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Dear Diary...

Short story By: Katya Dee

A diary of a sixteen year old girl who falls for an older guy and she is in for the hell of a ride...

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Dear Diary

September 15th

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!!! I can't believe it! I am so totally stoked, it's not even funny! I just made the cheerleading team!! Oh, God, this is fantastic!! Laura B. was kinda jealous but then she found out that she made it too so we are okay! Andy keeps making stupid remarks about the whole thing but I am so happy that even my brother can't spoil it for me!! Bleh, dinner is ready… I gotta go"

September 18th

"So we had our first practice tonight and Laura B. is like a total cow! I know she is my friend and all and I would never say anything like this to anybody but who is going to read my diary, right? So anyway, there we were doing the pyramid and I had to jump up and get all the way on top, right? And Laura was on the bottom. So I jump and I almost made it all the way when all of a sudden she slips on the floor and falls down. And then the entire pyramid goes BOOM!!! Oh dear God… I dislocated my arm and it hurts really bad right now. I can't even hold the pen, that's why my handwriting is all funny… So I guess, I'll write more when my arm is okay"

September 27th

"Okay, I am so mad right now that I could scream. If Andy will be stupid enough to make one of his idiotic remarks, I swear to God, I will punch him in his stupid face! I don't care that he is twenty one, I'll just punch him. Okay, okay Kayla, breath… Anyway, remember how my arm was all dislocated? So I couldn't make it to several practices. But I mean it's not like I skipped them cause I didn't feel like going, right? My freaking arm was dislocated!! So today this bitch Carly D. comes up to me and she is all like "Kayla, we have a game soon and you didn't come to like three practices. So we had to replace you with Melissa. You can try out again next semester" Can you freaking believe it?! I mean, this is such BS!! Ugh, I hate her so much right now that I am shaking. Who she thinks she is?!… Ack, my Mom is calling me. I gotta go"

October 2nd

"I am still fuming every time I see that bitch Carly. And they replaced me with Melissa?! Come on! It's like a joke or something! The girl is fat! I mean she is probably like a hundred twenty five pounds!! That's huge!! You should totally see her in that tiny outfit… Almost made me gag. Anyway, I gotta go to the store and get some milk since Andy was being a jerk this morning and he drank all of it. I hate my brother sometimes. He is such an idiot!"

October 2nd, 7:35 PM

"Oh… My… God… So I went to the store, right? So there I am, getting milk and thinking of getting some cookies as well when someone bumps into me, right? I dropped the milk and the whole thing seriously exploded everywhere! You have no idea how embarrassing it was!! I wanted to die right there. So I look behind me and there is this guy, right? And he looks like he is about to die too. He was all like "Oh my God, I am sooooo sorry…" And then I look at him and I realize that he is the cutest and the hottest guy I have ever seen in my life!! He is kinda old, I guess… He is twenty three at least, maybe even twenty five but OH MY GOD!!! So hot that I couldn't even speak! So then this kid comes with a mop and stuff and he is cleaning the mess and the hot guy is all like "I'll pay for that, it was totally my fault!" And then he looks at me and he is like "I will buy you milk, okay? Because I feel like a total klutz and a complete moron!" At first I almost told him to forget it but then I thought what the hell, right? So I said okay and he got the milk for me. And then he walked me to my car and the only thing I could think about was that I didn't wear any makeup whatsoever, and that I was wearing this ridiculous sweatshirt that used to belong to my brother and some god awful sweat pants… Okay, from now on I will not even take the garbage out without mascara and a cute outfit!!! Ugh, why the hell didn't I wear normal clothes?! Okay, I so need to call Laura B. right now! Be back later"

October 2nd, 9 PM

"Laura B. said that I was an idiot that I didn't ask him what his name was at least. I am so kicking myself right now… Anyway, I gotta go finish my homework since I have all those tests coming up and such. Later!"

