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New Decade, Same Old Davis; Davis Conover II

Short story By: Mike Stevens

Davis II!

Submitted:Mar 10, 2012    Reads: 8    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

A New Decade, Same Old Davis

By Mike Stevens

The front door of the prison that had been his home for the past 15 years, slammed shut behind him. Davis Conover tasted his first freedom in a long time. It tasted like chicken, he thought; wow that was ONE tired joke! By all rights, he should have seen the errors of his ways, which was to scam a lot of money off of gullible, scamable losers, but he'd had a lot of time to think behind bars, after he'd been convicted of trying to scam a widow. He'd told her that for a fee, he could contact her deceased husband in the netherworld. The criminal part, he increased exponentially, by claiming he needed her credit card number to 'prove' to her dead husband she really was who she said she was. When he'd 'spoken' to her husband in the netherworld, he shockingly had answered back, or so Davis believed. The voice actually belonged to a detective, who was hidden in the darkness, and who promptly arrested Davis when he'd recovered from the shock.

10 years later, and Davis was a free man. It was supposed to be a 15 year sentence, but he'd gotten 5 years knocked off for good behavior. Instead of using those 10 years to change the direction of his life, he'd used it to think up and plan a new scam, and this time, he'd become wealthy!

His eyes slowly adjusted to he dim light of the restaurant. The waiter walked them to a secluded table. Davis pulled out one chair for Mable Johnson, a wealthy widow whom he'd been 'dating' for a few months, then walked around the table and sank down into the other.

"Oh, the view is magnificent!" exclaimed Mabel Johnson.

"Yes, my dear, I thought of your sweet face as soon as I saw it, and knew I had to bring you here!"

"Oh, you're sweet, but I don't think I warrant that kind of thought."

"Nonsense, Mabel; in case you haven't noticed, I love you!"

"Oh really? Because I love you too!"

"Oh, you've made me so happy!"

"I'm glad; do you think you'd mind running me to the bank tomorrow? I keep forgetting to deposit my dividend check."

At the word 'dividend', Davis got excited. "Sure dear, I'd be more than happy to; nothing's to good for the future Mrs. Ralph Goldsby!"

"Ralph, is that a proposal?"

Davis got down on one knee and produced a sparkling fake-diamond ring. "Well, I wasn't going to, but I can't wait one minute longer; Mabel, will you marry me?"

"Oh, Ralph, YES!":

Davis Conover was a happy man. He'd told Mabel to just sign they check over to him, and he'd drop it off at the bank on his way to 'work'. That way, she wouldn't have to go. Never mind that she was his only 'work'. She'd readily agreed, and signed the check over to him. He now had a check for $100,000 dollars in his hot little hand! He was going to cash it, alright, but instead of depositing it, like he'd told Mabel he was going to do, he was skipping town a $100,000 dollars richer!

Davis had $100,000 dollars in a briefcase as he walked out of the bank. Boy, buy a widow some flowers; tell them that you love them, and that was all it took! Granted, he'd taken a few months to get to this point, but the money in the briefcase made it so worth a few months! Suddenly, a guy stepped up to him, flashed a badge, and said,

"Davis Conover, you're under arrest for defrauding Mabel Johnson out of $100,000 dollars!"

S**t, it was Detective Larry Mars, the same cop who'd busted him last time! Then he spotted Mable Johnson striding towards him.

"Well, well Ralph; Where were you going with my money?"


The End


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