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i've lost

By: Naseem khan105

Page 1, its about losing and gaining

Peoples get the things they never tried for

i've lost the thing i ever died for,

There was a guy who was deeply in love with a girl,but sadly the girl had already someone in her life,even then he didnt give up and continues to make her belive that he loves her still,unluckly he was trying so hard for her that everytime he tries to talk to her she got irritated from him and denies to talk him,but as she cares about him she sometimes do accept to talk him and advices him to forget her,there is no future of our relationship,but the guy badly in love with girl even after trying hard to forget her,he wont.even at the moment he was trying to forget her he was remembring her.The guy lost his studies after her,his family after her and gained a lot of pain and emptiness in his life.His life was completely ruined because he knows that without her he cant do anything.With time college ends and finally they departed very faar.Times passes by but the guy still there still with time waited for her and the girl along with time get sucess in her life and got married to the guy who was in her life.The lover guy watching all that thinks about every circumstances that happened around him in the pass time,he rembers that some of his friends never loved but they sitll have beloved onces,some of his friends never read even then they passed,some of his freinds never do good to any one but they r still happy and i.....i loved her so much and i lost her,i studied but didnt get suceed,i spread love but didnt get happiness ever.That is what god choosed me for.And sometimes i used to think that


Peoples get the things they never tried for

i've lost the thing i ever died for....

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