maria Pena. And my cousin's name is Adela Pena. And I'm supposed to wait for her here when she arrives. The lady: Okay. Jolene and Adela Pena. Let's see if your names are in the list here. So this lady looks up her paper list with all of the other listings, and Adela's name is there. The lady: (smiling.) Yes, ma'am. Adela has just arrived from her flight from Mexico. Jolene: You mean she's already here in this airport?! Jolene heard a cool female Mexican voice calling her. Jolene turned around, and there she is, a short, but beautiful looking Mexican girl which is Adela; Jolene's favorite cousin. Jolene smiled at her, Adela smiled back. Jolene: Adela! Adela: Jolene! They both ran up to each other, gave each other a great big long cheek to cheek hug, kissed each other, and with great big smiles on their faces, they were both happy to see each other again because it has been such a long time since they've seen each other. Jolene: Oh my God! It has been so long since we have seen each other! How have you been?! Adela: I've been doing fine! How about you, cousin?! Jolene: Great! Extremely awesome! Adela: I've got a cool gift for you from Mexico. And you've been wanting to have one of these for so long, Jolene. And I believe you are going to love it. Close your eyes. Jolene: What for? Adela: Just close your eyes, my dear. I'll tell you when to open them again. Jolene: (started to close her eyes.) Well let's make this quick, because we're in an airport, and a lot of people are looking at me funny at the moment. Okay, Adela? Adela: Just keep your eyes closed. No peaking. And quickly, Adela opens up part of her suitcase, pulls out an all new way cool laptop computer for her cousin, zips up the suitcase, and tells Jolene to open her eyes again. Adela: Alright, honey, you can open your eyes now. Looky what I got for you, Senorita. Jolene opens her eyes again, and to her sursprise, it's an exciting laptop computer in a well protective box. Jolene: Wow! A cool laptop computer I've always wanted! Oh Adela, you're the best! Adela: (hands it over to Jolene.) You've been asking for this to everybody for so long, and now you've got it. Jolene: Oh, this is so very awesome! Thank you so much, cousin! You don't know how much this really means to me! Adela: Anything for one of my ansestors. You deserve it, Jolene. Jolene: Of course. Well let's get out of here, shall we? Like we don't want to be in this airport all day because you're spending the whole summer with all of us here in Los Angeles. Adela: And I've been waiting for this moment very much. This is gonna be good. They both left the airport, went to Jolene's brand new 2012 Chevrolet. The color of the car is red. Jolene opened up the trunk for Adela to put her suitcases in there, along with Jolene's new laptop computer. Everything's in the trunk, Jolene closes it, and they both went inside the car, closed the doors, locks them, Jolene starts the engine. And they were on their way to the highways and bi-ways. While Jolene was driving, she and Adela started talking about things on their minds. Adela speaks first. Adela: So Jolene, how is UCLA going for you? Jolene: College is going great for me. Thanks for asking. Adela: What are you taking up over there again? I forgot. Jolene: I'm taking up media, and management. I want to be a TV network manager, also make my own comedy television shows. Adela: Cool! I've just recently graduated from high school back in Mexico City. Now I want to go to college here in Los Angeles to take up computer designing. Jolene: You're good with computers, Adela? Adela: Hey, back in Mexico City, they always call me "La Computara Senorita!" And the two girls started laughing about all of that. Then Adela asked Jolene another question. Adela: So Jolene, did you get married yet? Have you found a boyfriend at all? Jolene: Mm-mmm, Adela. I haven't been married, neither have I found a boyfriend yet either. Adela: Why? A beautiful, pretty, and very attractive and sexy woman like yourself hasn't found anybody yet? Jolene: No. Nobody wants me, I guess. Adela: Hey, that's okay, cousin. I haven't found anybody either. Jolene: Well join the club, honey. But we're gonna have a great time here in L.A. And you're gonna love it here too, Adela! Adela: The hell I will, girl! (She laughs.) Hahahahahahahaha! So what do you all have planned this whole summer, Jolene? Jolene: Well for me, I'll be taking some summer classes in the morning in college Monday thru Friday. So I might get off like either 11:30am, or noon. It all depends on how long I stay in order for me to get a master's degree. Adela: Mmmmmmmmmmm. Then after that, you'll spend time with all of us in your family household. Right? Jolene: Yes I will. I'll be with my family, my friends, and of course, meet plenty of new comers when they arrive here in Los Angeles. Who knows, maybe some gorgeous handsome guy might just fall into place for me. Adela: Me too. Jolene: And that's not all. We all will be going places, having ourselves a ball with each other, including you joining in on the fun with us, Adela. And once you do, you'll be having a whole lot of friends here in America, just like you do over in Mexico. Adela: Really? Wow! I bet this is going to be extremely different for me, but very cool! Then the girls have left the freeway in their car, heading straight to the open roads in Los Angeles to Beverly Hills to a street called Palm Drive which is exactly where Jolene lives with her big Mexican family at 867 Palm Drive. They finally found the house where Jolene lives with her family. It's a great big mansion with everything wonderful over there both inside and out. Jolene: Well, Adela. This is ti. Adela: Wow! Check it out! What a cool shack! Jolene: Yeah! We've got a great big family in there. Adela: I bet this house holds a hell of a lot of people in there. Jolene: Yup, my mom, dad, and the twelve of us kids. I'm one of the twelve. Adela: Are you the oldest, or the youngest in the family, Jolene? Jolene: Hmmmm, good question. You know, I really don't know anymore. Let's just say that….that I'm like the third middle, or part older than a couple. How does that strike you? Adela: I can simply go with that. As Victoria Justice would say, "You don't have to be afraid to put your dreams in action." Jolene: Presicely. They head to one of the garages on that house, parked the car inside when Jolene opened the door with her automatic garage door opener inside her car, Jolene puts her car in park, shuts off the engine, and everything else in there too. The girls get out of the car, Jolene opens the trunk so that Adela can get her suitcases out, and Jolene can get her new laptop computer out, they closed the trunk, the doors to the car, Jolene locks them with her automatic door locker connected to her keys, went straight to the door inside the house inside the garage, let Adela in first because she's got such a two suitcase load, Jolene walked in second, Jolene's mom and dad were more than happy to see their smiling niece Adela and glad to have her stay with Jolene's family for the whole summer. Jolene was more than happy to have Adela stay with them too. The parents' names are Anita and Mario Pena. Mario is the father, and Anita is the mother. Mario & Anita: (smiling for joy to see Adela.) Buenos dias, Adela! Welcome to our family! Como estas?! Adela: (smiling back.) Nuie bien! Y tu? You're my aunt and uncle Mario and Anita! Am I correct on that? Mario: You sure are correct, beautiful! Anita: And we want to welcome you here with us! Mario: You will love it here with our family, Adela. And boy, have we got a whole lot in store for you. Adela: Bueno! Gracias! This is gonna be real cool big time! Jolene: It sure will be. Well hop on in the