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A Case of Miscommunication

Short story By: Rhapsody

When young Eleanor needs to do a project on the Sudan, she phones her mom who’s away visiting her mother. Unfortunately the connection isn’t very good, and misunderstandings ensue.
This is for Lady Elizabeth’s ‘Entertain Me’ Challenge. My words were: Nod (Action); Lips (Thing); and Sudan (Place). Any and all comments would be appreciated!

Submitted:Jul 1, 2009    Reads: 9,904    Comments: 11    Likes: 6   

"Hi Mama."
"Hello darling. Are you having a good time with Daddy?"
"Yes Mama. We went to the movies after school yesterday. Mama, can I ask you something?"
"Eleanor, the line's very bad. I can't hear. Did you say something?"
"Yes Mama. I have to do a project for school. About Sudan. Do you know anything?"
"What honey? No one is suing your dad. He's a lawyer. He sues people for a living."
"I know that Mama. I asked about the Sudan."
"Darling I have to go. Your Granma wants to say hello. Love you."
"Eleanor? How's my little cupcake?"
"Hello Granma. I'm fine. Do you know anything about Sudan?"
"Sue and Dan? Of course. But things like that aren't for little girls' ears. Lips and kissing and nonsense like that. Where did you hear about them?"
"My teacher told me. But I don't understand Granma. Sudan is a country in Africa."
"Sue and Dan are going to Africa? Oh my! I wonder if Dan's wife knows. Sweetheart, I have to call Kathy. You must come visit soon. Granma loves you!"
"Bye Granma."
"Eleanor? Have you finished on the phone? How's your mother?"
"She's okay. Daddy? Do you know anything about Sudan?"
"How did you find out about that?"
"My teacher told me I had to ask my parents about it."
"Really? Well, all I know about it is Dan gave Sue a huge diamond necklace and a bun in the oven, and now Kathy is divorcing him. Very ugly. Sue can barely hold her head up in public now."
"Daddy I'm confused."
"Eleanor, honey; come into the kitchen. I can barely hear you and I need help making supper anyway."
"Coming Daddy."
"Well class. Yesterday I told you to go home and find out about different places. Who wants to go first? Dean? Alright come to the front of the class."
"Egypt. Egypt is in Africa. Years and years ago, people built the pyramids there, and the Sphinx and a beautiful lady called Cleo - Cleopatra lived there. Moses was also born in Egypt."
"Thank you Dean. Who's next? Eleanor?"
"Yes Mrs. Williams. My country was the Sudan. I asked my mommy about it first and she said that people sue the lawyers there for a living. Granma wanted to know why you told me about that and said it wasn't for little girls to know. I think they must do something bad to little girls there. Then my daddy said that the people's heads always nod because they wear such heavy necklaces. They must have very sore necks. Maybe they make little girls wear really heavy necklaces? And I think there are a lot of people called Sue and Dan there. Daddy said that Sue couldn't hold her head up in public so she must wear a necklace too. Oh, and they eat buns that they bake in ovens. Mrs. Williams? Are you alright? Your face is all red. Mrs. Williams, why are you snorting like a pig? Mrs. Williams?"


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