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Adventures in fun

Short story By: MidnightsRaven

This story is about two sisters, one loves playing jokes on her younger sister until she can't take it anymore and gets even.

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Adventures in fun
"This is all your fault, you know. If you hadn't decided to go out and drag me with you, we wouldn't be in this predicament right now. I would be sitting on the couch, the radio playing softly and reading a good book. But no, you had to go out and bring me with you because you didn't want to go alone!" she complained. Pulling her blond curly hair into a bun, she glared at her sister with fiery golden eyes. "If you had listened to me like you should have, we would both be home and not stuck in the middle of freaking nowhere." On and on she complained until her sister got fed up and told her to put a sock in it.
They were different in every way, but both of them had the same color eyes and the same mind frame. They always knew that the other was thinking and almost always, they got into mischief and had to sweet talk their way out of a lot of situations. That is, until today. Nineteen year old Elizabeth Larson and seventeen year old Clarice Larson were relaxing at home when out of nowhere, Elizabeth jumps up and takes her sister's hand, pulling her to her feet. "Come on, Clarice. I am bored out of my mind. Let's go somewhere and have a little fun," she said, twisting her long brown hair into a braid. Clarice groaned and said,"Every time you say that, something always goes wrong. Why can't we just stay home? You always get bored and we go out somewhere and get into trouble."
Elizabeth laughed and pulled her sister out to the car. Clarice climbs in and turns away from her sister, brooding because she had to get up and go out. Elizabeth climbs in next to her and starts the car, backing carefully out of the driveway. About four years ago, their parents went out to dinner. On the way home, a drunk driver slammed into their car, killing them instantly. Elizabeth received the news from two police officers who arrived on the scene and made a promise. She would always be there for her sister and make sure they didn't get into serious trouble. They both missed their parents dearly and kept photographs of them all through the house.
Clarice stared at the scenery as they drove by it and then reached over, turning the radio on. "Do you have to do that? You know I hate listening to your type of music, Clarice," Elizabeth said, reaching over as well. She turned the dial until she found a pop station. Sitting back in her seat, she concentrated on the road as Clarice stared at her sister. "I guess if I have to be in the car with you and listen to your music, I should find something better to do," she said sarcastically.
After driving for over two hours, Elizabeth pulled the car off the side of the road and climbed out. Clarice climbs out as well and walks over to her sister. "Ok, so where are we, Liza?" she asks, looking around. Elizabeth turned and made a face at her sister. She hated being called Liza. It was her childhood nickname and Clarice knew it was a major button pusher with her. "We are about two miles away from a lake. You have to walk to get there though. If you don't want to come with me, then you can sit in the car all alone with no one around," Elizabeth said, grinning.
Clarice hated to be alone in places that were shaded and nothing around them but woods. "No, I will go with you, Elizabeth. You know I hate to be by myself in strange places anyway," she said, walking over to her sister. Elizabeth laughed and headed down the dirt path with Clarice in tow. They walked over rocks and twigs strewn all over the ground for two miles and then reached a break in the trees. Ahead of them, they saw the shimmering lake. The water was crystal clear and there was a float out in the middle of it.
Stripping down to her under garments, Elizabeth jumped into the water and called back,"Come on, Clarice! The water is great!" Clarice shook her head as she took her shoes, socks, jeans and t-shirt off. She stepped into the water slowly, feeling the small waves splash against her ankles. She swam out to the float and climbed up on it, laying back and waiting for her sister to try and scare her.
That was Elizabeth's favorite thing to do to her sister. Clarice was frightened of so many things that it made her an easy target. Clarice closed her eyes, feeling the sun's warm rays wash over her skin. Elizabeth grinned wickedly and dove under the float, rapping on it and making it shake. Sitting up quickly, Clarice looked around but saw nothing. "Elizabeth! Where are you? If you are playing a trick on me, you better stop it right now," she said angrily. "I know it's you doing it and it isn't working."
Elizabeth swam to the surface and popped up out of the water, leaning on the float and laughing as she wiped the water from her eyes."Come on sis. You know I didn't do anything so why are you yelling?" she said, smiling. Clarice pushed her sister away from the float and dived into the water. Elizabeth laughed and swam after her, trying her best to dunk her under the water. Clarice shook her head and started to swim back to shore. She knew what her sister was trying to do, but she wasn't in the mood her childish games.
"Where are you going? It is still light out, Clarice. I promise to behave myself. Please come back," Elizabeth said pleadingly. Clarice turned back and replied," You always try to dunk me under the water when you know I hate that. I know it is still light out, but I feel like sitting on the shore for a while." Elizabeth shook her head and swam for another hour before climbing out. She sat down beside her sister and they watched as the sun set on the water.
