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REAAAD!!!! pleasse ;p funny

By: katelynnwoodward

Page 1, Whooa im funny ! naah im lame . idk u say lol PLEASENO RUDE COMMENTS . IF YOU THINK YOU\'LL GET ANNOYED THAN THE ANSWER TO UR PROBLEM IS DONT READ .thaankyou <3 please like muaah ;*

boom boom pow . lol . Im katelynn < 333! when life gets u down ..idk try to pick it back up ? when lifee gives u lemonds what do u doo ? put that stuff on food BOMB . Gosh u dnt have to laugh at my joke -.- just trynaa make u happier :D this is probably what u guys are thinking ... (Shes dumb .. I didnt ask u to make me happy ... ur dumb broo . STFU and get a life ). Well i feel like crap today and im happy . lifes not easy but thats what makes it LIFE . lol .. Today my dog was weird .. he kept running in the wall .. dumb dog . but i lovee him . im really bored soo if u can just comment what i shudd write about i'd really appriciate it . ANYTHING (please no rude comments) LIKE ?

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