October 20th

"I know, I know… I haven't written anything for like ever. The school keeps me so busy, it's not even funny! I had like a gazillion of tests and quizzes and the load of homework I have? Seriously, it should be illegal! I am so tired right now that I feel like I am about to fall asleep at my desk… It's almost midnight and I just finished my stupid homework. But I had to write this down!! So on the day after the whole milk fiasco I was coming back from school and I realized that I was out of gum, right? So I went to the store… Yes, the same store. Well, I guess gum was just an excuse. I was kinda hoping to run into the hot guy again but I figured that the odds for that would be really slim. Anyway, I go in there and guess what?! He was right there buying some tomato juice! How amazing is that?! And I actually looked good this time! So I walk by him like I don't see him and all and then I kinda bump into him and go like "Oh gosh! I am so sorry!" I know, totally lame but it worked. He looks at me and he is all like "Oh my God! It's you!" I seriously thought I was going to pass out. He remembered me and he looked like he was happy to see me! So I acted all surprised and was like "Oh, hey!" So then he said that his name was Damien and then… Oh, boy… Wait for it… Wait!… Okay, here goes… He asked me out!!! So I said yes… I mean like duh! So we are going out this weekend! I am so happy, it's crazy! Ugh, I really gotta go to bed. I am like super tired. But yeah, life is awesome right now!"

October 29th

"Okay, please don't hate me, diary! I should've been writing a lot, I know. But first - I was incredibly busy. Every night I'd go to bed at almost one in the morning because of… yup, you got it! All that stupid homework… Seriously, those people who call themselves teachers, they think that we like have no life beside all that homework, tests, quizzes, and whatnot. Really irritating… Ugh! But there is another wonderful thing. The wonderful thing's name is Damien and he is… Oh God… He is so amazing, it's unreal. Like totally unreal! I spent nine days with him, can you believe it? He is so unbelievably gentle and his mouth is so soft that… Oh my god!!! I never told you but he kissed me! It was, seriously, the best kiss ever!! I told Laura B. all about it and she was soooo jealous! She was all like "Ask him if he has a single friend" Yeah, right! Like I'm gonna ask him that!… Well, maybe I will. Laura B. is pretty cool and she is my friend and all that… Yeah, I'll ask him. Oh yeah, by the way. Damien is kinda old… He is twenty five. Yeah, I know, I know… My parents would probably have a heart attack if they found out that their sixteen year old daughter was making out with a twenty five year old guy… Well, it's not like I am going to tell them! And thank God nobody will ever read all this stuff that I am writing… Ok, gotta go now. Later!"

PS. "Oh by the way, I am telling my parents that I am going to hang out at Melissa's place on Halloween but I'll be with Damien."

November 2nd

"That was the best Halloween ever! Damien made some awesome food - I am not even sure what it was but oh my God! That guy cooks beyond amazing! So we ate - well, I ate, he was just watching me - and then we watched a movie… I think it was Interview with the Vampire. I love that movie but that night I wasn't even sure if that was what we watched. We made out for almost three hours straight. I think something else was playing after the movie but I have no idea what it was. I think I am in love"

November 7th

"So Damien introduced Laura B. to his friend Aramis. Yeah, I know, weird name. He said that his mother was like in love with Three Musketeers. Anyway, Laura B. is happy now and she doesn't bug me anymore with her constant complaints that I ditched her for a guy. Seriously, every time she'd start that tune, I would roll my eyes. Thank God that Damien actually had a single friend! And Aramis is cute too, Laura was like drooling when she saw him. Well, I have a math test tomorrow, need to go study for a little bit because later tonight I am going out with Damien."

November 17th

"Okay, I think this is crazy and way too fast, what about you? Laura B. totally had sex with Aramis! I almost fell off my chair today when she told me! And she was like bragging! I couldn't believe it. She knows him for less than two weeks! And he is like twenty five! I mean, I am crazily in love with Damien and I know him since September but we haven't done it yet! I told him that I never had sex before and that I don't think I am ready and he just kissed me and said that it's not even a problem. He said he'll wait for as long as he has to and that I should take all the time in the world that I need. Oh, God, I love him so much! And then Laura B. tells me that her and Aramis totally did it and that she is beyond happy… I said that she is a total slut and she didn't even get offended, can you believe that? She just laughed. Ugh, I don't get her sometimes."

