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My Near Death Experience

Short story By: Insane Membrane

to be honest I couldn't decide which section to put this in horror seemed apt , humour a possibility and flash fiction an option too but alas there is no fiction in this tale , true confessions then ? I dunno Erotica even for there is seduction in here and they get so many more reads :-)

nah humour ..

Submitted:Jun 12, 2012    Reads: 111    Comments: 15    Likes: 6   

The lead up to this event began when we spent the day touting for business and if you think that sounds a little wrong ... your perfectly right for we spent the day seducing builders estimators with Tim Tams (rather delicious chocolate biscuits) the idea behind this is that they will be so knocked off their feet by the blonde and brunette and the Tim Tams (in that order) that visited that they will indeed shower us with opportunity to tender on certain parts of their projects, this does at least make us memorable ,firstly my boss is a stunning blonde ,secondly myself being perfectly corporate and thirdly the Australian sun being as hot as it is has quite a devastating effect on chocolate when left in the back seat of a car and should you be in the building industry and work with architects plans that explains all the brown fingers marks...

Now on leaving the offices of one of these lucky guys and a particular good looking one at that was when our day took a wrong turn, or rather my boss did and in her defence it certainly looked like the way to go for it was only as we mounted the kerb for the second time that I realized all was not well and this is where my concern over which section to put this in came about I say (horror) because the look on the pedestrians' face when we mounted the kerb, will in fact stay in my mind for some years to come, this coupled with the cry from my boss that we were now in a one way street and "about to die" puts this for sure in the horror section and to the fact that she then drove back off the footpath and onto on coming traffic also gives it a fair amount of terror at least for me being in "passenger mode " and I am certain that the occupants of the oncomings would still be having night terrors,that all said and in all fairness the only thing that really suffered was our ribs from the ensuing laughter (humour ) as we finally made it back to the right side of the road and out of harms way though not to mention of course the damage to our eyeliner and mascara that rolled with our tears to leave black tracks across our cheeks thus completing the horror scene.

However as I mentioned to my boss that it was lucky there was a definite lack of police presence at the time "yes" she agreed "for I only have a day license".

(Perhaps TRUE confessions?).

So we drove off, and as we did I turned my head back taking a look at the offices we had just left, the good looking estimator was at the window covered in chocolate and putting what looked like our company profile through his shredder he won't be forgetting us in a hurry.

Did I mention that I will be driving next time !


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