house, Adela. Make yourself at home. Mario: I'll take your suitcases for you, Adela. Adela: Why thank you, Uncle Mario. That's very nice of you. Mario: You better believe it, sweety pie. As Mario takes Adela's baggage, heads right upstairs, puts them in the girls room, Anita, Jolene, and Adela herself sit down in the biggest dining room in the house, and Anita and Jolene start to get to know Adela. Anita: So Adela, how's Mexico City been treating you now or days? Adela: Mmmmmmmm, not that good really. My parents and I are still poor, I'm still the only child in their family, even in high school, over there is very rough. I never did made too many friends there at all because not too many people like me up there. Even the guys I used to have crushes on were very shallow with me. They have no interests in me what so ever because I'm too short for them, and too nice and stuff that they just don't look for in a woman anymore. Back there, the men are into those hot, attractive, juicy, slim, tall, nasty girls with very bad attitudes, and do all sorts of rotten things that I'm not interested in doing. Neither do I go that way because I'm not into that stuff, plus, I don't like people like that. Jolene: Well you don't need to put up with nasty people like that anymore, at least not for this whole summer now that you're staying with us. Adela: Yeah, that is until I have to go back there in the fall, you know. Let me be honest with you two. I really don't like Mexico City too well at all, and would like to move here in the states someday if you both know what I mean. I would like to go to UCLA to be an actress, singer, dancer, and songwriter. Suddenly, one of the teenage guys came into the dining room. His name is Diego at age 14. He looked very handsome. He was wondering what was going on in the dining room here with the talking. Diego: Hey, what's going on around here? (Then, he was very surprised and happy to see his cousin Adela because he has never met, nor seen her before at all.) Oh my God, you must be Adela! Aren't you? Adela: Yes I am. And you're…….? Diego: I'm Diego! Nice to meet you, Adela! Welcome! And Diego and Adela rushed over to each other, gave each other a great big cheek to cheek hug, never letting go of each other. Adela: Thank you, Diego! Nice to meet you too! You're so very sweet. Then the two finally let go of each other, then Diego asked her this question here very positive. Diego: Say, would you like to meet the rest of the family in the living room? We're all watching a cool movie on TV. Adela: (to Jolene.) Do you want to come with us, Jolene? Jolene: I'll be over there in a bit. You two go right ahead. Adela: Alright! Let's go, Diego. Diego: Cool! And Adela and Diego left the dining room straight over to the biggest living room where the rest of the siblings are. And much to Adela's surprise, five more guys, and five more girls in the living room watching Charlie's Angels; Full Throttle. Everybody turned around with great big smiles on their faces because they were so glad to meet their cousin from Mexico City which is Adela. They all said good morning to her and welcome her to the family. Everybody: Buenos dias, Adela! Adela: Buenos dias, muchachos y muchachas! Diego: Say everyone, why don't you all stand up one at a time and introduce yourselves to Adela and make her feel right at home for she is our cousin from Mexico City. Okay? Starting with the girls. Karina. Karina is a beautiful 22 year old girl who stands up first to say hello to Adela. Karina: Buenos dias, Adela. My name is Karina. Welcome. Adela: Gracias, Karina. Buenos dias. My name is Adela. Then a nineteen year old beautiful girl named Silvia stood up second to say hello to Adela. Silvia: Hi, Adela. I'm Silvia. Welcome to our family. Adela: Gracias, Silvia. And good morning. Then Tori, a seventeen year old pretty face said hello to Adela. Tori: Hello there, Adela. I'm Tori. Welcome to the United States. Adela: Hola, Tori. Thank you. I'm glad to be here. Then there's Agnus, a ten year old beautiful girl also said hello to Adela. Agnus: Buenos dias, Adela. I'm Agnus. We're glad that you came here. Adela: Hey, what's up, Agnus?! I'm Adela. Buenos dias. And the last girl around before the guys start introducing themselves also is Arianna, an eight year old pretty girl as well said hello to Adela. Arianna: Hello, Adela. My name is Arianna. Welcome. Adela: Buenos dias, Arianna. I'm Adela. Thank you. Diego: Okay, now the hombres. Starting with you, Carlos. Carlos is the 24 year old hot and handsome guy who said hello to Adela. Carlos: Hola, Adela. I'm Carlos. Como estas? Adela: Muy bien, Carlos. I'm Adela. Gracias. Another guy about 21 years old named Manny said hello to Adela. Manny: Buenos dias, Adela. Welcome to our family. Adela: Gracias. But you didn't tell me your name. Manny: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Manny. Nice to meet you. Adela: You too, Manny. Buenos dias. Another guy name Pablo, a seventeen year old person said hello to Adela. Pablo: Hola, muchacha. I'm Pablo. How are you doing, Adela? Adela: Muy fine, Pablo. Thank you. Another guy about thirteen years old named Manuel also said hello to Adela to make her feel welcome. Manuel: Buenos dias, Adela. I'm Manuel. Welcome. Adela: Buenos dias, Manuel. Como estas? Manuel: Muy bien, gracias. And last but not least, a guy named Oscar, a nine year old kid said hello to Adela. Oscar: Hola, Adela. I'm Oscar. Adela: Hola, muchacho. Adela's my name. You look so cute. Oscar: Thank you, Adela. And you look very pretty. Adela: Why thank you, Oscar. That's so sweet. Suddenly, Jolene walked into the living room just to cheek on everybody, including Adela to see how are they doing and what they're up to. Everybody: What's up, Jolene?! Jolene: Hola, amigos! What are you all doing over here? Tori: We're all watching Charlie's Angels "Full Throttle." Would you like to join us, Jolene? Jolene: Mm-mmm. No thank you. I'm taking some summer classes this year over at UCLA in the mornings Monday through Friday. Karina: Lunes y Viernes. UCLA. (And she laughs.) Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Adela: (to Jolene.) Say Jolene. Jolene: What's up, Adela? Adela: Are they still registering for anymore part time morning summer classes over at UCLA? Jolene: I don't know just yet off hand. I'll call them right now. And Jolene got her AT&T smartphone and called UCLA to see if there's anymore part time summer morning classes left there for Monday through Friday for Adela from Mexico City to attend. The phone rings, and somebody picks up to talk to Jolene. It's some Spanish lady talking in Spanish. The Spanish lady: (in Spanish.) Hello. UCLA. This is Arlene Madina, one of the assistance of the school. How can I direct your call? Jolene: (in Spanish.) Hello, Arlene. This is Jolene. Arlene: (in Spanish.) Jolene Pena?! Buenos dias! Como estas, girlfriend?! Jolene: (in Spanish.) Muy bien! Y tu?! Arlene: Bien! So what can I help you with this time, my dear? Jolene: (in Spanish.) Are there anymore part time Monday through Friday summer classes that are available? I have a cousin here with me right now who is interested in coming to the school for a career of her own. Arlene: (in Spanish.) Well what does she want? We've got plenty that haven't been used yet. Jolene: Do you have any computer design? Arlene: We do! In fact, we've got all sorts of computer design software classes here including networking classes. What's your cousin's name, Jolene? Jolene: Adela Pena. Arlene: Adela Pena. If you can tell Adela if she can come over here now and fill out a college application for our part time summer computer classes before everything gets filled, she won't be the last to come here until the fall. Okay? Jolene: