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Emental: Part 2. The story of Excalibur. Catching a dead guy.

Short story By: Mastera

With his ship en-route to Earth, Necrosse decides to kick back and relax. It's going to be a long flight to Earth.

Submitted:Jul 27, 2014    Reads: 30    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

On a nearby shelf, Necrosse noticed a book. After picking it up he realized it was a popular Earth book called "The Tale of Excalibur." Necrosse, knowing he was going to be on the ship for a while, decided to kick back and read the story through.

Once upon a time, eons ago, there lived an Emental. With golden armour and a personality to match, he was well known throughout the world as Excalibur. His kind personality and immeasurable power in battle, he was well known and respected by everyone he met. Having few enemies, Excalibur would often visit prisons to help the inmates out if they agreed to change their ways. His influence always turned evil to good. Except one person by the name of Sui. Sui hated Excalibur with all his heart and turned Excalibur away after being defeated by him in a friendly fight. Falling into a deep jealousy, Sui began training his body vigorously. Straining every cell in his heart and soul just to defeat Excalibur and fuel his hatred for him. Several years past and Sui was not to be seen. However on a fateful day, Sui resurfaced and challanged Excalibur to another fight. However this time, Sui defetaed Excalibur and after breaking his protective barrier, killed him.

Sui was apprehended and taken to prison, and everyone mourned the loss of their beloved. However Excalibur never left. His body suddenly started floating as the legendary wings of Solace sprouted from his back. Excalibur was reborn as a Solacian Warrior. His eyes, when they opened, were descripted to glow whiter than the snow on Cryoria.

Time past as Excalibur lived with his Solace state. But a great cold suddenly took the village in which he resided. Sui had returned, and after hearing Excalibur was alive, was enraged. In an attempt to keep the one he hated most, he unleashed his heart and soul into a spell that froze the entire village in an ice age. The temperatures dropped to -50 F. The village was in peril, but Excalibur, using his celestial Solacian powers, suppressed the ice age spell, and destroyed Sui. However it was not without a cost. Excalibur had used so much energy that he was put to a deep sleep. Only the legendary power of the Emental Stones could revive him. Years past and Excalibur remained asleep, but one day, his body vanished and he was never seen again.

Necrosse placed the book back where he found it.

"Humans and Ementals are strange creatures. It's hard to believe that we made them, and after all these years, they have so many cultures." Suddenly Pluto came into view. Necrosse let out a sigh of relief. He was almost to his destination.

After waiting for about a half hour, Necrosse picked the book back up and continued reading.

To this day, no one knows where Excalibur and the other villagers went. It is said that they were abducted by aliens or that they all died from an epidemic. But Excalibur is still alive some say. His presence can be felt if one looks into their heart and feels their soul.

"Approaching destination, on right."

Necrosse, startled, dropped the book and took hold of the steering bar. He was losing control of the ship to Earth's atmosphere. Alarms rang out, and Necrosse with the ship plunged in a fiery ball to Earth's surface.


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