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Emental: Part 1. Tricked by my own captain. Today's going to be a good day...

Short story By: Mastera

After receiving a very strange mission, Necrosse, an alien known as a Vularkian, is sent to Earth with intentions unknown. Upon arriving, he unloads his biological weapon across the continent of Sandibar.

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Necrosse walked down a long, silver, hallway lit by the glowing pale white orbs on the wall. To his left, a thick window showing his home planet: Vularkia. At the end of the hall, a locked door with "Classified" written on it. He approached the door and placed his hand on the scanner to his right. After a few seconds of buzzing, the door opening to a dark room. Necrosse stood in the doorway and peeked in. His silver skin-suit reflected his Vularkian design in the darkness. He stepped into the room, the door shut forcingly. Necrosse's heart started beating loudly, he didn't like being in dark places. His collegues tended to try to ambush him to remove his iconic ski mask, to which to this day, no one has ever seen what was under it. Necrosse suddenly heard a single foot step and spun around. Red eyes glowered down at him. Necrosse shrieked in horror as the lights flickered on, revealing his captain, Sencrosse. Necrosse gave his captain a stern look.

"Way to give me a heart attack! I thought this was going to be another prank!" Sencrosse scoffed loudly with his hand covering his mouth. Unlike Necrosse's tall and nimble-like body, Sencrosse was quite short and stiff. Across his neck hung a brown cloak, his body suit was similar to Necrosse's however, instead of an N on his chest, he had an S. His 6 ears a-top his head appeared to show off his age and influence, which isn't really needed considering Sencrosse is the most feared Vularkian.

"While the heart attack was partially intended, this was no prank. I require your... assistance." Necrosse gave Sencrosse an interested look.

"Go on..."

Sencrosse handed Necrosse a portfolio, containing images of Earth and a single image of a small humanoid creature approxamately 2 feet tall. It's body was white and had very little features. Heart-shaped feet and short stubby fingers. Necrosse grinned.

"Ementals, sir?" Sencrosse nodded.

"Correct. You're mission is to retrieve one from Earth." Necrosse laughed softly.

"I would hardly call this a mission. I'm going to assume there is some sort of catch?" Sencrosse clapped his clawed hands together.

"Correct. There is only one Emental you can bring back. He is the most powerful Emental and he is named: Excalibur. I would also like to bring up the inhabitants of Earth. On this mission you are to take the Hellific with you, as it is time to test the humans." Necrosse perked up.

"Test?" Sencrosse raised his hand to Necrosse to shush him.

"I'm not done. The hellific are to test the humans, and see how they are evolving. But that is not your mission. Your mission is to just capture Excalibur. Leave the Hellific on Earth and let them do their thing." Sencrosse turned away from Necrosse started walking away. "You are to leave for earth immediatly. Don't disappoint me Necrosse."

"Don't I get the option to decline the mission?" The door slammed shut before Necrosse could chase after his captain. With the lights on Necrosse, finally noticed that Sencrosse had brought him to a pod.

"Coordinates set to: Earth" The automated voice rang out. Necrosse frowned.

"I'll take that as a no." Suddenly the computer screen turned on in front of him, revealing a large view of space outside the ship, and on it's keyboard, ship controlls and a steering bar popped out. Necrosse let out an annoyed sigh.

"Join the military they said.... It will be fun...." Necrosse sat down in the pilot's seat and began his flight to Earth.


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