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Short story By: deepaksehrawat

(i m not gud at english)its about how a friend of mine badly wanted to propose a girl but........ plzzzzzzzzzz comment,it means a lot

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"its 2 o'clock"Nikhil said to Pulkit,coming back to him.
"not again"replied Pulkit,looking disappointed.
"what happened?"asked Deepak,looking interested.
"lets make our way to the gate,i'll tell you"replied pulkit.
"the thing is,Nikhil has a huge crush on a girl,maya,in 12th C."
"i hope i was in section C,instead of A"said Nikhil, cutting pulkit in between.
"lemme talk"said Pulkit,clearly irritated.He continued"this is about the 7th time,he's gone on to propose the girl and returned just after asking her the time"
"what else can i do?my throat chokes, whenever i see her.I feel as if its been filled with soot"Nikhil tried to defend himself.
"that's it"said Deepak excitedly."Dont worry,you'll be able to propose her someday,your bigger worry should be her answer."
"i do worry about that as well,but ofcourse she'll answer only once i propose her."said Nikhil.He continued " the real worry is that our school's ending in a month,after which i'll might never see her,and i dont think i'll be able to propose her in that short a period."
"oh!! i forgot all about the time limit.okay nikhil,since you are my best friend,i think i'll have to take charge of this situation"said Deepak
"how?"asked Nikhil
"tell me nikhil,how many girlfriends have i had in the past 3 years?"Deepak asked,in an arrogant tone.
"5" came the answer
"exactly,and that's why i call myself doctor love.wanna be my latest patient?"asked Deepak
"will do anything to be your patient"gasped Nikhil excitedly.
"i charge a nominal fee of 200rs,just pay that by the end of this month"said Deepak.
"okay,today's 15 feb.we'll start today only,since there is no time.it's 2:10,hmmmm....come to my house at 4"
"okay,just get me my girl,i'll do anything"
"i'll be waiting for you at 4"replied Deepak,waving a goodbye to Nikhil and Pulkit,as they moved out of the school gate.

"see,i have come bang on time,even when i had to travel 2kms in 15 minutes"saidn Nikhil,getting of the cycle.
"yeah yeah,park the cycle in the verandah and lets get going"replied Deepak clodly.
"where are we going to?"asked Nikhil,surprised.
"the gym"Deepak answered."i have promised you that i'll get you your girl,and according to me,even if you propose her,she's bound to say no after looking at all the fat you have stored in your body for so long"
"you're no bond either"replied Nikhil,feeling insulted.
"yeah,but its not about me,its about you"Deepak replied in a professional manner.
"okay then lets do it".
"lets walk,the gym's only a few metres away."
"what's the monthly cost?"Nikhil asked Deepak as he began his first day of workout.
"you'll have to pay 500rs.hey!,dont get up before doing 50 push-ups."said Deepak,almost shouting his last words as Nikhil tried to get up.
"damn! f u,deepak"said Nikhil,panting heavily,as he forced his body to rise up once again
"11"counted Deepak."go on boy,remember your dreamgirl"
"its been an hour and a half,lemme go"pleaded nikhil,as the clock ticked to 5:45,"my whole body's aching.please lemme go"
"okay",said Deepak,"lets go back home now"
"hey,where are you going,come into my room"Deepak pulled Nikhil by the shoulder as Nikhil took a step towards his bicycle.
"now what?"asked Nikhil,half afraid that he would be made to do more exercises.
"come into my room,i have written a page full of what you have to say in front of your girl."answered Deepak
"now that's something i was looking for"shouted nikhil,getting really ecxited.
"here"deepak gave him the page as they reached his room."close the door and read it aloud."
nikhil started reading the contents of the page:"i love you maya. maya, i love you,i am crazy about you,maya.please be my girlfriend,maya."
"what the hell is this?"asked nikhil,"and why do i have to say her name after every sentence?"
"that's because you have to say only one of these sentences,whichever comes to your mind at that time."
"what?"nikhil was shocked to hear this,"you think she'll agree to be my girlfriend if i just say 4-5 words to her.Cmon deepak,write an emotional letter,because only that will work"
"i expected this from you.just think,she has known you for 2 years now,she meets you in every E.D class that you have.Then how the hell will her opinion about you change from a stupid letter written by me.Grow up boy,if the girl has to say yes to you,she'll do it even if you propose her in the most ridiculous manner."
"then why did you take me to the gym?"asked nikhil
"because looks are very important,you'll know it soon.Besides,you'll atleast be able to punch her properly if she says no"answered deepak. the words brought a smile on nikhil's face.
"okay,i'll go now,i'll take this letter though,will practice at home all day"
"and i have the key of your cycle's lock.you'll jog your way back,everyday,for the next thirty days"
nikhil felt a sudden rush of blood and a great feeling to kick his friend,but something told him that deepak was doing the right thing.