She is from Mexico City, Mexico just to let you know. Arlene: That's okay. Anybody from other countries are willing to join. Jolene: Anybody? Including my cousin Adela? You're not just pulling my leg saying that, are you? Arlene: Dear, I would never pull anybody's leg. Every word I say around here is true. She should come and register for what class she wants here now. But she better get here fast if she ever wants to participate in this school. Jolene: Awesome! Thank you, Arlene. You're the best. Arlene: No problem! Make sure that she gets here immediately. Jolene: I'll tell her the word. Thank you. Bye. And Jolene hangs up her smartphone, puts it back on the right side of her belt, then tells Adela the good news. Jolene: Hey Adela, good news! Adela: What's up?! Jolene: UCLA has got plenty of morning classes left, including computers! Adela: (with excitement!) No way! Get out! Really?! Jolene: I am not lying to you, honey! They've got a whole mess of shit just waiting all for you! But we've better get you registered over there now before time is up and everything's taken. Adela: Well let's go! And Jolene and Adela left the house again to go to UCLA so that Adela can register to get the type of education she needs. Oscar: Say Manny. Manny: Yes, Oscar. Oscar: When I grow up, when I go to college, I want to be a stunt movie actor because I love action movies. The cartoons I watch just doesn't do it for me, don't you know. And I'm board. Manuel: (to Oscar.) You'll make it to the top someday, Oscar. You really need to give it time. Okay? You're still a little kid. You need to take babysteps first before you can make your way to be famouse like the big guys, the smooth talkers no doubt. Oscar: You're right, Manuel. I will take baby steps first off. Manuel: Yeah! There you go, man! Oscar: Right! Then Jolene and Adela were heading straight to UCLA so that Adela can take some classes in computers. They arrived just in time so that they are not missing a parking place. They got out of the car, headed inside the building, and Adela has never seen such a college like this before in her life at all. Adela: Wow! I've never seen anything like this before, Jolene. This is so huge! I love this place! Jolene: It's very awesome, Adela. Check out the coolest cafeteria, and the humongous auditorium you'll see here in this building later on once we get you registered. Adela: (checking out one of the L.A. American guys.) And one of the coolest guys. Oh God! He looks so hot! I've just got to get over and get to know him one way or another. But something in his eyes tells me that he looks kinda very lonely in his life without any girl to go to him. He's been going to a lot of girls back in the past, and they all just couldn't stand him not one bit, then they go to other boys after that. Well those girls are ignorant! I'm gonna cheer him up. Jolene: (tried to stop Adela in her tracks.) Wait a minute, Adela! You still have to register for your classes first before you go up to any of the college guys you see, especially lonely ones. And I think we're up next. Adela: Well, wish me luck, honey. Adela and Jolene go over to one of the register booths to get Adela registered for summer classes at UCLA because Jolene registered already. A white woman at one of the booths: May I help you, young lady? Adela: Hi. My name is Adela Alanis Pena, and I'm here to register for some summer classes here at UCLA. I'm here from Mexico City with my cousin Jolene because she's taking summer classes here too. The woman: Do you have some kind of passport and I.D. of where you're from? Adela: I do. So Adela pulls out her Mexico City I.D. first, and her passport to America and gives them both to the lady so that she can put Adela in the UCLA computer system so she can register. The woman: You're all set. Just go over to one of the tables, you'll see applications of classes and stuff you can take. Just fill them out, and when you're done, bring it here in the booth. Okay? Adela: (smiling.) You got it. Thank you. The woman: (smiling back.) You're welcome. Jolene: (to the woman at the booth putting Adela in the system.) Thank you, ma'am. Then Jolene takes off and goes straight over to Adela to help her register for summer classes at UCLA. They both sat down, took to the application, found the exact classes Adela wants, Adela signed her name at the bottom of it, dated it, and they were all done. They both got up from their seats, Adela saw that same gorgeous lonely guy from another table, and said to the fellow "Hey cutie!" The sweet hot guy looked up, smiled at Adela, Adela smiled back at him and winked an eye at him, and the guy blew Adela a kiss. Then Jolene pulled Adela aside to the booth immediately to send the application to the woman. Jolene: Adela, let's go! We'll chat with the dude later. Adela: Sorry, Jolene. I couldn't help myself. He looks so fine! Jolene: He'll still be here when we're done. Let's go. So Jolene and Adela went straight to that same booth again to deliver the application Adela just finished. Adela: Here you are, ma'am. The woman re-checks the application twice to see whether or not the answers were right. And they're all right. So the woman smiled at Adela saying this to her. The woman: You've passed everything. The summer courses start Monday morning at 9:00am, and when you come in, go straight to the service desk up front, and the lady will give you your new schedual of what classes you'll be attending, and you're all set to go. Alright? Adela: Thank you, ma'am. Jolene: And I'll make sure that my cousin wakes up every early in the morning, eats her breakfast, and me and her will come for our classes here on my car. The woman: That would be very nice of you. Well you two have a good weekend, and we'll see you both Monday morning. Jolene & Adela: Thank you. Then after that, Adela walks straight to that lonely, sweet, and handsome American guy straight to his table, sits by him face to face, and says hello to him. Adela: (to the guy.) Hello there, handsome. The guy: (looked up at Adela with a smile.) Hi. You look so very pretty. Adela: And you look so very gorgeous. Thank you. The guy: You're welcome. Adela: Are you alone by yourself? The guy: Yeah. All of my friends have ditched me, moved back to their countries, their home states, and some even moved out to other places after we all graduated from high school. Adela: And you don't have a girlfriend yet either? The guy: I did once until she turned me down and dumped me for some big, rich, popular, handsome, muscle guy without my notice. Adela: (felt sorry for him.) Dude, I feel so very bad for you! A sweet and handsome guy like yourself shouldn't be alone and lonely by yourself like this. That's just not at all too cool. Mm-mmm, it just feels uncomfortable and discouraging. The guy: I know. But she just doesn't care about that too much after all I've done for her. She never ever does anything back for me in return just like I always do for her. Sometimes the girl is very mean! Sometimes I still have extreme feelings for her, but she doesn't have anything like that for me at all. Not one single thing! It's obvious that maybe she happens to be on drugs, or something like that. I don't know that for sure, mind you. I'm just guessing. Adela: Well, muchacho, if that girl does not see anything good, nor cute about you at all, or if she does too many rotten things to you like that and get away with it all, she's not the girl for you, nor anybody. Just stay strong, keep your head high, and always keep a positive attitude of everything. Don't ever give, stay as sweet, and good looking as you are, and don't ever change for nobody, not even for her. Okay? Those are my positive words of comfort to you, my dear. The guy: