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It's On the Tip of My Tongue

Short story By: Ava Rosien

Tags: Forgot, Names, Humor

Very short story.

Have you ever ran into someone and you couldn't remember their name?

Submitted:Feb 26, 2013    Reads: 138    Comments: 9    Likes: 6   

Did you ever have a name that sits right on the tip of your tongue; but you couldn't say it? I hate it when that happens; just sitting there completely useless on the tip of my tongue! I just want to spit it out; make it pronounce the darn name already.

Instead, I stand there looking like a complete idiot. I stare at the person with utter exasperation and fear; and I'm thinking they know I have forgotten their name.

I say something that will maybe jog my memory like, "Did I see your name in the newspaper the other day?"

They reply, "Nope, must have been someone else with the same name as me."

Crap! I think to myself, Maybe I can get by without having to actually say their name. Then they say something like, "Hey, could you send me Carroll Wilfred's e-mail address? Just message it to me on my Facebook page."

On your Facebook page… really? Well, that won't be happening anytime soon; 'cause I can't remember your friggin name!

Now I suppose I could just be honest and say I forgot this person's name; but then they would be hurt that I forgot it. They obviously remembered my name; I just couldn't be that rude.

Then I have a brilliant idea! "Say, didn't you just get married not long ago; what's your new name?"

She smiles happily and replies, "I am now Mrs. Jonathan Morris!"

Double crap! That didn't work out as I planned. Her husband's name means nothing; why can't she just say her first name?

I'll silently go through the alphabet in my head with names. Alice, Anne, Ava; Barbara, Bernice; Cathy, Camille ….this isn't working. I'm standing here trying to go through a million possible names!

Well, I guess I could always pretend that I just forgot to send that e-mail address to her; no big deal I think to myself. Maybe her name will come to me out of the blue once I'm at home; I'll send it then. Surely there's no rush for her to e-mail Carroll.

"Well, it's been so nice to talk to you again Linda; we'll have to get together soon for lunch, just call me one day next week." She says as she is about to get into her car.

Yeah, I'll call you; when I remember who you are.

"Oh, and don't forget to send me Carroll's e-mail address. I heard she was recently diagnosed with Cancer and my church congregation wants to add her to the prayer list and send her e-mails of support."

Oh my freakin' gosh! I'm going to be responsible for keeping poor Carroll from getting prayers and support while she is gravely ill? Oh, I'm going to hell for sure; all because I couldn't remember this woman's name!

As she drove away, I wanted to shout, Wait, I'm so sorry I don't remember your name! TELL ME YOU'RE NAME!

As I stood there with her name on the very tip of my stupid tongue; which wouldn't give me the slightest clue…I noticed her license plate on the back of her car read, JILL'S PRIDE! Jill, Jill; that's her name! Of course, Jill Carpenter; now Mrs. Jonathan Morris!

I repeated her name all the way back home and even as I walked over to my computer to send her the flippin' e-mail address on her Facebook page. Jill Morris, Jill Morris, her name is Jill Morris.....Jill.

Redemption! I won't burn in hell after all! Lord, I promise from thisday forth, if I forget someone's name I will simply admit it and ask them their name.

I sit down at the computer and start to send the e-mail address off to Jill….oh no, I forgot whose e-mail address I am supposed to send her; Alice, Anne, Ava; Barbara, Bernice…Cathy, Camille. It's sitting right there on the tip of my tongue!


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