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Merry Christmas, Here's A Broken Arm and A Hot Doctor

Short story By: CapnPanda

A short story for Future Author's Christmas Short Story Contest.

Submitted:Dec 4, 2012    Reads: 140    Comments: 9    Likes: 4   

Christmas time in Australia is bloody retard. The temperature gets ridiculously high and you would rather sit somewhere near water or at that friend's place because they have aircon or sit in front of a fan and using that robot voice when talking to someone or in a pool or in a deep freezer like I am now. It's big enough for me to sit in so that's what I am doing because I was sweating like a pedo at a wiggles' concert. That's how freaking hot it is right now.

Even though we are not even close to being half way through summer - it sure as hell feels like it. It fudged caked up. I must be the weirdest person right now because I would be the only one who sits in a deep freezer where frozen goods are meant to be when you don't have enough room in the fridge freezer.

I leant back in the freezer and sighing in delight as I felt the coldness against my back. It wouldn't be long until my cousin, his girlfriend and their son got home. And they would find me in their freezer. They would probably laugh at me but right now, I really couldn't care less.

One thing about Christmas that I don't really like is that fat bastard called Santa. I mean I don't believe in him just to make that clear. I stopped believing in the fat bumhole when I realized that Santa had the same handwriting as Mummy and Daddy. Took me a while to realize that they all had the same writing though - I think I realized this when I turned ten. I dislike Santa because he breaks into your house or so little kids believe. I mean why do little kids like Santa when he breaks in? Okay, I understand that he leaves presents but he breaks into your house! BREAKS IN!

"Cassandra, what are you doing in the deep freezer?" Adam said breaking my thoughts about the fat bastard.

"Well, I was sweating like a pedo at a wiggles' concert, so I decided to get comfy in here." I smiled widely at him.

"Sandra! Sandra!" I heard little Chayce call out as the sound of his footsteps went through the house.

"Chayce wants you. And I want you to go get ready cause we are going to hit up Surfer's Paradise." Adam said.

"Alright, alright." I said standing up.

"Pack an overnight bag because we are staying at Surfers tonight and heading straight to the family Christmas get-together tomorrow morning." Adam said as he walked away.

Oh joy! The early family Christmas get-together. It's so exciting I am wetting myself just thinking about it. Okay, no I am not doing that because I am not excited for the family thing. I seriously don't want to go at all but Adam and Lucy are making me go.

Our family get-togethers are not going to be the same again. Really, they aren't since our family is torn apart right now. My grandmother and her second youngest son - my uncle - are fighting. I really don't understand why but I am not going to get in between it all because one, it isn't my business and two, I think it's pathetic. They are fighting over something stupid - from what I am told - because my grandmother jumped to conclusions once again.

As I stepped out of the deep freezer I lost my footing and fell. I landed on my arm with a thud and a yell escaping my lips. Adam and Lucy came running into the laundry where I laid on the floor, clutching my arm. Tears pooled in my eyes as pain shot through my body.

"What the fuck happened, Cassie?" Lucy said as she went to her knees next to me.

"I lost my footing and fell, that's all." I said as I tried to get up.

"Good one Cassandra, there goes the night down at the coast; we have to go to the hospital now." Adam laughed.

I flipped him off with my good arm and chuckled a bit. Adam always knew how to make me smile and he made me smile now even though my arm was killing me.

"Call Mum, Lucy. Tell her we will drop of Chayce and tell her what happened and I'll get Miss Clumsy here into the car." Adam said and Lucy nodded.

This was really going to be some Christmas. I hope I had nothing bad happening with my arm but knowing my luck I probably have broken my arm.


I sat on the hospital bed with my arm in a sling. Lucy and Adam had gone off to go get some food while I sat in this hell hole. I looked around and saw Christmas decorations everywhere. I shook my head at them with a slight laugh. The hospital really does get into the Christmas Spirit. Some of the nurses were wearing Christmas hats or little pins that pinned on to their shirts or earrings that dangled from their ears and flashed the colour red or green or both.