Wow! Thank you truly so very much, whoever you are. Adela: I'm Adela Pena. What is your name? The guy: Brandon Nantz. (they both shake hands with each other.) Glad to meet you. Adela: Nice to meet you too, Brandon. Brandon: Thank you. Adela: You're welcome. Say, can I give you all of my information and you can give me yours? I would like to get together with you one of these days. Brandon: (smiling.) Sure. Do you need any paper? Adela: (pulls out her own backpack.) Uh-uh. I've got some in here already. Tons of it. Brandon: Cool. Do you have something to write with? If you don't , I can loan you my pen. Adela: Oh I've got something to write already. Thank you for asking. Brandon: No problem, Adela. And so, Adela wrote her information for Brandon on a piece of paper, and Brandon did the same thing for Adela from out of his backpack. And Jolene smiled and laughed just looking at Adela and Brandon exchange information to each other, until she turned around and saw another white handsome American guy a little bit younger than she is, but very sweet, but very lonely as well. And Jolene felt very sorry for him because he had just moved to Los Angeles from his hometown at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania getting his college stuff together from one of the booths because he was done registering as well. His name is Calvin Draves. And after he left one of the booths getting ready to walk out of the building, Jolene stopped him for a moment yelling "Hey!!" And Calvin stopped and said to himself "Who said hey here?" And Jolene ran straight to Calvin with a big smile on her face, Calvin was concerned about who's coming to him and smiled right back at Jolene. So Jolene went and said hello to Calvin to really get to know him, and Calvin was really surprise. Jolene: (to Calvin.) Hi. How are you doing today? When I was watching my cousin and another guy get aquainted with each other on another table, I turned around for a moment to see what else is new around here, and I saw you because you look so handsome and very sweet. Are you alone by yourself, dude? Calvin: (concerned about all of this.) Wait a minute, senorita! How do I know you're not some kind of a female psycho trying to lie, rape me, or all sorts of very bad things you guys are about to do to me? Jolene: But I would never do anything like that to a handsome boy like you, nor anybody. So are you taking summer classes here too? Calvin: (still scared.) Yeah. Who are you? Jolene: I'm Jolene. Jolene Pena is my name. What's yours, honey? Calvin: Calvin Draves. Look, Jolene, you seem like a very nice girl and all, but I've been around too many people that come to me and they lie, threaten me, insult me, wanting to kill me and stuff like that back home in Philadelphia. So I don't want any drama from you either. Okay? Jolene: Don't be afraid, Calvin. Okay? I'm not here to lie, kill threaten, nor insult you of anyway. Mm-mmm. I'm an all around, down to earth, truthful, polite, kind girl. I just want to get to know you and be your friend. Plus, I happen to believe in God and Jesus, and I'm a good Christian woman. I can help you with your fears because I know your fears. Calvin: Are you sure you're not just saying that just to get me to you and then put me down after that? I'm a Christian too for that matter, and I also believe in the lord. Jolene: I'm very sure, Calvin. Since you're a Christian and I'm a Christian, this is most definitely going to work out with you, me, and plenty of my friends and family that will simply be glad to meet a sweet and adorable all around, down to earth guy like you. Besides, if you didn't have your faith in the lord, if I was never the answer to any of your prayers, well at least one of them, I wouldn't be here to come to you. Now would I? Dude, you've just got to trust me. I know you didn't come here to be played with, nor get hurt by anybody, and all that other nasty junk. I believe you. In fact, I also believe in you, Calvin, even though we don't know each other just yet and I've just met you. Calvin, I think you're cool! Calvin: (smiles and calms down.) Hey, thank you. No one's ever told me that I'm cool before. This is my first time a beautiful girl like a Latina such as yourself has ever said that I was cool. People used to say that to me back when I was little and junior high, but never in high school. Jolene: (felt bad for him.) Not in high school? Why, Calvin? Calvin: Well let me tell you, Jolene. Jolene: I'm all listening ears. Calvin: Well, ever since my real parents died, when I was thirteen years old, my foster parents, along with my foster elder sister and my younger sixteen year old sister have been treating me very mean telling me that I need to stay away from my real family, and friends that are real dear to my heart that are always there for me whenever I need them lots. My real parents and family would never even think of treating me the way my foster family are doing right now. They were good parents that really love me, respected me, cared for me, and will always be there for me a lot whenever I'm in a very bad jam like mow because I was the only kid left in the family after my elder brother and middle elder sister moved out having great jobs and bettering themselves with cool careers. My real brother is married, has three kids, two boys, and a girl. He's very happily married. My middle sister is still not married yet, but she is incharge of a publishing book company and a theater company down over in London, England. My brother is in charge of a marketing company over at Toronto, Canada. The rest of my big family, I have no clue of where they are at this point. My foster family doesn't want me contacting anybody like that at anytime, nor make any new friends. Jolene: (stunned.) That's crazy! Why don't they want you to contact your real family, your friends, nor make any new cool people like you and I just met each other now? Calvin: Because they think that I'm starting chaos with everybody else with my beliefs in the lord, and setting my own goals that I am very comfortable with, and not anybody else. Jolene: And what are your goals in the future, Calvin? Calvin: I would like to get into the television and music video business, not to mention computers, animation, and video games. Jolene: (excited for him!) You are?! That's great, Calvin! I'm into the television business too, along with music and stuff like that as well. Maybe you and I can work together as a team in the future, rub elbows with the stars, hang out, go out great places with them, and each other. We'll have a real heck of a ball together! What do you think? Calvin: Sadly, Jolene, my foster family thinks that kind of stuff is for cartoon character losers, and they don't want me doing that stuff either. But I couldn't help myself. This is my passion as well as getting together with good people just like you, Jolene. I'm beginning to like you a lot now! Jolene: (smiling.) Aw, I'm beginning to like you too, Calvin. Calvin: Thanks. But my foster family does not want me liking anybody anymore until I change for people and not be myself at all. And they don't like anybody liking me for just being myself. Jolene: (felt sorry for Calvin.) Dude, like I said, that's crazy. Nobody should judge you like that in all sorts of bad ways and telling you never to do this nor that, and you need to do this and that the way they want their plans done and not yours. That's just like killing an adorable cute animal, and comitting a horrible crime for absolutely no damn reason at all. Mm-mmm! I don't find any of that very encouraging. I find all of that a disgracefully disgusting disaster. Calvin: Yeah, you're telling me, Jolene. Jolene: Say, is there anyway I can get a hold of you