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A Curve in the Script Ahead

Script By: Zin Dar

"A little humour skit about the hopes and dreams of a talking sign." was written by brucek. I decided for myself to make a continued part, and here it is, approved by brucek himself.

Submitted:Jul 21, 2011    Reads: 53    Comments: 11    Likes: 5   

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A two lane asphalt road stretches out into the distance, running straight for a thousand feet or so and then curving suddenly to the right as it enters a line of hills. Near the side of the road there used to be a sign: A "curve in the road ahead" sign. Along each edge of the road there used to be painted solid white lines, while a dashed white line used to go down the centre. This stretch of road seldom has any cars drive on it so, to break the monotony, the sign decided to have a conversation with one of the white lines.

The lines and the sign disappeared with a little (pop!), what is left is brucek. He's a lonely writer that was caught in his own script, because he wrote about himself.

kecurb: Hey brucek, I just entered the story, figuring that I should save you.

brucek: Yea, I had a little accident you could say. But now that you are here, do you have any idea of how WE get out of here?

kecurb: I recently spoke to the author of this script, he suggested that I would come in here, speak for him and then he would get us both out.

brucek: We learn from others mistakes, huh?

kecurb: That was the plan. The author gave me this note. It reads: 'I really felt sorry for you, brucek, so I sent my friend in. I don't want you stuck in there, as I want to read more of your comedy. I don't know if I can get you out of there so easily, you know how fast you slip into the act when going straight for the solution.'

brucek: He's mocking me too now? I don't have much choice since I'm stuck in here. What do we do?

kecurb: He suggested that if we hold hands, he could pop me out, and it will work for both of us.

brucek: That much for dignity, make this quick then.

*brucek and kecurb holds hands, but nothing happens*

kecurb: Now wh- (pop!)

brucek: Hello? It didn't work! Hello?!?

kecurb: Nope it didn't work so he sent me back.

brucek: That was fast.

kecurb: Yea, he sent me back and said only: 'you figure it out'. What a cold-hearted person.

brucek: So… Do you have an- (pop!)

kecurb: WOW!?! It really was that easy? %$¤&! Stupid son of a @[!


*ten minutes later*

kecurb: You're not planning on rescuing me, are you?


*thirty minutes later*

kecurb: I'll die of boredom here! PLEASE?!?


*two hours later*

kecurb: I'll beg?

Author: Just shut up.

Real Author: Yea, the guy writing us won't give in.

To be continued?


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