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A young girl is trying to write a one act, but she has no idea how to! Will she write an epic one act, or will she give up trying?

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Sophie: What to write? Why did I let my friends talk me into this? I don't know how to write a One Act! I couldn't have said no. Always trying to please my friends. But what have they done for me? Nothing! Zip! Nada! Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth it to have friends. Wait a minute! That give me an idea. I could write about a girl who has friend that she does everything for and gets nothing in return. (writes it down) Maybe I should tell Maurice? Maybe he could help me. (takes out her cell phone and calls him)
Maurice: Hello?
Sophie: Maurice? It's Sophie. Can you come over and help me with an idea for the one act you and Lexi talked me into writing?
Maurice: You're supposed to write it yourself, Sophie.
Sophie: Please? I never ask you for anything. And I do a lot for you. Why can't you do this for me?
Maurice: How about you write about a young man who has just lost his job and uses his sister for money?
Sophie: No, I don't want to write about that. It might give my brother ideas.
Maurice: True, true. How about you write about a princess who falls in love with a peasant?
Sophie: No, that's been done before.
Maurice: How about you write about princesses who are talking about their prince and it's the same guy and Cinderella attacks him when he shows up?
Sophie: You stole that from last year's one act fesitval!
Maurice: OK, OK! I'm all out of ideas...
Sophie: Come over and we can talk about this in person. (hangs up and sits down on couch)
Maurice: (goes over)
Sophie: Come in, Maurice!
Maurice: Why didn't you just say no if you didn't want to do this?
Sophie: I tried to...you guys insisted...
Maurice: Oh...right...
Sophie: Do you have any ideas at all? I'm completely stuck.
Maurice: How about you write about...no that won't work...How about...no it's been done before. You can write about..no Justin Bieber is gay...I got nothin'.
Sophie: I was afraid you'd say that...
Maurice: I'm sorry Soph.
Sophie: It's fine. I just don't know what to do!
Maurice: Just calm down. Try to clear your mind and relax. That's when the best ideas come to me.
Sophie: I've never written a one act before!
Maurice: But you've written stories before. You're English teacher said you have a great imagination.
Sophie: I think we have writer's block...
Maurice: Hey, do you want to call Lexi? She is the one who talked you into it.
Sophie: That would probably be a good idea. (calls Lexi)
Lexi: Hey, Sophie!
Sophie: Lexi, I need your help.
Lexi: What's wrong?
Sophie: Nothing's wrong. I just have writer's block and I need your help to come up with an idea for the one act I have to write.
Lexi: Wait! You actually are going to write it? I was kind of joking when I said that.
Sophie: Oh...well I still want to write one now.
Lexi: I'm not sure. Maybe you could write a parody of Jersey shore?
Sophie: Didn't you and I say that Jersey Shore is too easy a target?
Lexi: Oh yeah...
Sophie: Anything else?
Lexi: How about you write about a past experience?
Sophie: ...No comment...
Lexi: Oops. Sorry.
Sophie: It's fine.
Lexi: I got it! How about you write about a girl who is trying to write a one shot, gets stuck then calls her friend for help and he can't think of anything so she calls her other friend and they go through ideas and she gets a great idea and the friend takes the idea and writes it herself?
Sophie: Wow! That's amazing! I think I'll do that
Lexi: Hey! It was my idea. I'm going to write it. Good luck with yours! (hangs up)


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