someday when we meet here again in this college? I can even teach you Spanish for your future too if you want me to because I'm Mexican and I speak Spanish very well. Calvin: Sure. You know, I've always wanted to learn how to speak a second language, or even more. I like that. Jolene: Bueno! Calvin, I promise you, you will have the very coolest opportunity of your life once you stick with me, my friends, my family, and all of the very interesting, and very nice people who will really want to be around you, support you, do exactly everything for you that you really want in your life just like me. We are all good people around here in my book. And we would never do anything to cross you off our list at all, at least I won't. Suddenly, Calvin's foster parents came up to the register area, along with the 21 year old elder foster sister, and her sixteen year old foster younger sister as well, and they all were very angry and not very happy the way they saw Calvin talking to Jolene trying to get acquainted with each other. They are the not so nice Hammond family. The foster mom and dad are named Darla and Keith, along with the 21 year old foster sister Rochelle, and 16 year old foster sister Cheryl. They all shouted his name just to get him away from Jolene Pena. The Hammond Family: CALVIN!!! Then Calvin snapped his head and looked behind him, and his foster father Keith started raving at him. Keith: YOU GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE WITH US RIGHT NOW BEFORE YOUR BUTT GETS BURNED!!! HEAR?!! Calvin: But you guys-------------------------------------------------------------------- Darla: RIGHT NOW, YOUNG MAN!!! Keith: You are not to ever meet anybody, not even any girl, especially a Mexican!! Rochelle: You are not good enough to meet anybody of any kind because you're a little whimpy creep!! Cheryl: And you've just broken the number one rule right there, you moron!! Calvin: Come on, you guys! Give me a break------------------------------------ The Hammond Family: GIVE US A BREAK, STUPID!!! Keith: We're going home right now!! Calvin: Keith, please!! The Hammond Family: NOW!!! Keith: And just where do you come up with that Keith nonsense, huh?!! I'm your father, boy, and you know it!! STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE!!! DO YOU HEAR ME, CREEP?!!! Jolene: (worried sick.) Are those your foster parents, Calvin? Calvin: (sadly.) Yeah. That means I have to go this very minute so I can't stay here too long with anybody. They need me way too much. Now you know why I'm not having it too good with life anymore. Jolene: Calvin, that's terrible. I feel very bad for you. Hey, when we run into each other in this school when classes get started, look for me. Okay? So that we can get acquainted with each other. I'll be saying a prayer for you very hard. Calvin: Thank you, Jolene. I'll be doing a whole lot of praying too, and hopefully we'll find each other when our summer classes get started. The Hammond Family: (to Calvin.) NO!!! And the Hammond family pulled Calvin away from Jolene Pena and away from the UCLA building, straight to their new silver Toyota van, drove out of there real fast, and Keith had to rave at Calvin for getting acquainted with Jolene. Keith: BOY, DO YOU REALIZE YOU HAVE JUSTMADE A DISGUSTING SCENE BY TALKING TO THAT GIRL?!!! Darla: (angry at Calvin!) I do not know why you still have such a very bad personality, and have such a stupid thing with olive skinned women with high cheekbones such as that Latina you were just talking to recently!! This has got to stop, Calvin!! NO MORE!!! Rochelle: You are such a pain in the butt to everybody!! Cheryl: And it all just makes everybody sick, including us!! Calvin: (laughs.) Hahahahahahahahaha!! Whatever, you guys! Keith: CALVIN, THIS IS NOT FUNNY!!! Darla, Rochelle, & Cheryl: AND THERE IS NO WHATEVER ON THIS EITHER!!! Calvin: Listen, I don't know why you all are always treating me very badly just because I'm a sweet guy with a very soft and tender heart, and not like those cool and heroic big men! Rochelle: Reality check, dummy!! You're not sweet, nor have a tender heart!! You're just a bad person!! Calvin: WHY DO YOU ALL STILL THINK I'M AN ABSOLUTE NOTHING?!!! The Hammond Family: CALVIN, KNOCK IT OFF!!! Then Calvin kept his mouth shut after his last question he asked them, but the family overpowered his speech. Now they are all heading home at a town called Maywood near Los Angeles at a street called 58TH Street in a regular big house with a number called 133 58TH Street. And that's where they live. When they got out of the van, went inside the house, they started threatening Calvin for meeting a Mexican cutie like Jolene and told him never ever to let any of this happen again. Keith: Now Calvin! You know that you were told too many times never to be seen with any girl of any kind because you're not good enough for any woman at all, plus, you're not good enough to have any kind of career that you desire in your stupid cartoon acting ugly life, and this all needs to stop!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!!! Rochelle: Me and Cheryl have got plenty of friends, including sweet and hot boyfriends because we're both beautiful, smart, attractive, sexy, strong, and popular because we're human!! You are not human, nor sweet or anything even close so you can't do that!! You really need to change for everybody!! Calvin: What do you mean "I need to change for everybody?!!" The Hammond Family: CALVIN!!! Calvin: (frightened.) Okay! Okay! I'll shut up while you guys talk. Darla: Now, when you see this girl again in that college, you are to pay no kind of attention to her anymore!! Is that understood?!! Just walk pass her, pretend you don't neither see, nor hear her!! Because we're telling you right now!! If you even think of stopping to wanting to have a so called great BFF in someone, especially her; that Latina freaky fetish bitch, then you, boy, will have either us, Uncle Gus of the United States authauities, or even the police for that matter to fear!! Calvin: Now come on, you guys. I'm not a criminal. Rochelle: Reality check again, dope!! You are too a criminal because you're a geek!! All geeks, dweebs, dorks, nerds, and whimps are monsterous criminals no doubt!! And you're one of them!! Cheryl: (to Rochelle.) Yeah, you tell him, sis. We're all smart except for Calvin who just couldn't ever behave himself!! Keith: Now we're warning you now, you jerk!! From now on, when you go do your studies over at UCLA, you are not to see anybody, talk to anybody, or any other stupid stuff like that!! EVER!!! You are to do your work in your classes!! After that, you come straight home!! Do you understand that?!