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Halloween party with various people from books.

Short story By: lanchava

Count Dracula is holding a Halloween party in his caste, with guests from books, The Demonata, The saga of Darren Shan, The Roman Mysteries, Dracula, The phantom of the opera, Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter, with a guest star from Family Guy.
Warning: Contains dirty meanings, and may confuse you.

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It was Halloween again, and Count Dracula was holding a party in his castle in Transylvania for tons of awesome
people. Count Dracula was in his usual old guy form, white hair, white skin, sharp teeth, red lips...you get the
picture. Anyway, he had just put the last pumpkin in place when the doorbell rang, signalling the arrival of the
first guest.
"Excellent." he drawled in his Transylvanian accent, and he walked elegantly over to the door, his shadow doing
magic tricks on the wall behind him. He opened the door with one of his hairy palms and said in greetings,
"Welcome, Percy and Annabeth!"
In stepped Percy Jackson, the son of the sea god Posiedon, and Annabeth Chase, the daughter of Athena. Percy and
Annabeth were holding hands, and Percy said, "Are we the first people here?"
"Yes." said Dracula, closing the door. "Please, help yourself to some blo- ah, punch." he indicated to the punch bowl
sitting on a long table, surrounded by other treats. Percy and Annabeth raced over there, and helped themselves.
The doorbell rang again, chiming the tune of the Adam's Family. Dracula opened the door and said, " Ah! Darren
Shan! Welcome! And who is this enchanting person?"
Darren Shan and his girlfriend Debbie stepped in. "Mr Crepsley is coming, he's just talking to a bloke
"Beranabus!" hissed Debbie, and they walked away from the confused looking Dracula, and went over to the
kissing Percy and Annabeth.
Immediately, Mr. Crepsley and a tramp came in. Dracula's face lit up, and he exclaimed, "Beranabus! Larten!
Welcome to my humble home! Please, make yourselves at home!"
Beranabus scratched his head and grumbled, "Lord Loss, Vein and Artery are coming. I can't stay long....I..uh....gotta
do something with Bec, Kernel and Grubbs." he rushed out of the door.
More people arrived. Jonathan Harker and his wife Mina arrived, much to the delight of Dracula. They were
followed by Flavia Gemina, Jonathan ben Mordecai, Nubia, Aristo, Lupus, and Floppy. Flavia and Annabeth talked
about a mystery they were trying to solve, leaving Percy at the mercy of Darren, Lupus, Aristo and the two
Jonathan's. Mina, Nubia and Debbie went into the next room and started to put make-up on eachother.
Dracula was talking to Larten when the door swung open to reveal a ghastly, skeleton looking man dressed like the
red death. "Erik!" cried out Dracula happily. True enough, the phantom of the opera was here.
"Christine sends her apologies, but Raoul wants to marry her." the audience laughed along with the phantom. "Nah,
I'm kidding. She's ill."
Erik started to play the organ, and tried to seduce Mina. But Dracula was having none of it. "Hey! Hey! Hey!" he
shrieked like a woman. "Hey, smelly face, she's mine!"
"Actually, I'm married." Mina said in her sweet voice. She walked over to Jonathan (Harker) and kissed him
passionately, just as Lord Loss, Vein, and Artery arrived. Lord Loss immediately went over to Dracula and grinned.
"Hey Drac."
Dracula turned and gave a grin. "Lordy Loss! Oh, man, it's been a while!" they hugged, and Vein and Artery sprang
into the punch bowl and began to get cosy.
Just then, somebody screeched, "Avada Kedavra!" and a flash of green light hit the punch bowl and killed Vein.
Before she died, she bellowed, "Oh man, why do I always die? I mean, I freakin' died in the first book, didn't I? Why
don't you stick to Harry Potter?" and she died.
The audience went deathly silent as a pale, tall man came into the room. Then, Lord Loss and Dracula sprang onto
him and hugged him, crying, "Voldy! Voldy!"
Lord Voldemort brushed a tear out of his eye and said, "Oh, yeah, sorry about Vein, Loss."
Lord Loss shrugged. "Ah, who cares. I don't need her, not after she cheated on me!"
Dracula left them to it, and watched the party. Artery and Lupus were racing eachother, Darren, Percy, Jonathan,
Aristo and Floppy were playing cards, Jonathan Harker was talking to Mr Crepsley about becoming a vampire,
Annabeth and Flavia were solving the mystery, and the other girls were getting drunk.
Suddenly, the doorbell rang with the theme of the Adam's family, and in stepped....
"Stewie Griffin!"
"Victory is mine!" cried out Stewie as he hugged Lord Loss. "Man, it's been a while."
"How's the family?" asked Lord Voldy when he hugged Stewie.
Stewie sighed. "The dog's still an alcoholic, I still haven't killed Lois, and the fat man is still fat."
They began the party games with musical chairs. The music was Monster Mash, and Darren and the two
Jonathan's started to get a bit drunk, and they were excluded from the game. In the end, only Nubia and Artery was
left. Nubia started snogging him, much to the disgust of Aristo.
"That's it! I'm getting a divorce!" he cried through tears.
Nubia gave him a mellow look. "Chillax man. Here, have some weed." she forced him to smoke some pot, and after
that, they went into one of the bedrooms to do stuff. Flavia and Floppy went with them, and the two Jonathan's
started making out behind the piano.
Mina and Dracula started to get tipsy on blood punch, and Dracula decided to take her into the next room, leaving
Annabeth, Percy, Darren, Stewie, Debbie, Lupus, the two Lords, Artery and Mr Crepsley to play the next game.
Mr. Crepsley took charge of "pass the parcel". The music was controlled by Erik, who didn't want to play any of the
"stupid" party games. He played Time Warp, and they passed around a black parcel. The music stopped when Lupus
had the parcel, and he grunted as he unwrapped it to reveal a wrapped covered in nude pictures of Dracula, Lord
Loss and Lord Voldemort. The two lord's blushed, and the snakes that were Lord Loss' heart started working out
The parcel was stopped at Annabeth, and she unwrapped the disturbing wrappings to reveal a blood red wrapping
with "I love Weed" printed over it.
Then, finally after five more wrappings, it stopped at Debbie, who unwrapped the small package to reveal....
"A condom?" she exclaimed. "What the hell was Dracula thinking?"
"Actually I made the parcel." said Erik. "It was meant to be for .....Christine and me."
Darren blushed furiously, and whispered something to Debbie. Instantly, she stood up and pulled him into the next
room, where the drugged Nubia and Aristo were coming out.
"We're..uh...gonna go." and Nubia and Aristo left.
Lord Loss decided that they should all dance, and so they started to boogie to songs from Family Guy. Stewie started
to sing, "Bag of Weed." but Dracula came back in with Mina, and said that the party was over.
Everybody left, leaving Dracula, Lord Loss, and Lord Voldemort. "Well, what do you wanna do?" said Voldy with a
dirty smirk.
"Oh, I can think of something."


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