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Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow....

Short story By: kidarox123

Cute oneshots with the Cullen's at Christmas time.

Submitted:Dec 23, 2008    Reads: 298    Comments: 8    Likes: 2   

Edward grinned as the news proclaimed snow, snow, and more snow. Bella, however, pouted. She sat up in bed and gazed at the blackness outside.

Edward noticed her look and squeezed her hand. "Bella, I just can't understand why you don't enjoy snow."

"I do enjoy the snow."

Edward raised his eyebrows. "You do?" he asked quizzically.

"I just don't enjoy being in the snow. It's too cold," she explained.

Edward frowned, looking down at his hands and wondering if his perpetual coldness was very unpleasant to Bella.

Bella caught his look and laughed lightly, guessing what he was thinking. "You can't possibly compare yourself to snow."

"But you just said the cold…"

"Well I'm not in love with the snow. I'm in love with you, and that includes every single quality you have." Bella leaned in for a kiss, but met only air. She opened her eyes to find Edward standing and grinning.

"Incoming Alice in three…two…"

Alice flew in through the window with a gust of cold, wintry air. "It's snooooowing," she sang, and both Edward and Bella glanced outside to find that big fat white flakes were, indeed, falling slowly towards the ground.

"There's going to be six inches on the ground by morning. See you for our snowball fight!" She then left, singing, "let it snow, let it snow, let it snowww..."

What Alice had said suddenly registered on Bella and she turned to Edward. "Oh, no."

"Please?" Edward begged. "It'll be fun. You'll be on my team."

Bella hesitated. A vision of Edward and her playing around in the snow went through her head, and it was very difficult to resist. Besides, his hopeful look was adorable.

"On one condition."

"Yes?" Edward asked warily.

"Look up, please."

For the first time that night, Edward looked upwards and grinned as he realized there were about 20 pieces of mistletoe hanging from the ceiling.


Caroling with the Cullen's:

"No, Edward."

"Please come?"

"I can't sing. I really can't!"

"I don't believe you."

"Ugh. Fine. I'm coming, but I'm only going to mouth along."

Edward smiled. "That's all I'm asking."

Alice came along side them and handed both Bella and Edward a small packet full of Christmas carols. "Ready?"

"As I'll ever be," Bella replied, secretly really excited to go Christmas caroling with Edward, only for the fact that she would be able to hear Edward sing. She recalled her last attempt at singing. It had been fourth grade and she had been given a solo in the choir for the song "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". At the worst moment her voice had cracked, she had panicked, fallen, and tripped over the mike stand so it crashed down and sent a high-pitched shriek throughout the auditorium. And she had never sung again.

They began to walk down the streets, Edward on the far right, then Bella, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie. The first song in the packet was "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" and any second now those five beautiful vampires would sing, followed by a quiet, squeaky, horrible voice, Bella was sure. This song was cursed, for her, anyway.

The boys began to sing in velvety tones of different volumes. It sounded beautiful, and many people poked their heads out the windows to see where the voices were coming from. Then came the girl's verse. Uh oh, Bella thought. Here goes nothing.

They began to sing, but one by one, they all stopped to stare at Bella. Because a voice unlike any of theirs had pierced through the night, heightening their spirits and sounding even more beautiful in song than a vampire's.

Bella stopped quickly, thinking she was doing horribly, but she saw Edward's amazed, adoring look, and realized it had been her to make that sound. She sang a verse to make sure, and her eyes widened. It had been her!

With more confidence, they started up again. They gave Bella the solo at the end, and this time, her voice trailed along the notes in perfection. The vampires all stared at her, astonished. They all wanted to complement her, but none could find the right words to describe how breathtakingly fantastic her singing voice was. They all agreed Emmett described it best:

"Daaanngg, Bella!"


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