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT, I SAID?!!!! Calvin: Yes, sir. Keith: Because if you are not at home fast after college, if you're stopping to talk to anybody over there, including that stupid Latina you've met at the register room which you have no business to because you're crazy, you've got me and the rest of us to deal with, and it won't be at all good news!! Calvin: (annoyed.) What are you guys getting at?! Darla: Don't be funny and dumb, boy!! We don't do stuff like that here in the future!! Plus, you'll know exactly what we're getting at when you find out if you screw up our expectations by acting funny with your stupid goals to people, including that girl you shouldn't be meeting in the college when you first registered for the classes you asked for!! Rochelle: Don't ever let it happen again, Calvin!! No more!! Keith: Yes, you tell him, my dear special daughter. You deserve the unexpected very very best, and Calvin; the worst. Rochelle: Thank you so much, Daddy. Calvin never says anything good about me ever! Calvin: (tried to correct her.) I do too, Rochelle! What are you talking about?! Rochelle: (backfired him.) In a cartoon character voice, nutcase?! That's not the type of voice I want to hear in a real man! You're not a real man, plus, you're not very special! My boyfriend is special because he's a man! He's big, tall, dark, handsome, smart, strong, talented, rich, famous, popular, muscular, hot, unique, loves dirty rap and rock music like I do, and talks dirty to me when he's funny because it all makes me and everybody else laugh, has his own totally cool mansion with roommates as hot as him, and we girls love them all like that! They sure don't love a little two faced, talentless, tasteless, less than human, creepy little dream robbing pig like you, Calvin! You're too little, and he's the biggest, and he will cast you down to size big time! So you had better watch your ass, Calvin!! Darla: (to Rochelle smiling.) You're always thinking way too smart, Rochelle. Good stuff, Honey. Someday you'll rule this here city! Rochelle: (smiling back.) Thanks, mom. My boyfriend will be extra proud of me just like I am of myself. Keith: (to Rochelle.) Oh, he sure will be; just like your family here, Rochelle. Cheryl: (to Rochelle.) We all want to be like you someday, Rochelle. At least I want to be into your shoes when I go to college. I want to be a model, recording artist like my girl Katy Perry, and a moviestar. Keith: (to Cheryl.) You sure will be, Cheryl. You and your sister Rochelle will rule the world big time! Rochelle: And we'll be the beauty queens of it all because we're both glamorous! Right, Cheryl? Cheryl: You are so right, dear sister. Keeping it realistic is what we do around here, and we never ever go overboard at all because that is all just wrong! Rochelle: Yes, presicely. Hell yeah! High five, Cheryl! Cheryl: High five, Rochelle! And the two beautiful sisters give each other a big high five. Keith: Now Calvin, we need you to go straight to your room at once and stay there and not do anything up there at all, and just wait for our orders of what you will do for all of us later! Is that understood?!! Calvin: Yes, sir. Rochelle: (to Calvin.) And by the way, why can't you look and be exactly like my boyfriend, dummy?!! Cheryl: And my boyfriend too, you revolving, disgusting ugly piece of SHIT!!! Everybody: (to Calvin.) GO!!!! And Calvin got up from the couch, and slowly made his way upstairs to his room. But his foster parents and sisters don't like him walking slow at all because that aggravates them. So they yelled "FASTER, JERK!!!!" So Calvin sped up the paste upstairs like his family told him. So when Calvin went to his room read fast, he got mad at his foster family, and slammed his bedroom door at them real loud! But the family got real annoyed of that door slam. So they shouted at Calvin this nasty message. Everybody: (to Calvin.) DO NOT SLAM THAT STUPID DOOR, YOU IDIOT!!! YOU DON'T THINK STRAIGHT!!! Cheryl: Why can't that creep Calvin be a regular human being like everybody else?! Keith: (crying.) Honey, I need a hug. That stupid Calvin, always ruining people's lives, especially mine! Darla: (spreading her arms to Keith.) Aw, come here, Keith dear. Calvin is a no goodnik. Rochelle: Yeah, I'll say that he is! (Now to Keith.) Don't cry, Dad. Cheryl: Don't cry, Pop. Calvin didn't mean all that garbage he said about his so called goals that he want to come true in his life. We all know that he took every goal from too many people. And that's not right! Rochelle: (went to give Keith a great big hug.) Don't cry, Dad. We know that Calvin is a big time menace asshole who isn't a very nice boy at all. He keep telling himself and everybody else that he's nice and stuff, and he really isn't! He's only an irrational, two timing, Goddamn, filthy, disgusting, goal jumping, flea bitting little girly girl! That's what he is! He'll never make it into this new millennium because he's a bad person. And one day, he's going to get exactly what he deserves. And it's sure not cute either. Cheryl: (went to give Keith a hug too.) I agree with you right there, Rochelle. It's okay, Dad. Please don't cry. Calvin will not get too many good things because he's evil! One day, some beautiful girl about as cute as the beautiful Miss Cheekbones herself "Victoria Justice," or even "Miley Cyrus" will go over to Calvin, pretend to be his favorite gal pal, will be with him for a short while, then dump him for good to go out with a popular hot huggable dude who is much better than Calvin, she will be with that hot dude forever, leave Calvin for good because of his false expectations stealing dreams from other people like that, and he'll be left out in the cold all by himself because it's his own fault being stupid with his rotten nasty standards against other people's fetishes and dreams he's took from people. Like who does that mean, nasty monster villan Calvin thinks he is?! Darla: Well I can tell you this much, Cheryl. He sure isn't human, and plus, he's not even a hero like your father. Rochelle: And our boyfriends, not to mention that, mom. Cheryl: That's why he doesn't have any friend, and nobody ever wants to be around him, not now, not ever! Keith: You're telling me, ladies, He's lower than dirt that needs to be shot! But Calvin is much more hurting inside than his foster father Keith. He's up in his room with his door closed crying his lonely and poor tenderhearted eyes out wondering why his foster family, and everybody else around him has been treating him very mean. Calvin: (to himself.) I don't understand this whole picture! What did I do around here to have a lot of people turn against me with all negative nonsense?! How come I'm the only one that sees a whole lot of good inside myself and too many people don't see any of it?! They all still think that I'm an evil dream robbing nothing, and that just turns me off! And after my first positive contact with a beautiful girl named Jolene Pena from UCLA, and I really like this Mexican chica a lot, and she likes me a lot too! Everybody wants me to stay away from positive things like her! Why she could be my favorite gal pal in the future who can most definitely show me a real good time here in Los Angeles with plenty of her friends, her family, the celebrities because I'm into those areas! Those are my life!! Dammit!! Oh Jolene, where are you when I need you? Oh God, please give me some strength against these nasty haters! While Calvin started praying to God for a great big long positive miracle to work on him into his life, he continued crying again because he felt very lonely, and too many people didn't care. The next morning back at UCLA, Calvin was walking along the halls with a great big smile on his face, then saw Jolene Pena standing by the halls. So Calvin tried to go up to her, that was until a college guard in a uniform with a moustache from out of nowhere stopped Calvin from going any further near Jolene by raving at him for absolutely no reason of the sort. The guard: (to Calvin.) YO, DON'T GET YOUR HOPES TOO HIGH LIKE THAT ON PEOPLE!!! (Calvin snapped his head to the guard while the guard was still raving at him.) JUST WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU TRYING TO DO OVER THERE, JERK?!!! YOU GET AWAY FROM THERE THIS INSTANT!!! YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THAT!!! MORON!!! And Calvin went and walked back the same way he was going to go to Jolene. And when he walked slowly with his head down feeling bad because he really wanted to see Jolene again, he stopped for a moment by the guard, looked up at his angry look with even an angrier look himself. Then the guard insulted Calvin with a very nasty question after he saw Calvin go straight to Jolene. The