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My Best Friend's Secret Lover

Short story By: Ah Zee

Annabelle has been my best friend since 13 and we were real good friends that we had never kept any secrets from each other. But one day, my best friend told me that she had a secret lover and she wouldn't reveal it to anybody even me! so i realy have to guess about this secret lover! Who is he? and this is what i think! :D

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Small note from Ah Zee: I wrote this last year because I was bored and it so happens that I had just completed my N levels examinations at that time. So this is something to occupy all of you while I complete my O levels examinations in these two weeks as scheduled and brainstorm for more ideas for Complications of Complete Chapter 2 and so on! : D I manage to add some final touches to this story last minute so enjoy this!
*CCA is co-curricular activities. It is compulsory for every student to attend CCAs in Singapore. There are many after school activities to choose from (e.g. Sports, clubs and societies or maybe uniform group) In this story, Animation Club is the CCA
I have a funny story to tell you. I found it funny but I don't know if my best friend found this funny. I'm writing from my point of view and found this life, no, I mean their life (my best friend's and her secret lover's) to be too funny and of course, interesting. I mean who can imagine that my own best friend would ever fall in love with this boy (her secret lover) and who would ever think that this boy would ever go after a girl like my best friend? I mean, she's hot, pretty and intelligent in many aspects (studies, cca etc except for sports) but she had given up love and I never dared to imagine that she would ever fall in love again. I had seen many boys running after her, asking her to be their steady girlfriend but she had refused many times. It happened for a year after her break up with a handsome, dashing, hunky school prefect in my school. But somehow she did fall in love again. It seems to be a real miracle and I really wonder who this boy is, who made her willingly fall in love once more.
I have a steady boyfriend now and his name is Alex. He's from another school, not far from mine. I love him a lot. Way beyond my life. My best friend, on the other hand, her name is Annabelle. She is always proud of the name that her parents had given her and therefore refuses to be called 'Anna' but some of her friends do call her 'Anna' but she didn't quite like that name. Alex and I had always regarded Annabelle as our sister because she had always been close to us. But even Alex doesn't even know who Annabelle is in love with. All of us (including her classmates and some of her school mates) didn't know who her 'secret lover' is. It is indeed a real secret and no one knows about it.
If I were to think back of why this 'secret lover' had fallen in love with my best friend, there are many reasons to it. She's doesn't really own fame in school but she is very friendly and nice towards everybody. She is cheerful and lively that it impossible to know that she's crying or she's angry inside (in an easier sentence, she don't show her feelings). She is funny, often the one who makes jokes and made her friends laugh with her 'childish, cute, funny' noises and actions. But what I like about her the most is she is very intelligent. I don't mean she get all straight As for all six subjects we had in school. Although she appears very immature on the outside, she makes her decisions very carefully and often thinks twice before making an action. She is loved by many teachers, our CCA (co-curricular activities) teachers and also our CCA trainer. Perhaps that is why she is made a leader in my cca and she used to be a prefect in school (but quitted because her ex-boyfriend was a prefect and she dislike being in something that has got to do with her ex-boyfriend).
And of course, as a best friend, I also know about reasons why she had stopped having boyfriends one year ago and why she couldn't have boyfriends (or should I say, refused to have boyfriends). Well, to my best knowledge, I thought easily she still loves her ex-boyfriend. He is the best-looking boy in my year and many girls had silly crushes on him. His name is Sam. And I've noticed many times when we had combined classes in Malay Language class, I would caught him staring at my best friend while my best friend ignores him completely and continues to take notes during the lesson. Pity that handsome prince charming because just recently, my boyfriend and I also found out her ex-boyfriend still in love her! But Annabelle's refusal to talk to him had kept him waiting for her. Well, I still hoped they have a little glimmer of hope to patch up seeing how romantic Sam had become but Annabelle, still angry, hot-headed and stubborn, refused to patch things up. There goes my chance to see her happy with a boy….
Well, remember I said earlier that Annabelle had many boys who wanted her to be their steady boyfriend? It is true and even after a week she broke up with Sam then, two of her classmates confessed their feelings to her but she made it clear to them and other boys that she wasn't ready for another relationship. So, all the boys she was closed with were all her friends. One of them is Daren. Daren was one of the many boys she considered as best friends and he so happens to be Sam's buddy. But Daren was understanding and liked Annabelle's company although they do argue over small embarrassing things in class. They had shared many secrets together which I didn't know. Daren is the suspect number one that I feel he's her secret lover she was telling about. Who wouldn't fall in love with a best friend? They were close and shared many secrets together and why should they be not together?
But Annabelle said she wouldn't date Daren even if they were supposed to be enemies in the first place. So she gave me many hints. 'He's a Chinese', 'He hates tomatoes' and "He always threatens me when I'm too naughty" but I can never guess who he is. She says she rather not reveal her secret lover or I'll receive the rudest shock in my whole life. I pestered her and threatened her with all kinds of things. In the end she gave in. Oh my, oh my, who is it? I can't wait! I'm so excited!
"He's our teacher and also our CCA trainer," she said, with a wide smile.
"WWWWWWHHHHAAAATTTTTTTTT???????" I almost yelped.
He's our teacher in school and our cca trainer! How can this be? Why would he be the one who made her change?! But… But… But he's short! (Just slightly) He's too old for her! (10 years of age difference) I couldn't believe it! How would they hug each other? How did they get stuck to each other like this? How did they fall in love?
But somehow, I did expect it to be him. They've always been together be it in school or outside school. He had always paid special attention to her and cared about her and her studies more than ever. It's just he's a teacher and rarely I hear stuffs that teacher falls in love with a student.

So, in the end, my teacher is my best friend's secret lover. I can never get any shock after this


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