As the sky turned pink, they got dressed and headed back to the car. Climbing in, they headed back home. Both girls sat silently, listening the music playing on the radio. About an hour later, the car started to spit and sputter so Elizabeth pulled off on the side of the road. She looked at the gas gauge and cursed. "I knew there was something I had to do. The car is out of gas, Clarice. I guess we have to lock it and walk the rest of the way home," she said. Clarice groaned and climbed out of the car, slamming the door shut with a loud bang. Elizabeth climbed out as well and locked the car up. They started the long trek home, staying close together as the sky grew darker. There was one thing they both hated and that was being alone in the dark.
After walking for what seemed like hours, Clarice opened her mouth and went off on Elizabeth. "This is all your fault, you know. If you hadn't decided to go out and drag me with you, we wouldn't be in this predicament right now. I would be sitting on the couch, the radio playing softly and reading a good book. But no, you had to go out and bring me with you because you didn't want to go alone!" she complained. Pulling her blond curly hair into a bun, she glared at her sister with fiery golden eyes. "If you had listened to me like you should have, we would both be home and not stuck in the middle of freaking nowhere." Elizabeth finally got fed up and told her sister to put a sock in it because she was tired of hearing the complaints.
Clarice shut up and walked ahead of her sister, pouting. Up ahead, car light loomed out of the darkness and Elizabeth ran past her sister, trying her best to flag the car down. Clarice stared at her and grabbed her arm, pulling back. "What are you doing, Liza? We probably don't know who it is and here you are, trying to flag them down! Are you insane?" she asked, keeping a grip on her sister's arm. Elizabeth shook her off and replied," I am getting us a ride home, Clarice. And don't call me Liza. You know I hate that." The car slowed to a stop beside them and the driver leaned out. "Are you two ladies all right?" he asked, the shadows hiding his features.
Clarice shook her head yes and started to pull her sister away. Elizabeth glared at her sister and then turned to the driver. "Our car ran out of gas about five miles back. Do you think you can give us a lift into town?" she asked. The driver nodded and opened the passenger doors. Elizabeth climbed in and waited for her sister to do the same. Realizing that she would be alone if she declined, Clarice grumbled and climbed into the car as well.
They drove into town, barely talking the whole way. The car pulled to a stop in front of a gas station the girls recognized and they climbed out. Elizabeth smiled and said,"Thank you for dropping us off here. We appreciate it." The driver surprised the girls by climbing out as well. "I was happy to do so, ladies. It isn't often that I get to see two beauties walking alone on a dark stretch of road." Clarice looked in the gas station but the attendant was nowhere in sight. Elizabeth started to get an uneasy feeling as the guy walked toward her. "We really should find the attendant and see about getting someone to tow our car home," she said, backing away. The driver clasped his hand around her wrist and spun her toward him, planting a salty kiss on her surprised lips. "Like I said, I was happy to drive you two here," he said huskily.
Elizabeth listened closely to the voice and realized it sounded familiar to her. She took the driver's hat and glasses off then smacked him in his head. "You are such a jerk, you know that? Don't kiss me again, you dork,"she said. Clarice looked at the two of them and sat down on the concrete steps. "Nice to see you again, Drake. It has been a while," Clarice said, trying hard not to laugh. Elizabeth turned quickly and looked at her sister. "You knew who it was? Why didn't you say anything?" she shouted.
"I didn't say anything because you didn't ask, Elizabeth. Yes, I knew it was Drake. I sent him a text message as we were walking and letting him know where we were. I figured I would play at being nervous since you tried to play that trick on me at the lake." Drake chuckled and walked into the gas station. He bought a gas can and then filled it up, bringing it back to his car. Clarice jumped up and went inside to pay the attendant for the gasoline and then climbed into the car.
Elizabeth kept shaking her head as she climbed into the car, realizing that her sister got back at her for trying to scare her earlier. "You two are horrible, you know that?" she grumbled. Drake and Clarice laughed at her. "You should have known that one day your sister would get even with you for playing tricks on her, Elizabeth. It was your own fault," Drake said. Clarice turned in her seat to look at her sister. "I get tired of you playing jokes on me, sis. That is why I decided to turn the tables and play one on you."
Elizabeth looked down, taking her sister's words to heart. She never thought her jokes hurt Clarice and now she realized that she was wrong in ignoring it. "I'm sorry, Clarice. I now understand how you feel and I promise to never hurt you again," she said softly. Clarice smiled and replied,"Good, cause as much as I love getting you back for it, I think the two of us are too old for games." Drake smiled as well and pulled up by their car. He climbed out first and dumped the gas into the tank, then took the keys from Elizabeth and unlocked the car. "That should be enough to get you home, girls. If you need me, you know how to reach me." With that, he climbed back into his car and drove off.
The girls got into their car and drove home. Walking in, they turned the lights on and sat up for most of the night, reading to each other and talking. Elizabeth never played another joke on her sister and Clarice learned to not take things to heart when they were said or done in fun. They spent time with Drake, and made sure things stayed normal for each other.
The End


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