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The Man With The Red Face

Short story By: Hinoglue

This is just a cute children's repetitive story I made for no reason. Well I don't make any story for any particular reason but yeah, whatever. Enjoy!

Submitted:Aug 6, 2011    Reads: 36    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Once upon a time there lived a man. He loved to play sports and on some days he would play sports from morning to night. There was only one thing that he did not like about sports and that was...

His face always turned red! His friends said that he looked like a tomato, and a very ripe one at that. The man wanted to find which sport did not make this happen.

One day the man met a squirrel. The squirrel wanted to help him so they set off and went to see which sport did not make his face turn red like a tomato.

The squirrel decided to take him to the tennis court. The man got his racket and started playing. But, his face turned red.

Then the man and the squirrel went to the basket ball court. The squirrel handed the man a basket ball and he dribbled it and shot it into the net. But, his face turned red.

At the tennis court his face turned red and at the basket ball his face turned red. Both the places his face turned red.

Then they went to the football field. The man kicked the ball into the net and tried to block it when another person shot. But, sadly, his face turned red.

At the tennis court his face turned red and at the basket ball court his face turned red and at the football field his face turned red. At all these places his face turned red.

The squirrel said that they should try baseball so they walked to the baseball field and played baseball. But the man's face turned red.

Everywhere he goes his face turns red. The tennis court, the basket ball court, the football field, and the baseball pitch.

Then the squirrel thought, his face turns red because blood rushes up to it, blood rushes up to his face because he it is hot. What if he did a sport somewhere cold. Hockey!

The man put on his skates and hit the puck with his hockey stick. After a while his face started to turn pink. He didn't like a pink face either. It made him look like a clown.

Finally the squirrel said, "I know where your face won't turn red or pink! Lets head to the swimming pool!"

At the swimming pool the and started doing laps. But the water was so cold, his face turned a different colour. But it wasn't red, or pink like the other places made it. It had turned a dark shade of...



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