November 30th

"I couldn't get out of Thanksgiving dinner with my parents. I felt like crying. But then after I finally finished that stupid turkey, I said that I have to go to Laura's place for a while and they said okay. So I went to Damien, of course. I swear to God, every time I think that he couldn't kiss any better, he takes my breath away by doing exactly that. I love him so much that my heart literally aches when I don't see him. I told Laura B. about it and she said she totally gets it. Her and Aramis are like totally in love too. At first I found it sort of weird that they slept together so soon but now it just seems normal. She looks really happy and Aramis is always with her. To be honest, I thought that he'll dump her after he had sex with her but he never did. I am so relieved, you have no idea! If he dumped her, I would never hear the end of it with Aramis being Damien's friend and all… I think I am going to be ready soon. To you know… Make love with Damien… God, I start smiling every time I think about it. I am such a dork!"

December 27th

"Okay, I am hyperventilating every time I think about it but I have to write this down!! Guess what Damien gave me for Christmas! You'll never guess!! A ring! Yup, white gold ring with a heart shaped diamond on it! He asked me to marry him!! Of course he realizes that I have to be eighteen but he said it'll be our engagement until then. Of course I said yes, what do you think?! I can't wear the ring on my finger though. I mean, my parents will freak! I never told them about Damien. So I put it on my chain and I will wear it around my neck all the time. And call me an idiot - like I care! - but after he gave me that ring I was so totally ready! So yeah, we did it… It didn't hurt as much as I was afraid it would. It did a little, for like a minute but he was so careful and he almost stopped moving until the pain was gone. And after that… Oh my God…. It was amazing.

I told Laura B. about it and she almost laughed. Speaking of Laura B. She's been all weird lately. She looks sick. I asked her what's wrong and she said that she got some nasty flu virus right before Christmas… To be honest, I don't think it's a flu. I think that she is pregnant…. Gotta go now"

January 10th

"Jesus Christ!! Laura B. passed out in math class today! It was so freaky! She was sitting next to me, we were writing something and then all of a sudden she just slides off her chair and falls on the floor! She was out for almost an hour and then I took her home. She would not say what's wrong with her, not even to me! So finally I was like "You are pregnant, aren't you?" And she looked at me with huge eyes and then she just started laughing like it was the funniest thing ever. I have no freaking idea what's going on. I'll have to ask Damien to talk to Aramis about it."

January 17th

"After I took Laura home that one day, a week ago, she hasn't come to school once. I keep calling her like every day but she sounds so tired all the time that we would never talk for longer than ten minutes. Oh my God…. It just hit me… What if she has AIDS?! Oh my God!!! I gotta call her!"

January 17th, 30 minutes later

"Grrrrrr!!! Her mom said that she was sleeping and then she was interrogating me about who the hell has Laura been seeing. So I lied the best I could and told her that she was kinda going out with some boy from the other class who is totally geeky. I don't know if she believed me. I hope she did"

January 25th

"I can't think, I can't write… I can't even talk… It's like I am numb or asleep or… Oh, God, I can't… Laura B. died last night… I gotta go"

February 1st

"I am in so much pain right now… I can't believe this is happening. I mean, Laura is dead, how can this even be possible?! I don't think I will ever be able to accept this… Oh, and another weird thing happened like two days ago. The funeral was supposed to be yesterday, right? So two days ago her parents are like beyond messed up, having hysterics and all because get this… Laura's body disappeared from the morgue!! What the hell?! I am going to Damien's. I can't stand being alone anymore. Later!"

February 2nd

"I guess this is what it feels like when you lose your mind completely. Quite amusing, actually. I am insane, I am sure of that. I went to Damien's house last night and he took my both hands into his and said that we need to talk. At first I was about to die because I thought he was breaking up with me. And then he sat me down on the couch and started talking. And then I lost my mind, I am sure of that. Because there is no other explanation.

"Kayla", he said, "I need to tell you something really important… I know I should've done it much sooner but I couldn't…" He sighed and closed his eyes. "Kayla", he wouldn't look at me, his eyes stayed closed. "I am older than you" I laughed at that weakly. "Yes", I said. "I know that, Damien. You are twenty five"

"No", he whispered. "I am not twenty five… I am…" He took a deep breath. "I am almost two hundred" I stared at him and couldn't figure out if I was supposed to cry or laugh. Clearly, he was breaking up with me! But why the hell was he babbling all this nonsense? I mean, when you break up with someone you say stuff like "I need space" or "It's not you, it's me" or "We need to take a short break because I need to get my thoughts and feelings in order"… But you never say "I am almost two hundred years old" That wasn't even bizarre! That was plain crazy!

