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The Parachute Essay

By: Emily Johnson

Page 1, The BEST conversation EVER!

I was with one of my closest friends yesterday, when an assignment was to write an essay on whatever two random cards you pull, and sell that thing to them. My two random cards were labeled “The Flat Earth Society” and “Parachute.” What two perfect cards. So I began to type an essay on selling a parachute to the Flat Earth Society. My friend looked over, and said,

“Dude, having a parachute would be so good for your ego.”

I thought about it, and looked back to her.

                “You just died because your ego is too big.”

I figured that it would be funny to say that, when she replied.

                “You really CAN die from having too big of an ego.”

Hearing this, I was like,


Of course, she agreed.

                “Yeah, so many people fall hard from it.”

I look down at the desk and say,

                “Oh…good thing I have a parachute.”



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