guard: Could you be careful with that next time?!! Then Calvin felt that the guard was even trying to stop him from enjoying life with Jolene, other people, and great life in general. So he walked away from the guard, and continued walking with a very angry look. And now, the guard felt like Calvin just insulted him with his standards against him, Jolene, and everybody else. The guard: (to himself about Calvin.) What an asshole! (Then the guard walked away as well mad as if he felt that Calvin, and all other outsiders keep messing up his day, and messing with him.) Boy, do I need a hug. Nothing ever goes right around here anymore. Then, here is the first classroom Calvin goes for speech, and he's real good at it too. But nobody in that class believes that he is, in fact, nobody believes that he's good in anything period. They all still think that he's very evil, a class clown, and up to too many things very very bad as if he imitates stuff from an X-rated movie. Even teachers think very badly and lowly of him in the college, especially his speech teacher Miss Mary Mariano; a very beautiful, pretty, very attractive, very sexy, tall, slim, built, athletic, energetic, perky, outgoing, Italian foxy hottie with olive skin, high cheekbones, long brown hair, and a very sexy deep low voice who is also like a very certain special girl that even Calvin dreams about having as a gal pal, and a true down to earth, way cool BFF special girlfriend in his life. Miss Mary Mariano: Okay, everybody. Hand over your work of your dream soul mate that you'll speak about for tomorrow. After this, you all are free to leave, and I will see you all tomorrow. Have a great day whatever you do! So the kids went up to deliver their papers straight to Miss Mary Mariano for tomorrow to do their speech about a certain soul mate they want to have in their lives, and then left the classroom. Calvin did the same thing with his speech paper trying to leave the classroom as well, until Miss Mariano had to stop him for a moment. Miss Mariano: Uh, just hold on for a moment please, Calvin. I wish to have a word with you. So Calvin went back over to Miss Mariano for a moment because she wants to talk to him about his dreams and standards, including the speech he wrote down on his paper about the certain soul mate he really wants into his life. Calvin: Yes, Mary. Is there something wrong around here? Miss Mariano: Do not call me Mary, Calvin! These cool kids you see here call me that, and they're all my friends. You're not part of us because you are a creepy little horrifying dweeb! You alone will always call me Miss Mariano. Calvin: (confused.) I don't understand this, Miss Mariano! What gives here?! Miss Mariano: Calvin, these crazy vivid over high standards you keep planning for yourself, including wanting a real certain special girl into your life is getting you into a bit of too much big time trouble! What you have did to everybody when you first registered for this school was a big absolute no no! Calvin: What are you talking about? Miss Mariano: Calvin, one of the guards you've met recently just told me that you were going straight over to Jolene Pena this morning just to give her very nasty nerdy grief with your standards and insults to her and everybody else, and this bad speech you've just gave me too. You realize that all of this nonsense unrealistic garbage is a big fat crime that you have just committed with your disrespectful plans against everybody else, including Jolene. And that gives this 21ST Century a bad name. So Calvin, may we all please ask you never to go anywhere near Jolene, nor anybody else around here ever again? And this speech of your soul mate is awfully dangerously disgusting! You need to re-do this when you get home today, and then bring it back tomorrow. Calvin: Now just hold on a minute, Miss Mariano! Miss Mariano: No, you hold on a minute, Buster!! This speech needs to be about one of your foster sisters who is named Rochelle. Isn't she Rochelle? She is the oldest, isn't she? Calvin: Yes. But she's not my--------------------- Miss Mariano: CALVIN!! You need to make sure that you stick with her, go out places with her, and show her that you will always stay by her at all times without fail! Another foster sister you have named Cheryl. Am I right? Calvin: Yes, but she's a lot more younger. Miss Mariano: Then you need to make sure that you make her your soul mate also. Both of them, including your foster mother! She needs to be your soul mate, and your gal pal also! That's why they're always cranky and angry because you keep dreaming about wanting things you want in your life, and not what other people want from you with their expectations, including a certain special girl you want in your life from someplace here in this world without thinking straight of the girls you can be with from your household at home. Not cool, Calvin! Not cool! Calvin: So what are you saying, Miss Mariano? Miss Mariano: You need to re-write this speech all over again about your two foster sisters as your soul mates, and what you are planning to do with them this weekend. Which also means, you need to ask them to go out on a date with you either on a Friday or Saturday night, and it must be done immediately, that includes your foster mother. Because if you don't start doing these things right away, you will be into even a badder spot than you are right now! And you must not ever be yourself on them, nor anybody around here anymore when you come back here, not even on Jolene. Jolene happens to be a very nice girl here; a truly bright student, and she never causes any trouble, nor broken any laws, nor even gets her hopes too high like you always do. And I don't think any of the others do that shit either. So Calvin, you really need to watch it around here, or a lot of bad things will happen to you, because if you get into my way, DUN Dun dun!! Do you understand that?!! Calvin: (sadly.) Yes, ma'am. Miss Mariano: Because if I ever start getting the dean of this school about your crazy cartoon actions against everybody here, he will be yelling at you! Would you want that?! Calvin: (agitated from her speech.) No. Miss Mariano: Then you need to mind your own business from now on, and no more stealing other people's plans, otherwise you will be prosecuted by the fullest instincet of the law. Now, you need to leave this building right now and go straight home, and do this assignment all over again because Jolene Pena shouldn't be your soul mate at all. Your mom and sisters should. And if they can't be yours either, then have your father do it! After all, you're better off having a man as your soul mate, and leaving us pretty girls out of this!! My boyfriend is a whole lot better than you are, so am I, and everybody else around here. Now go home and do this report over again without stopping to talk to anybody because this fantasy is very bad just like you! Do you understand that?! Calvin: (hurting by her pride against him.) Yes, ma'am. Miss Mariano: And Calvin. No more praying for any good miracles to come into your life ever because they're not your dreams. They're ain't calling you! Please don't take our stuff like that without permission ever again. We do not have time for any games like this because this is all a joke, and it needs to stop this instant. Or you're out of this school for good. And I want that paper done by tomorrow! And Miss Mary Mariano left him completely, and very cold. Now Calvin has his head down to the ground feeling very sorry for himself with too much fear people keep giving him, until that period, someone kicked him across his behind real good and hard, and it was another pretty female about his age with a very angry look at him. She's got light