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xStephStephx09 gave me a challenge: to write a story with 8 paragraphs, with the topic of shopping, and the genre of comedy. She said each paragraph must have at least 5 sentences in it. This is my story:

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My girls and I get into the car and head out of the driveway. Today, I got my big check in, and we are going to spend it. I am not good at shopping. I'm one of those people who write a list, and get everything on it. Maybe I'll get an extra item or two, if I realized I forgot to put it on the list. In and out. I can get $300 of groceries in under an hour. Yeah, I'm very proud of that.

So, today, is something new. I told the girls that we can all get some new clothes, shoes, and maybe some extra things. My list has always been specific: Blue t-shirts, white ankle socks, Dora pants, etc. I felt a bit overwhelmed, but I figured with the help of a ten-year old and a six-year old, we should be just fine. Don't make a list, they had pleaded with me.

With no list and lots of money, we headed to the mall. First stop, Limited Too. I find they have cute clothes for my older, and in her style. She's a very stylistic kid. Heck, she has better fashion sense than I do. I let her pick out a pink button-up sweater, a light green fitted t-shirt, and jeans with flowers at the bottom. She tries the outfit on and she looks adorable. We pay for the outfit and move on.

Next stop is the Children's Place. Now, here, I can spend a whole paycheck easily on them. I let my younger pick out an outfit first. She gets her fashion sense from me. Poor kid. She finds a blue-jean skort (which is a skirt and shorts in one, so that when she's not being lady-like, you don't see everything). To go with it, she finds a dark green tank top. I tell her to find something else to go with it. She finds a pair of red socks that she has to have. She tries the outfit on. It looks cute, even with the bright red socks.

So, now it's my turn. I head to Hot Topic. I find a pair of men's cargo pants on sale for nine bucks. They're a dark gray. Can't beat that price. I browse around the t-shirts and find a Rolling Stones shirt. The one with the tongue hanging out! My kids are like, Oh, mom! I get it anyway. Then I see them. Boots. They are black, have lots of holes for laces and will go all the way up to my knees. I ask the clerk if they have my size. Yes! They do! I try on my outfit and the girls seem to be getting used to the t-shirt.

At this point we're hungry. We head to the center of the mall where they have all those mini-restaurants. What do we want? They have everything from Japanese, to pizza, chicken, burgers, or even a healthy sandwich. Hmmmm. Well, I want the healthy sandwich, so we wait in line for twenty minutes for me to order my sandwich. One kid wants chicken (she always does), and the other wants pizza. So, we wait in line for each of theirs.

Bellies are full, and we want to spend more money. We drive down the road to Target. Finding the kids section, I tell them to grab three cute shirts, while I find them some shorts and pants. Throwing our stuff into the buggy, we head for the undies and socks. We find their sizes and toss them with the rest of the pile. Next, we head to the ladies department. I tell them both to find mommy a shirt and I find a shirt. I grab a two pairs of jeans and realize our pile is getting pretty big.

Shoes. Ahhh, yes. Shoes. I tell them we can each get two pairs. We head off to our sizes. I find a pair of dark brown One Star Converse. Ohh, yeah. Then, I head for the running shoes. I don't usually like running shoes, but it's what I wear to work out in. I grab the first pair that I see that don't look too weird. Meeting back at the buggy, I see that my older has a pair of white and pink light-up sandals and a pair of bright pink tenny shoes. My younger has found a pair of Dora shoes that light up and a pair of Spiderman shoes. I guess the Spiderman shoes will go great with her outfit from the Children's Place.

We go to check out our items and I realize I've spent quite a bit of money today. The girls seem tired. The ride home was quiet. I put in my Norah Jones, to go with the mood. When we roll into the driveway, I look back at the girls to say something. They're fast asleep. Gosh, they're cute, I think to myself. I pick them up one at a time and take them to their beds. I leave the clothes in the trunk for now. I lay on the couch and thought to myself, We shopped 'till we dropped.


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