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The Girl With The Pink Bike

Short story By: gwenlover123

Now making sad stories for a series!

Submitted:Jun 23, 2010    Reads: 65    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

AUTHOR'S NOTE!!! I will now be making a sad storie series and this is my second one called "The girl with a pink bike".This takes place in one persons pov.Once again,this is a true story that I had asked one of my friends from when I was little to write. Mark's P.O.V. Me and my wife stay in our seats,watching as the cars go by one by one,coming in to our street in Westland,and coming out.That's when a little ginger-haired girl came tumbling on her pink bike with a pouch in the front of it.She fell instantly to the ground and my wife came to her,picking her up and smiling at her.She then gives out a worried look and runs off on her bike. Then,a couple weeks later she came back with her mom.I was supposing that she was going to the park down the street."Hey there" I say and tilt my hat forward."Hello",her mom says riding past us with her daughter infront of us.They then came back."Would you like to have a drink,you guys look a little tired"."Oh sure",the mother says stopping on her bike.My wife smiles as she invites her inside.Her daughter comes over to me and smiles."Well,hi there you little critter".I say grinning at her.(By the way,Mark and his wife are old people,like 56 at least.)"What's your name"?I asked her.She stood silent for minutes untill I hear her coo,"Isabel Duncan".She says it as in she was an angle from above."How old are you Isabel"?"10",she says back."Her mom then shuffles out of the house,making a couple of noises with her sneakers every once in a while". As years passed,Isabel grew to be 12 years old,but she still had that pink bike of hers.One day a week she would come over here and play with buster and talk to us.She would always have that small,angle-like voice and that little smile that I got used to.Then that next week,she when she was saying goodbye to us,she stummbled again on her bike and fell onto Oliver Cross's yard.Oliver came out of his house and yelled out,"GET OFF OF MY YARD YOU STINKY LITTLE FOURTH GRADER!!!OR ELSE I'LL TAKE YOU IN"! I got off of my butt and came over to him."Now listen to me and listen to me good.If you ever,talk to that sweet girl like that ever again,I will call you in to the police and I will TAKE YOU DOWN".Isabel was so scared that she ran off,crying to her mother about what had happen.Those following weeks she didn't come back.So I went for a stroll with my wife over to their house.Isabel comes out of the house and puts a box that has the word 'Books' written over it into their van."What's going on here"?I ask as she looks at me."Were moving.My mom can't stand me getting hurt".She walks over to me and hugs me."Bye" she says and gets into the car. But I will never forget the girl with the pink bike. AUTHOR'S NOTE!!! I know it was cheesy but I rushed with it.Hope you liked it and plz comment on it!!


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