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Squirrels and Wires

By: mommy3

Page 1, This is a true story on what happened to me and my husband. Still can\'t believe this happened to us. Hope you enjoy.

First this is actually a true story that happened to me and my husband today. We still can’t believe what happened.

We both decided that we needed a new dresser for our bedroom. We have two vehicles that we own one is a truck and the other is a little car. Anyways we knew we had to use the truck and put our little daughter in the truck to get her seat belted in. Once that was done we both went into the truck. My husband put the key in the ignition to start the truck, but it would not start. We have been having some problems with the truck.

So I got out of the truck and went into our car and parked it by the truck. My husband took out the cables to jump the truck. He noticed the flame retardant covering on the truck was ripped and shredded. We live in the country with many squirrels and other pests.

We tried jumping the truck and it still would not start. So we took our daughter back in the house and decided to call the towing truck place. They were also part of the mechanic shop called DOC’S. Once we called them they arrived to tow the truck to their mechanic place.

The truck was however in an angle which proved to be difficult to move. So we had to put the key in the ignition, put in neutral, and have me steer the wheel hard while my husband pushed the truck. Well we were just about done when the mechanics came over to look at the truck.

They opened the hood and knew instantly what was wrong. Let me tell you we were not expecting what they told us. Anyways they said, “Yep I figured. A squirrel has been coming in your truck.” I was thinking what the hell are you talking about. They told us squirrels were in our truck and chewed up the flame retardant covering of the truck. They also chewed up the wires to our alternator and engine. We could not believe what we were hearing.

We both said, “Are you serious? Your joking right. We have never heard that before.” They shook their heads and told us that squirrels like to get in vehicles to warm themselves at night. They also told us that for some odd reason squirrels like to eat and chew on colored wires. I guess that is their favorite snack.

I guess that is why when I see squirrels skipping or running quickly this is where they get their energy. At first we were really upset about it, but then we can’t seem to stop laughing. The mechanics told us that some people actually put moth balls in their vehicles to keep the squirrels away. I guess the smell offends them and they don’t bother your vehicle.

Does anyone know any way to get squirrels from coming into your vehicle of the hood of your car? We would really like to know since we know have to pay the mechanics to fix our truck.

My husband and I are now going on a war with the squirrels. Would anyone like to join?

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