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The Biggest Trip EVER!!!

Short story By: air

Tags: Booksie, Crew

ok guys your all in it and we had a great time!!!!!!! :)

Submitted:Jan 6, 2008    Reads: 236    Comments: 12    Likes: 8   

well, now let's see......

it began one lazy hazy saturday afternoon

I was watchin tv and the weather man broke through anouncing a terrible BIG and BAD storm headin east.

Now I new my friend Jerry (gerabel) was busy writin his new story (the stranger of devils creek) and so he wouldn't know about the storm.

there was only one thing I could do!!!

I'll have to goeast and save him!

well, when i got there I couldn't believe my eyes!

his whole fangdangled fan crew was there!!!

oh my god!! I said whats wrong with you people, don't you know a storm is brewin???

(if ya need to know who all they were just check his fan page)alt

well most fortunately I ran into Dody and Irwin who luckily knew a way out for us all (and a darn good one at that)

we decided to take flight! Yes, and guess where we decided to go?

Yup, the UK- YEAH!!!!!!!alt

we wanted to visit Juliet and have tea with her new friends "Tom and Jerry"

when we got there her nefews were there also: my friend Paul (half-chewed-pen) and his brother Phillip:

(scribblings of a middle aged man)

well we all had a fantastic afternoon, by the way 'thankyou Juliet'

but now we had to go to......................

Australia YIPPPPPPYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and Juliet, Paul and Phillip came too!

now our idea was to see 'Annie Legend' the host of the most popular game 'who's behind the door'

But, first we planned to visit none other that the King of the Land Down Under, da,da,da, dah......"ROAR"
Mr Lionheart himself! hey, but wait,....

Look what is that in the harbor?.....

"The most outrages crew upon the booksie boat"

well there are Lionheart and his whole fan crew, but wait, I thought I was on that boat? hmmmmmmm

do think i got thrown off and now have amnesia or something?

oh well---HEY Let's Party!


there was funnybunny, kittycat, dark fairy, chicka19, amity willows and what do you know, even the booksie guy was there! guess he liked all those corney jokes LOL!

so we boogied;be boppin' toe stompin'head boppin' and

the outrages crew had us laughing so hard some wet there pants oh, (not me of course) lol

OK, some of us are too old for all this, let's go to Annies! YEAH!!!

oh and thankyou Lionheart it was FANTABULOUS!!!!

(made up word) ok?

Now when we got to Annies place I was so excited to see my good friends leesah and devilrod.

also to our astonishment were many of the older booksie crew, there was 'a poets justice', 'the lame one', 'Tesseth, and Dawn'

zephrymail, zephrys, on and on

and of course there was Ed Bradley and Terry Collett

we even saw ddrandall which was surprising cause of the last trip he had didn't go so well. well this time it sure did.alt

With a little prompting we were able to talk leesah into

quoting her most famous poem 'look for me'

and devilrod to quote his most beloved poem 'so sweet a song'

Now Annie was ready to play 'who's behind the door'

4 clues would be given out, the answer would be one of the booksie members.

first clue: lives in the UK

2nd clue: born in 1947

3rd clue: has written poems, plays, short stories, and novels

4th clue: Ceili's Love

oh-oh there are two winners Ed Bradley and Irwin BUT:

I think Irwin buzzed in just a half second sooner.

Yes, and the answer was Terry Collett

congrdulations Irwin!!!!!alt

Don't know what the prize is but I think on this day we were all winners don't you?

maybe except for those with a hang overalt

Well guys I guess it's time to go home nowalt

Sure had alot of fun!!!!

Let's do it again sometime soon OK???

Thanks everyone

I had the time of my life REALLY!!!!!alt



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