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Land of Pretend--a Jimmy Tilford Tale

Short story By: Mike Stevens

Another Jimmy Tilford Tale!

Submitted:Jun 28, 2012    Reads: 10    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

Land of Pretend

By Mike Stevens

A Jimmy Tilford Tale

10 year Jimmy Tilford was pretending he was the ruler of a powerful land. He had the ability to completely block out reality. What had started Jimmy's latest daydream was the globe he was supposed to be using for a school report on geography. But Jimmy soon grew bored with working on the report, and soon his mind was lost in a faraway land:

"The King of Carmona was scared. Jimmy the Great's army was just outside the city walls, and was demanding he abdicate (Jimmy thought that was the right word, but being only 10 years old, he wasn't sure!)his throne. He was scared, and that was a unique feeling for him. He'd faced down other armies, faced death with a smile on his face, but there was something about Jimmy the Great that brought out crippling terror, and made him cry and beg for Jimmy the Great not to harm him. Jimmy the Great was the head of a vast army, They had taken control of almost all areas of The Kingdom of Carmona; there remained only one task, getting the King to abdicate(again, Jimmy wondered if he had the right word?)and step down---"

"Jimmy, lunch is ready!" came the cry from his mom.

Oh no, he hadn't taken over Carmona yet! But his unfinished action was quickly forgotten when he smelled hamburgers frying; man, leading a vast army made him hungry! He'd finish sacking Carmona later.

Jimmy was stuffed to the breaking point. A hamburger, French fries, and an ice cream sundae was a lot of food for a king-to-be. A king-to-be! That's right; time to finish what he'd started.

"The campfires of the enemy's army lit up the skies over Carmona City, as Jimmy the Great looked down on it from The Heights of Carmona, tall hills which ringed the city. Tomorrow morning, unless the King of Carmona had a change of heart, his army would attack!

The morning sun rose hotly, bringing searing heat blasting down on the army of Jimmy the Great. The time for talking was over; the King of Carmona had been duly warned, and must be expecting their attack. Jimmy the Great expected fierce resistance, but he WOULD be king!

"Men, attack!" he screamed, and his marauding hordes swarmed down the hillside, raised ladders, and quickly scaled the walls, dropping down into Carmona City. Jimmy the Great saw nothing but ordinary citizens, scared out of their minds. No king's army waiting to desperately repel his army. They had somehow slipped away.

He suddenly saw a major flaw in his daydream. Maybe he would have been smarter to have his army encircle the city, so as to make escape impossible, but, darn it, it was his fantasy; if he didn't want that to happen; if he hadn't foreseen this whopper loophole, that was just too bad, HE controlled his own daydream!

"Jimmy, dinner!" his mother cried from the kitchen. He immediately changed back into just plain old Jimmy, from Jimmy the Great. Man, he was hungry. Sacking the enemy's city really took it out of a guy!

The End


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