"Knock, knock." I heard someone say as they came into view, "I'm Doctor Reed." He said.

My mouth must have flown open at this doctor. He was wearing the same white coat as other doctors but somehow he made it work. His sandy blonde hair under a stupid Christmas hat, happy blue eyes that stared at me and an amazing smile to make an girl drop her panties, spread her legs and scream 'there's something wrong with my vagina!'

"I have your x-ray result and I have a very good Christmas present for you, even though it's four days early." He laughed a little at his own joke and I stared at him, dumbfounded.

He cleared his throat, "You've broken your arm and you will need a cast."

Laughter escaped my lips as I sat on the bed. He smiled at me a little before telling me what I had done. I didn't understand a word he said since I couldn't stop staring at his eyes and lips.

"Any questions?" Doctor Reed asked.

"Can I have your number? How old are you? Also, could I get that cast in green and red?" I asked.

He laughed a gorgeous laugh - however a laugh can be gorgeous. I stared at him giving him my best smile.

"I cannot give you my number during work hours, however I finish in two hours and you will still probably be here, I'm twenty-three and we can arrange to give you a green and red cast." He smiled.

"So, that means I get your number?" I smiled widely.

"Yes." Doctor Reed smiled, nodded and walked away.

I watched as he walked away not knowing if he was joking all being serious. He should give it to me, after all it's only four days till Christmas. Maybe he was just pulling my leg and trying to make me happy because I got a stupid broken arm which I think he said might have to be in a cast for six weeks. What the hell am I meant to do for six weeks to keep me cool? Ah, shit. What about the coast trip for New Years? Damn me and my effing clumsiness.

Adam and Lucy walked in, food in hands. Adam passed me a sausage roll, tomato sauce and a bottle of Coke.

"What'd they say?" Adam asked.

"I have to get a cast. Did you know how hot the doctor is?" I laughed.

"Ha! Your summer is gone. And no, I don't know how hot the doctors are because I don't perv them like you!" Adam laughed.

"Shut up about my summer." I pouted before laughing.


We were finally able to leave the hospital and my arm was supporting the Christmas spirit with a red, white and green cast. I was already sick of having it on my arm and it's only been twenty minutes. I had to keep it in a sling for another twenty-four hours. Christmas, the best time of the year.

As we walked out, I felt someone grab my good arm and pull me to the side. Adam looked at Doctor Reed and I gave him it's-okay-I-can-kick-him-if-he-stuffs-up look. Adam nodded.

"We'll meet you at the car, Cassandra." Lucy winked at me before her and Adam walked away.

I looked at Doctor Reed and smiled, "What a pleasant surprise."

"You wanted my number, here it is." He said slipping a piece of paper into my hand.

His hand slightly brushed my hair and sent tingles through my hand. I looked up at him and felt myself hit the wall around the corner. Doctor Reed was standing close, real close. I could feel his breath on my neck.

"Doctor Reed, you sir know how to please." I giggled.

OH GOD! I giggled, I hardly ever giggle. What the hell is this guy done to me? He made me giggle like a school girl talking to her crush of three years.

"Call me Roman." He said as he looked up at me and winked.

"I just wanna test this number, make sure it works and shit." I said as I pulled out my phone.

I quickly dialled his number, thanking whoever is up there in the sky that I didn't break my good hand - my left hand, since I'm a lefty. I pressed call and a ringtone filled the air. Roman pulled out his phone and showed me.

"Well then." I smirked, "I better get going."

He pressed me up against the wall again, my breath getting heavy, my heart wanting to break through my chest. I felt his breath on my neck again and then his lips.

"Whoa, Doctor Reed." I giggled, again, "You know how to hit the spot, don't you?"

"What can I say? I'm not shy at all." He said before letting me free.

I smiled at him and ran my fingers along his chest as I walked away with swag. I looked back at him, my long, wavy brown hair bouncing with my steps.

"Call me sometime, Doctor." I winked and smiled.

Best. Christmas present. Ever.


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