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The Hat and the Heels

By: Fishcake

Page 1, Short piece of writing based on a hat.

The Hat and Heels
What an awful hat! I saw this plump, short woman at my Grandson’s wedding wearing it. I was annoyed at that ugly hat because it spoiled the pictures. The ‘old dear’ loved the attention that she was getting from the other guests. It spoilt my day.
We were in the ‘kissing line’ at the Reception waiting to meet and greet the guests. The ‘old dear’ wandered over, John, my husband, commented, “How lovely you look! The hat suits you.”
I glared at him. Stupid man! How dare he! He hadn’t commented on my leopard skin dress with matching killer heel shoes. I will ignore him for the rest of the day. All due to that ugly hat. The ‘old dear’ approached me, “hello dear.” She attempted to air kiss my cheek. 
“Let me take your hat. It is rude to eat at the table wearing a hat!” It was difficult to stop myself from screeching at her. Quick as a flash, I grabbed the hat, rushed to the toilet. Once inside the cubicle, I threw the hat on the floor, jumping up and down on it in my killer heels! 
I did her a favour because it did nothing for her!

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