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Tags: Humour

He thought he had cracked it.....

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~~Rob slipped out the office just before noon, his boss was out for the day so a two hour lunch shouldn't be a problem, not that he would eat, and not that he would mention the extra time to the very lovely Tina.
Their Wednesday lunchtime dates worked so well for him, she had the whole day off, took pleasure in preparing herself for him, the lack of time was actually an advantage, no place for small talk. No time for prolonged cuddling or chatting afterwards, no chance of discussions on commitment, no pleas of "stay the night".
As he drove the short journey to her flat Rob calculated that he had managed to go a whole six weeks with only seeing her Wednesday lunchtimes. Surely he was becoming The Master, he had won, cracked it, a relationship based on his terms, a relationship based on.... well - sex. Obviously they spoke everyday swapped text messages most evenings, that was simply part of the cost. It needed to be done if he was to continue to enjoy Wednesday lunchtimes.
Rob smiled to himself as he approached the apartment block The Master would take his mistress then be away, he might not even stay the extra hour, a sly pint on the way back to the office may be a more appropriate way to take advantage of the boss being away. The Master wouldn't make the school boy error of leaving time for conversation, and besides didn't that little blonde work behind the bar Wednesdays?
The lovely Tina it seemed had made extra effort today, her normally messy flat was spotless, it smelled of freshly made coffee, she had sandwiches prepared for him on the table and wore an outfit that he hadn't seen before, not that there was much of it to see now. Without words she took his hand and led him into the bedroom, surely The Masters powers grew by the day.
Afterwards naked and breathless she watched him stand to dress, she looked across at the clock and smiled, exactly on time the doorbell rang, she dragged on the her jeans and t shirt and ran to answer leaving him to dress, he wouldn't be running off quite as quickly as usual.
"Mum, Dad do come in, the coffees on, thanks for being so punctual, Rob is so keen to meet you but doesn't get long for lunch and I so wanted you to meet my boyfriend."
Rob froze, half naked, half dressed, completely terrified, what, how, boyfriend, no! This couldn't be happening, he was The Master he couldn't be trapped like this, three floors up and for a second he seriously considered the window option.
"Rob darling come out and say hello to Mum and dad, they are dying to meet you, I have told them all about you". Rob "darling," darling? She had never called him that before. Right only one thing for it, polite conversation for about 45 seconds then head for the door, such a busy time at the office you understand. He quickly dressed and stepped out into the lounge, keeping one eye on the door he stepped boldly forward to shake the father's hand.
"Now you mustn't keep Rob talking too long, it's a very busy time at work for him and he must leave to get back in exactly 10 minutes." Oh she was good, where had this come from, how was he trapped, why were his powers deserting him like this.
Tina guided him round to the sofa, his legs all but gave way as he sat, he could feel his heart beat rising.
The father sat opposite smiled and spoke very quietly and gently "Rob are you ok, is everything alright, are you having a difficult day, you see I can't help but notice that your breathing heavily, you appear to be sweating and if I'm not mistaken your only wearing one sock?"


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