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I Am Sane I Tell You!

Short story By: Ava Rosien

I realize this peice will cause some to question..but I'm NOT insane, the characters are. No really,its them.I'm sane, completely sane.

Submitted:Oct 30, 2012    Reads: 92    Comments: 8    Likes: 6   

The pen drips ink onto the page in organized chaos; frantically trying to infuse the reader into a plot that is not yet known by its holder. I am not unlike a mad scientist in his basement laboratory; mixing chemicals. He hopes the outcome of his labor will produce a cure for the insanity from which he suffers.

This is how it begins every time. I have a vague idea of what is going to take place; names of characters have been assigned, but no real middle or concluding chapters formed in my mind. I can only hope that as I write, it will morph into a literary master piece.

Not a way to write, I know. Most writers's first make an outline to solidify a solid foundation for which to begin their work. The first sentence is the grabber, the line that will tell the reader to continue with anticipation of what comes next. Knowing ahead of time what that sentence will say will pave the way for the story; that's the way I've heard it explained by others.

I tend to ignore all the rules of proper creative writing. I have never been good at rules of any kind, and see no reason to follow them in my endeavors as a writer. If the reader's attention is not held on the first sentence, then perhaps a paragraph is needed before the decision is made to continue.

I begin with a basic idea for my stories. Once the characters are defined, I allow them to take me along with them on their journey across the pages. I may disagree with them and force my own twist or turn ideas; which I sometimes regret later. I hate to admit when they are right, and spend hours rewriting.

Maybe, I'm slightly left of center in my thinking; wouldn't be the first time I've been accused of being a bit strange. But, to me the characters take on a life, independent of me and my pen. Sometimes they say or do things that take me completely by surprise. Ok, even I will admit that sounds crazy; but it is never the less true. I am as sane as you are, maybe more.

In one story I was writing, a secondary character was to meet his demise. Well, he steadfastly refused to die. I had him going overboard on rough seas and he could not swim. Low and behold, he was able to grab a line and pull himself back on board the boat! How he did this I still do not understand; but he survived and I decided to leave him in the story. It turned out that he played a significant role in the developing plot later. Go figure.

In yet another story I had the lead female character falling in love with a male character. Later, as I introduced a newcomer into the story, she left the first man and ran off with the new guy. I swear I did not intend for that to happen.

So, I am not a writer, but simply hold the pen for these imaginary authors? It seems to be the case.

I probably shouldn't admit all this, since it will no doubt leave some people coming to the conclusion I really am as mad as a hatter. After all, isn't it true that those who declare sanity the loudest are more than likely the most insane?

If I truly am not of sound mind, then I much prefer it to the alterative. To be so sane and normal would leave me bereft of imagination needed to write I fear. Do we not rely on a certain amount of insanity to give our more sadistic characters the personality to perform their dastardly deeds? See, there is relevance to my though process. The echo of a chuckle is heard. Did I just type that out loud?

"No, it was me, the sadistic character". Thank goodness, I thought for a moment I might be losing it.

Back to the subject that I began with; writing stories without knowing the outcome. It is like this story, I have no idea where it's leading or what characters will do or say.

Emily, a particularly out spoken woman in one of my stories, once shocked me with revelations about my childhood I had either forgotten or totally buried under layers of protective happy memories. She spoke the memory as her own, spitting out the words in a profusion of explicit language. She ended her ranting with cruel laughter. I quickly responded by having her killed by a serial killer in the following chapter!

"Ah, but I survived his attack and wait to show up in your next story."

Who said that?

I am sane I tell you! It's the characters trying to make me appear unstable. I know you readers can understand that. Ignore them, that's what I do and eventually they go away. A writer must remain in control, I have allowed them too much freedom, I can see that now.

I've explained all this to the nice doctor friend that comes to visit once a week. He understands. He has assured me I am sane, so there you have it. The only thing I do not agree with him on is that he feels I should not write for awhile. Why he'd say that I don't know. Writing is my world.

A friend secretly brought me paper and pens and now I am writing again. There is another story already forming in my head. There are some strange characters in this hotel that I intend to include in that story. They walk around mumbling to themselves; talking to thin air. I hope they check out soon, it's quite unsettling.

I am going to write a letter of complaint as well, to the owners of this establishment. I am sure they are not aware that the desk clerk locked my door and leftforgettingto give me akey.There's no phone either; I've complained often about that and yet noting is done about it.

I don't think I'll stay here again. It's deffinately not a four star hotel. I sent my suit out to be cleaned and when they brought it back it was ruined. A valet placed my jacket on me and the sleeves were so long they wrapped completely around me; I couldn't even move in it. They seemed to think I over reacted by swearing, shouting and banging my head on the wall. What would you do if they ruined your best suit?

As I bring this story to a conclusion; I am certain of one thing. This will be the master piece; the one to get me on the Best Seller's List. I want to thank my loyal readers for making it possible.

"We've done it guys. We've driven him right over the edge. The white coats will love his story written on toilet paper!"

I'm ignoring you, I'm ignoring you all!


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