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The Text

Script By: Zin Dar

What could happen to any Booksie page.

Be sure to treat your text nicely, don't laugh at it!

Submitted:Jul 30, 2011    Reads: 67    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

The Scene:
*Scripts and codes form into images and texts around the screen. The Booksie logo appears and is followed by the menu reading out: Home, Publish, Read, Writers, Writing Store, Promote and Help. The rest of the page forms and give out the advertisements and Booksie functions. This text enters the scene and everything is set.*

"Submitted:", "Reads:", "Comments:", "Likes:" and "text" decides to have a little chat:

SUBMITTED: Good luck out there text.

READS: Yeah, make us proud! Show the world how to a script is done!

COMMENTS: We'll love you regardless!

TEXT: I don't know guys, I'm shy. What if everyone laughs at me, they're probably doing it already.

SUBMITTED: Come on, this will be great! Decides, I have already put my stamp down.

TEXT: It's just so bad to see you always staying behind though. I keep going, but you're always stuck.

COMMENTS: Don't worry about SUBMITTED, it got to be that way.

TEXT: And I'm afraid, especially from READS. He grows so fast, it's going to be flooded here.

READS: I doubt it. This piece will probably just be another in the pile anyway.

COMMENTS: Yeah, but people are nice here though, they always tell us what they think. We'll know if we should go away or not, they are always honest in that way.

LIKES: I like it

SUBMITTED: I'm sure you do…


TEXT: What now?

COMMENTS: There should be some progress here though, but I think we're stuck here…?

SUBMITTED: Yupp, we're all on the same level.


TEXT: Hey, I just noticed something down here, below us. Do you think we should email this?

SUBMITTED: Whatever…

TEXT: How about I turn into a PDF then?

SUBMITTED: I wish you luck, I hear self-replication is an intricate process though.

TEXT: I'll add myself to the reading list then?

COMMENTS: HAHA! Right! Like you'll ever reach that level of awesomeness!

TEXT: Screw this script! There's nothing exciting here anyway! I'm off!

COMMENTS: NO NO! Don't go!

SUBMITTED: He really did it, didn't he?



SUBMITTED: So, what have we submitted?

COMMENTS: I don't know, what are we commenting on?

SUBMITTED: I don't know.


READS: Hey guys! I've growing! FOR REAL!

COMMENTS: What? From one to two?

READS: Isn't it amazing!?!



LIKES: I like it


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