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Ghost Hunter Jimmy

Short story By: Mike Stevens


Submitted:Jul 23, 2012    Reads: 14    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

Ghost Hunter Jimmy!

By Mike Stevens

A Jimmy Tilford Tale

10 year old Jimmy Tilford was watching a show about ghost hunters on T.V. What a joke! Maybe he'd believed in ghosts when he was 9, but he was much too old to believe in them now. Look at that, greenish light designed to make the viewer think something spooky was happening, when there was always a perfectly good explanation. Still, it would be really cool if it WAS real. He thought, instead of a ghost hunter, he'd like to be a ghost-fraud hunter. His mind was soon lost in the daydream:

Jimmy set up his equipment in the supposedly-haunted mansion. He and his cameraman had set up here for their T.V. show, 'Ghosts, Ha!', and Bennie, his cameraman, was filming everything. Bennie had been scared to come in this house, for he believed the superstition about this place, that a bloodthirsty spirit roamed the halls of the house, looking for innocent people to murder, but Jimmy had scoffed, and was buying exactly none of it. After assuring Bennie that they'd uncover a more pedestrian explanation, he'd agreed to come. ' It's too bad not everyone can be as brave as me!' thought Jimmy.

After about 4 hours of exactly nothing happening, Jimmy was starting to believe nothing was going to, and was trying to think of something that would make for a slightly better show than 4 or 5 hours of nothing, when their came the sound of chains rattling from one of the upstairs bedrooms. Chains, really? He told Bennie that they were going to check it out, and to make sure he filmed everything. Bennie's face turned white, and he replied,

"No way I'm going up there!"

So a disgusted Jimmy ripped the camera from his arms, and said, "Fine, Fraidy-Bennie! If you're to scared to go up there, I'll film it myself!

Jimmy, indeed alone, started to film; he walked up the stairs, following the sound of rattling chains . When he'd reached the door of the room where the noise was coming from, he turned the door knob and threw open the door. There, before him, on the other side of the room, was a ghostly figure levitating about two feet above the beige-carpeted floor!

Initially thrown by the sight he was seeing, Jimmy quickly regained his skepticism (such a big word; did he have it right?) and crossed the room in 4 or 5 strides, and ripped the sheet off of the man's head, and saw the man was hanging from piano wired secured to the ceiling.

"Ah, ha; you're no ghost, just a man!"

"Drat's; I would have gotten away with scaring everyone away, so I could break into the safe at my leisure; the one right over there!" and he pointed to his right, "If it wasn't for you; why didn't my foolproof plan work on you?"

"Because I guess I watch one too many cartoons!"


"You know, cartoons. Animated (?) drawings?"

"I know what cartoons are; but how do they explain your bravery?"

"Oh, when I was a kid, there was this cartoon about a dog who solved cases involving a supposed-ghost, only it was never a real ghost; only a criminal pretending to be a ghost so he or she could get away with a crime!"

"Dang it!"

Jimmy came back into the world of reality when his stomach growled. "Mom, I'm hungry!" he called into the kitchen, where his mother was cooking something, something that smelled wonderful!

The End


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