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I Hate My Dog

Short story By: Cathy98

Ugh, dogs right?

Submitted:Apr 12, 2012    Reads: 31    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

I opened the back glass door, "Dad!" I called out, no answer. "Dad!" I shrieked again but louder. He's ignoring me I think to myself. I started walking angrily to our backyard bar where my dad, his brother, and my older cousin where sitting and having a loud conversation about football. But before I called out dad again my dog, Champ, was before me. His dirty blond fur moved silently through the chilly November night wind, his brown eyes shined. He was staring at my cheese pizza that I was holding.

I ignored his pleads for a bite and walked past him. He got desperate. I soon felt claws on my back, that was his special way of saying "I want it!" I groaned and shoved him off me. "Da-" I couldn't even finish talking, Champ was on me again, this time more determined to get my pizza "Get off!" I hollered at him. Champs claws piercing my skin.

My screams finally got my dad's attention and he watched. "Gosh! This is why I don't like you!" I yelled to Champ while he jumped again this time knocking my balance. I fell backwards into small lemon tree. Ouch! The tree had thorns! To make the pain worse, Champ fell on top of me. All I felt were the thorns jabbing my skin, the once placid ants biting my limbs, and Champ, who weighs more than me is laying on my stomach licking my face. I don't know what possessed me to scream. I opened my mouth wide revealing the chuck of pizza. He immediately stuck his tongue in my mouth!

I quickly shut my mouth but Champs tongue was still in my mouth, fishing for the pizza. His dirty, kebble tasting mouth pretty much brushed my teeth. I opened my mouth again, gasping for air. Champ, in one bite swallowed the pizza that was once in my mouth. I screamed on the top of my lungs, my family members laughed at me. Champ clearly saw I was distracted, giving him the change to steal the rest of the pizza from my hands and he ate it. I started crying and ran inside.

"What happened?!" asked my friend, Valeria as I dramtically enter the room. I had to explain to her and my brother the horrible conundrum I was in and they just laughed at me. I was mad and humiliated. After that, my only memory was of me brushing my teeth 20 times.

This was a true story.


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