The next week passed in centuries for nikhil,spending 2 hours daily in the gym,walking 4 kms daily was not an easy thing for him.He showed much more interest in reading the letter though,finding out new ways of reading it,and dictating it to deepak,who would then rate his different methods of proposing.
"this is not good","awful","this one's just about o.k",were his general comments.
"you know,its been exactly a week,i think you have had enough practice of what you are going to say,now we will move on to our next concern"said deepak
"and that is?"asked nikhil
"its about your facial expressions when you propose.One of the things a girl takes keen look at is a boy's facial expressions when he is proposing.This she does,to find out if the boy really means what he is saying."
"i will mean what i say,so my expressions would definitely be the right ones"nikhil explained his eagerness to skip this exercise.
"yeah maybe,but you still need some practice,we still have 15 minutes before we go to the gym,cmon,show me how you are going to say it."
nikhil displayed all his skills in acting in the next 15 minutes,but deepak was not satisfied.
"anyone would say you are acting,it doesnt look genuine"deepak said,not at all satisfied with nikhil's performance.He continued,before nikhil could open his mouth,"i'll teach you from tomorrow,lets hit the gym now",and off they went to the gym.

"hey,guess what?"said nikhil exitedly as he parked his cycle in deepak's house.
"what?"asked deepak
"maya said to me that i was becoming more and more handsome with each passing day"nikhil replied,hardly able to control his excitememnt.
"you mean she was flirting with you"said deepak,getting all excited.
"you can say that.man,i wanna propose her now,this very day"
"shut up"deepak said,"you'll only get better in the coming days,and then,we can be sure that she'll not reject your proposal"
"you are right"nikhil replied,now coming back to his senses.

The period of 30 days seemed a very long one for nikhil,he was dying to propose maya.His daily workout at the gym made him more confident that his proposal would be accepted.His weight was reducing,with the removal of the fat.The daily practice of dialogues made it very simple for him to speak them much more fluently and with better expressions.Deepak once even said that his dialogue delivery was getting better than SRK's.That boosted Nikhil's confidence to no ends.
The last day of the school,the day of the proposal finally arrived.
"man!,its only the first class,we still have seven more to go,i dont know how i am going to wait for that long a period"nikhil said,impatiently turning the pages of his maths book.
"dont worry"Deepak said,"you have waited for a month,6 more hours will pass off easily as well".

The time went off slowly for nikhil,he would trouble Pulkit to know the time in every 5 minutes.The bell finally rang one more time to signal the end of the last class.
"hurry up"Nikhil shouted to Deepak and Pulkit,"lets go."
"there she is"Deepak said,as they reached the ground floor of the school building.
"go now boy"said deepak,"do everything exactly as i have taught you,and you'll do just fine."
"okay,here i go"said Nikhil,very nervous now,as he left the two of them.
"i somehow feel she'll reject him"Pulkit said,as soon as Nikhil was out of earshot.
"i bet she wont. wat say?"
"i say our 500rs are at stake here"said Pulkit,"lets see who wins"
Nikhil came back after 5 minutes.
"so,wat happened?"asked both the friends excitedly.
"its 2 o'clock"said Nikhil,and walked off.


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