tanned/milky white skin, high cheekbones, long blonde hair, a beautiful sexy perky body, and a beautiful voice and a very pretty face as well, and she's part Greek and part Dutch. Her name is Carla Saxx, and she did not like the way Calvin disagreed with Miss Mary Mariano's speech, and having Jolene Pena go over to him the first time they met because of the way he looks, talks, do things, dreams about, thinks of things, and praying for a great miracle to work things out for him from this negative circle he's in. So Carla had something to say to Calvin after she kicked his butt, and it wasn't a welcome speech. It was very mean. Carla: HEY, STUPID!!! Just who the hell do you think you are coming in here with such a very disgusting body and a low down, no good crummy face, thinking you're all very all around cool when you know that you're really not, praying for silly and very bad stuff, getting your hopes too high on other people's things you keep stealing from them?!! And you even have the Goddamn asshole nerves to pull Jolene Pena to you with your actions on her as well where she's very uncomfortable with that!! How dare you, you bozo!! She does not like anybody like you!! She happens to go for the big strong rich guys, and you just cut her right off!! Calvin: (to Carla.) Excuse me, Miss Cheekbones! But I don't think you know me too well! And you shouldn't, nor can't judge anybody you don't know like that just because they look, or talk, or somewhere around those lines! Carla: Don't lie, you creep!! I know a bunch of monsterous little rotter shitdogs like you that go around messing with other people's minds making them do things for you that they're not interested in doing at all! That's just like putting crappy garbage ideas on people's heads for absolutely no damn reason at all!! What's the matter with you, huh?!! You know that you could get in seriously big trouble for such actions like that to everybody, and that's very rude, Dude! That happens to be twice as dishonest, and disrespectful as cheating on a written test! Calvin: Look, if you want to come up to me to be my friend and stuff, you must put all negativity about me aside! Okay? Because I don't think any of that about me is true. Look. My name is Calvin Draves. And you must be----------------------------------------------------- Carla: Not interested, dork!! And if I told you my name, or even think about being your friend in the first place, I'd beat the living crap out of you! Got it?! NOW STAY AWAY FROM US!!! And then Carla took off running away mad at Calvin for absolutely no sort of reason at all mumbling her head off, then she screamed "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH, YOU'RE NOT SPECIAL!!!!!" And Calvin felt even more hammered no thanks to both Carla Saxx and Miss Mary Mariano, and that rotten guard stopping him from going to Jolene Pena. So Calvin felt a big crying feeling inside him because everybody keeps hurting him inside. So he cried and cried some more in big tears non stop, and then took off. But before that, Jolene Pena; along with her cousin Adela, and her new guy pal Brandon Nantz just saw Calvin try to take off with tears in his eyes crying, and the three of them were all worried about him. Jolene tried to catch him by calling his name, but that didn't work because he just took off and didn't hear her. Jolene: Calvin! Adela: Is that the guy you met at the registering department here? Jolene: Yup, that's the guy. But he probably didn't hear me when I called him taking off from the college. Adela: Well he really doesn't look right. He looks very upset about something that just recently bothered him. He took off crying with fear inside his heart from people. Brandon: And tears in his eyes too, ladies. Somebody must've told him to do such very disgusting and uncomfortable things that he is not interested in doing. Adela: Or even told him they don't care how uncomfortable it is for him to face the facts of who, or what he is, that he has to do those crummy things for people?! The nerve of some losers here, picking on such a poor, lonely, and sweet guy like your friend Calvin, Jolene! What do you plan to do about this? You went up to meet him. He didn't go over to you. Jolene: I know, Adela. I've got all of his info inside my briefcase here with me. I'll touch base with him right away. Then suddenly, four big, handsome, tall, slim, muscles strong, good looking jock came over to the threesome, mostly to Jolene. Their names are Bruno Williams, Frank Vega, Jack Wilde, and Travis Corn. Bruno, Travis, and Jack are all white guys, except for Frank who is an all around Mexican-Spanish guy, and they're all athletes. Frank and the guys have overheard Jolene talk to Adela and Brandon about touching base with Calvin, so Frank said this to Jolene. Frank: Uh, you'll do what you say, Jolene? Well what about us popular people, huh? It's not nice of you to betray us, Jolene. Jolene: What do you want, Frank?! Huh?! Jack: What we want from you guys is to stop being friends with losers like that plan jumping, sabotaging tratot Calvin, and start being friends with us from now on! Travis: Frank and Jack are right! A beautiful girl like you, Jolene, shouldn't be friends with a Calvin Draves creep! That's not respectful! In fact, that's very dangerous! Bruno: You heard them, Jolene Pena! Why would you want to betray your own popular kind like this for some nerd?! That's not fair! Frank: Especially when you also happen to be Mexican like I am, Jolene! You know that we are the only ones that happen to fit into your popular kind around here! At least I do because I love you, and I'm your main squeeze to be, Muchacha! Jolene: (standing up to those four jockey creeps.) Okay, Frank Vega, Bruno Williams, Travis Corn, and Jack Wilde!! I am not into any of your good looks, popularity pride!! Okay?!! And if you guys think that I need to just be with horrible hunks like all four of you, and not a poor sweet guy like Calvin Draves, it's your fault, not mine! I like him! All four boys: WHAT?!!! YOU LIKE HIM?!!! Adela: (to the four jocks angry.) Hey, didn't you morons hear what she said?!! SHE'S NOT INTO ANY OF YOU!!! SHE LIKES CALVIN!!! Jack: (to Adela.) Hey, take a powder, alright. Little girl?! No one is talking to you, huh!! Adela: (getting ready to fight the four jockey creeps.) Excuse me?! Did you just call me a little girl?!! DID YOU JUST CALL ME A LITTLE GIRL?!!! Brandon: (to the four guys also.) Now you boys ought to know better than to start trouble like this between Jolene and Calvin what's his face! Adela: (to the four jocks.) You never call me LITTLE GIRL!!! Then Adela started kicking, punching, and beating the living daylights out of those four jocks for harassing Jolene to give up on Calvin and join with them which of course she won't do any of it, nor put up with any of it. And after Adela was done beating the tar out of those four jocks kicking them flying to lockers, the jocks got scared of Adela, screamed, and they all ran away real fast, and Adela won. Jolene: My God, Adela! Those were some hell of some damn bitch slaps you gave those creepy haters! Brandon: Yeah, you sure really Hong Kong Phooeyed their trouble making ass. Did you take up self defense or something like that? Adela: Uh-huh. Back when I was 9 years old still living in Mexico City, I also was taught by my uncle Alonso who happens to be a Mexican stunt actor, and back when I was in high school and before then, I started taking karate and ninja lessons on how I can defend myself, my family, and all of my friends whenever they're in trouble or in great danger. Brandon: Well you can always save my life too whenever I'm in such an issue like t


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