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Invasion of The Pony Tails Strippers: Part Three: Leaving the Friendly Skies

By: Teri Cross Chetwood

Page 1, The Story So Far: Bruce, his characters, and my characters are all stuck on the Goodman Blimp (which not only flies, but prevents copyright lawsuits). They all want down, but can\'t deflate the dirigible.

Leaving The Friendly Skies



GRETCHEN: This looks like a job for the Pony Tails girls... Ladies, start rubbing the inside walls of the blimp.

BIANCA: What?!

GRETCHEN: The sooner we bring down inflation, the sooner we bring us down.

LI'L BIT: You sound like a freakin' politician, Gretch, but I get ya.

SHADOWCAT: I don' want no part o' this, baby. This all 'bout as logical as that party Alice threw last week.

FREAKY FRIEDA: I thought it was a good party.

SHADOWCAT: Th' party was okay, but she th' only person I know who celebrate the anniversary of Montana's statehood. Least, the only one in th' state o' California.

GRETCHEN: Granted, not everyone does, but what's wrong with that?

SHADOWCAT: I looked it up. Montana became a state in November, not December. Someone need t' check chika's calendar.

ALICE: I always celebrate it a month later. You save a fortune on the decorations and you avoid the Montana Day mad rush.

ROSE: Are you guys going to stand around all day, swapping non sequiturs, or are you going to get us down?

SHADOWCAT: Keep ya quartz on, Rosie.

ROSE: Listen, bitch...

QUEEN VICTORIA: We are not amused.

BIANCA: No offence, Your Majesty, but even I'm getting tired of that one.

Q. V. (sadly): It's all anyone ever remembers me saying.

ROSE: Then be quiet!

Q.V.: I will be good.

SHADOWCAT: Dayum, Rose! You a hardass, baby.

ROSE: Hello? I'm quartz?

LI'L BIT: Let it go, S.C. What can you really do to her? Rock, Paper, Scissors?

SHADOWCAT: Whatevah. You sure this gonna get us down, Gretch?

GRETCHEN: It's simple dream logic.

BRUCEK: No it's not. Look, nothing in dreams is easy. That's why I don't have them.

GRETCHEN (shocked): Bruce! You don't have dreams?


SHADOWCAT: Bruce-baby, tha' all kinda weird. Everybody dream.

BRUCEK: I don't. Sorry, S.C. I just don't. Aside from the hallucinations, I'm fine. (Swats arm) Damn bugs!

SHADOWCAT: Now I know you one a' Alice's voices. Sheesh!

GRETCHEN: Back on track, guys. Start rubbing.

*The strippers start rubbing the walls of the blimp, all except for Freaky Frieda, who sticks her head out the entrance and looks up.*

FRIEDA: It's working guys. The blimp's getting bigger!

MARY JANE: And bigger... And bigger...

*Suddenly the blimp lets out a moan and all of the gas escapes. The blimp starts falling*

BRUCEK: Oh, shoot!

GRETCHEN: I don't want to die yet! I never got a chance to toilet-paper Miley Cyrus' house... This week, I mean.

FRIEDA: We've got to get higher!

LI'L BIT: No problem.

*Li'l Bit grabs Mary Jane and a lighter from her pocket.*

MARY JANE: Bruce! Help!

*BruceK grabs MJ from Bit's lips*

BRUCEK: That's enough of that! Teri can set fire to one of her own characters. Tell her to leave mine alone.

ROSE: I've got it! Alright, everybody, take off your –




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