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The Awesome Grace

Short story By: led monkeys

This Is About A Girl Named Grace (My Friend Helped Me Write It So It Is On Her Account Also) And It Is About Grace And How This Girl In Her Grade Doesn't Think She Is Awesome So She Trys To Prove To Her She Is!!!!

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Chapter 1 Grace Is STILL Awesome
Hi I Am Grace!!! It was the last day of school and all I could think about was leaving, leaving school! When the bell rang I hopped out of my desk and hurried to get my backpack.
"Yes no more school" I called as I ran out of the building.
Then Zoey walked past me with all of her "Popular" friends.
"That Grace over there is so not awesome" Zoey
whispered loudly as she passed by me.
"You know I heard that and I am to awesome!" I said as I heard what Zoey was saying to her friends.
"YES GRACE!!! I know you heard it and yes you are so not awesome ha ha ha ha" Zoey said as she heard my reply to her comment!!!
"HUH!" I said as I ran off.
Chapter 2 How Zoey Isn't Awesome
"HUH I Don't Like That Girl And I Never Will!!" I screamed as I thought about Zoey!!!
"O.K" I thought "I am getting good at this list thing let's write a list of ways Zoey isn't awesome O.K. lets start."
She's to popular
She thinks she's pretty
But she isn't
She calls me names
I don't think she likes me and anyone who doesn't like me is so far away from awesome it is crazy
She has too many "Popular" friends
She wears really cute clothes
All the boys like her
She likes the cutest boy in our school his name I O M Goodness I can't even write his name cause he's so dreamy. FINE!! I will write it his name is BEN!!! There!!! There it is paper are you happy now?
Chapter 3 Why Ben Is So My
Awesome Type
Well it has already been a half a month of summer and I have not finished telling you the story of why I am awesome here it goes (AGAIN) I will try not to forget anymore time.
Well let me tell you a little bit about Ben!!!
Ben is awesome!!! He usually has his hair with blonde bangs and he also usually smells like gingerbread!!! The thing about Ben is he has a brother he is not nearly as awesome as Ben not even close!!! O.K. well today I thought I would write a list of things about Ben!!!
He is awesome
He is in my class
His locker is 29 doors down from mine
4. He has bangs (I like bangs)
BAD THINGS ABOUT BEN (There's not many)
1. He KNOWS Zoey!!!!
Well now you know enough about Ben for now and how we should be together and if we were how we would be awesome together!!!
Chapter Four
Why Back To School Get Togethers Are So NOT Awesome
O.K I have been really bad at remembering to write the rest of my story down because of back to school get togethers. So here I go again!!! Well we were at the back to school get togethers and guess what!!! I SAW ZOEY and I was sooooooooo scared so I plan, on at school, trying to talk her into to thinking I am awesome again I really hope it works!!!! Don't You?!?!?! Well I don't what YOU think!!!! I think it will work out just fine!!!!
Oh!!! You liked it sorry!!!! I thought you wouldn't like it I am SOOOOOOOOO sorry!!!
Chapter 5
Why Going Back To School Is So NOT Awesome
O.K. well school is about to start and I need to talk Zoey into thinking I am awesome again so here is my plan!!!
To put a note in her locker that says:
Dear Zoey,
This Is From Benjamin George I Really Think Grace Is Very Awesome And If You Don't Like Her And Think She Is Not Awesome I Will Not Be Able To Talk To You Sorry You Must Like Her For Me To Like You,
Benjamin George
O.K. you gotta admit this is an awesome plan right!!! GOOD!!! You like it!!!
Chapter 6 Why
Starting School Again
Is Totally NOT
Hi again welcome back to my story!!!! GUESS WHAT!!!! School is about to start again (1 day to be exact) and I am soooooooooooooooooo excited about my plan to have Zoey think I am awesome again!!!!! So I thought that tonight before I go to bed (in 3 hours) I will go ahead and write the note and put it in her locker right when I get to school!!!! Isn't that a great idea!!!! Good I thought you would like that idea!!!!!
3 Hours Later
Oh my!!! It is almost time for me to go to bed!!!! So I can start writing the note!!!! I cannot wait!!!!
On The First Day Of School
O.K. I am sooooooooo excited to put the note in Zoey's locker!!!! So I have already put my stuff in my locker so it is time for the Grace is still awesome operation to happen!!!! Oh my I am soooooooooo excited I just put the note in Zoey's locker now all that's left is to wait!!!
After Math Class
Oh my!!! Here Zoey comes right now!!!! "Hi Grace I just want to tell you something you know Ben he left me a note in my locker and he said if I do not think you are awesome he will not talk to me or like me so Grace here it is…….. Grace you are soooooooo awesome and I like you like one of my close friends. So there Grace and Ben did you like that? Well that is all the awesome telling I am doing for today!!! So if you didn't like it fine but I thought it was just perfect!!!" Can you believe Zoey said that?! I can't so here is what I said back!!! "Zoey that was perfect I couldn't of asked for anything better!!!" wasn't that so sweet of me I know it was so that is my story of how I made Zoey think and know I was AWESOME!!!!!!


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