Finally he opened his eyes and looked at me. "You are freaking out, huh", he said and I just blinked at him. He sighed and pulled me closer. "Look", he muttered. "I know it's hard to take in all at once but I am not lying… Kayla, I am a vampire"

By that point I started to laugh hysterically. He kept talking about the fact that he wasn't lying, that he indeed was a vampire, and that he couldn't stop himself from getting involved with me. "I love you, Kayla", he finally said and my laughter stopped immediately.

Okay, here is my question. Am I completely out of my mind? Because I believed him…"

February 7th

"Ugh… I have two tests tomorrow and I could care less about them. Damien and I talked for hours and hours every day and finally I made up my mind. I want it. I want it so bad by now that I can't eat or sleep. Gotta go see him now. Later!"

February 8th

"Okay, let's see if I am really insane or if he was telling the truth. No way! I am insane, I know that. But it almost didn't hurt at all when he bit me. Somehow it felt cool and warm at the same time. Oh, God… If my mother sees a hickey on my neck, she'll kill me. I wonder if I'll come back from the dead or something… No, I will end up in the mental institution with a straight jacket on… I need to take a nap. I feel like crap."

February 14th

"Oh God… Kill me now… I feel like I am dying or something… I've been staying home since the eighth of February. And today is Valentine's Day. This sucks! I can't even be with Damien tonight because I am so freaking weak, I can't walk straight… Ah, screw this! I am going to call him and tell him to come and get me. I can't stand being away from him any longer. Gotta go."

February 18th

"Oh man, do I feel great! I don't care that my parents were screaming bloody murder at me on the phone and were threatening me with the police and stuff. I called them on the night of the fourteenth and said that I will stay at my friend's house for a couple of days. My mother yelled so loudly that I almost gone deaf. She was screaming that she'll call the police so they will bring me home and I said that I don't care and I hung up on her. Thankfully, they never actually did call the police. That would suck, huh…

Anyway, I remember that I almost fell down after I hung up the phone and Damien caught me just in time. Then I blacked out and I don't remember anything. When I woke up, I felt amazing. And then I realized that it's the seventeenth of February. Wow, I've been out for like two and a half days almost… I had to go back home to get my stuff but Damien said that I should eat something first. It was so weird at first but then I actually kinda liked it… Oh, by the way Laura B. was laughing her head off when she saw how sloppy I was. Aramis was trying not to laugh but I could see that he was entertained. Oh well. I gotta run to the store and get some clothes. Be right back"

February 18th, two hours later

"I am so mad that I could scream! So I come back home with my new clothes, go up to my room and what do I see?! Andy is reading my goddamn diary!!! Can you believe that?! He looked at me with horror in his eyes. "God, Kayla!", he said quietly. "A vampire?! Are you kidding me? This asshole is drugging you! He is freaking twenty five!! He seduced you and now he is drugging you! That's why you were so sick lately!! Kayla!" he shook my diary, his face pale. "This will go to the police! I am going to do it right now! That son of a bitch is going to jail for the rest of his goddamn life!!!" And he started to walk away from me. I was shaking so bad that my teeth were clattering. "No, Andy!" I said. "Please, don't! Andy!!" But he just ignored me. So I did what I had to do. I jumped on his back and he was so startled that for a few seconds he just stood there, frozen. Then he was trying to get me off of his back but I almost laughed at his futile efforts. Finally I bit his neck and he tasted just like everyone else. Except I can still taste his after shave."

March 3rd

"Ah yes, life is so good now, it's unreal. I am not going to write anymore. Just wanted to say good bye. Damien and I are so perfect together, it's fantastic. Remember how much I hated that skinny little bitch Carly D.? Well, she got hers… I warned Damien not to turn her because I would hate her even more. He never did. He just watched me and at the end I wanted him to join so he did. That was excellent. Oh man, now I am hungry… Okay, it's time to eat. As I am writing this, I can hear Andy telling some of his bizarre jokes to Laura B. and she is laughing her head off. Wonder if Aramis will put an end to that or if they will end up with a m�nage a trois. Wouldn't surprise me a bit. Andy was always kinda weird even before I turned him. I suspected that Laura always had a thing for him. And Aramis… Well, Aramis is way more kinky than Damien. So I guess they will end up together, all three of them. Oh, I have to go eat… I am hungry. I can hear Damien's voice, gotta go!"

April 11, 2009


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