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Don't Steal from a Vampire

Short story By: Rumor

A more lighthearted story about a boy who does a stupid thing.

Submitted:Mar 4, 2013    Reads: 417    Comments: 59    Likes: 23   

It was a bet. It was just a stupid thing with my friends. I knew it was dumb, that I should have done it, but…hmm.

My name's Jason. I'm seventeen. I never stole a thing in my life, 'cept for three days ago. See, my friends and I were hanging out in my backyard when one of us got the idea to break into my weird neighbor's house.

I was against it. And I'm not just saying that. Things like this make me nervous, always have. Now more than ever, though.

My neighbor's name was Chris. Young, single guy. He'd occasionally been seen at night, bringing one or another unknown girl home. Whenever I'd seen him, it'd always been the same interaction: smile, exchange hellos, and walk right back in the house. And, like I said, he'd only ever been seen at night. Keep that in mind, huh?

It was the middle of the day on Saturday, and my friends had heard the stories, so they said it'd be safe.

"Maybe take some garlic and holy water with you," Joseph had joked.

They sent me in, and told me to bring something back for them. Reluctantly, I told them I would.

Tyler picked the lock of the back door, which was very solid wood, probably something like oak. It was pitch black inside, so I used my phone to look around. I was standing in an informal dining area, which was next to the kitchen and there was a door to the left of me. Upon checking it, it was a half bathroom.

I walked toward the front of the house, all the while wondering why it was so dark, and found a stairwell on my left. To my right was a fairly large room with a couch, a small TV, and a billiards table. Black curtains hung on the windows, but I couldn't see any light passing through the fabric, which I thought was strange.

Already my heart was about to pop, so I ascended the stairs quickly and quietly, hoping to get out of there quick as I could. I just needed to grab something small, but so far, there didn't seem to be anything. There weren't any personal items sitting out anywhere.

I came into a hall at the top of the stairs, a door immediately in front of me. As I went to walk forward, I realized my legs were barely supporting me. They felt as reliable as jelly. Hand shaking, I reached for the doorknob. I locked my phone's screen again and everything went black. I pushed the door open.

Feeling my way through the room was difficult, but I didn't want to risk Chris being asleep in this room and waking him up with my phone light. That would be one hell of a conversation.

Uh, yeah. My friends wanted me to come in here and steal something of yours for them. Sorry that I woke you. I'll just be taking this here, uh, thing and getting out of your hair. Sorry. Just, just go back to sleep. Don't mind me.

It didn't matter. It was really clear really soon that this wasn't where he was sleeping. It was completely silent, for one, and two, the room was without any furnishings at all. I turned my phone back on. Nothing. Not even a bed frame or a table or a box of crap for storage.

I left that room and went to the door at the other end of the hall. More likely than not, this was Chris's room.

Like the other door down the hallway, this one opened without a sound. Inside, I saw that very thick sheets of black cloth had been nailed over the window and all around it to keep light out, apparently. There was a dresser to the immediate right of the door, about as high as my belly button and very simply made. The wall on the left of the door had the closed sliding doors of a closet and the opened one of a bathroom. I immediately turned the phone light off when I saw a bed, but as I stood in the dark, I realized the bed was made.

And again, no personal items were out. I was not going to go through his dresser.

Turning my light back on, I went into the bathroom. There was one thing sitting on the counter. A small ring on a silver chain. I grabbed it and ran from the house.

The daylight blinded me. Like coming out of a movie theater, only worse. But I had my prize and I felt pretty good about myself as my friends congratulated me.

"You're really one of us now," Mitch told me, slapping me on the back. We all went to his house to 'celebrate'.

It wasn't until night that I realized what I'd done.

The ring was in my closet, hidden in a shoe. I was half a sleep and it was nearly three in the morning. My fan was running in the corner for white noise.

Something knocked on my window and my eyes came open, wide at the suddenness. I sat up and saw the silhouette of someone crouching on the window sill outside on the closed blinds. They knocked again.

I got out of bed, slowly, quietly. I hardly made any sound. And yet…

"I can hear you," the figure said. It was Chris!

"W-what do you want?"

"I would like my ring back."

"I-I don't have it."

"Sure you don't. Let me guess; it's in a drawer? No, a shoe. That's right, isn't it?"

"How did you get up here?"

"Can I come in?"


"Am I going to have to use force?"


The blinds opened and came up. The window opened. The screen was removed. I didn't touch a thing!

Chris came in. Guess that myth about needing an invitation isn't true. I looked into his face, worried at what I would see, and almost shoved him back out the window. His eyes were glowing red, a rich, dark burgundy.

He saw me panic, saw my mouth opening to shout, and was behind me with a hand over my mouth before I could let it go.

"Don't scream. Come on, now. Let's just settle this. Give me my ring back. You stole it from me. I could smell your scent all over the place."

I tried to say, "Smell me!", but it came out as a mess of sounds.

"Yes, I know. Come on now, just give it back and I won't call the police. You're not going to shout if I let you go? No? All right."

Trembling, I got the ring and handed it to him. This was too weird. Was I dreaming? No, you never come to that conclusion when you're asleep.

"What are you?"

He smiled, putting the chain around his neck and tucking the ring into his shirt. His eyes were flashing different hues of red.

"I'm a bit hungry."

"I, uh, well…what?"

His eyes! They were really flashing now and I was getting dizzy. Things were becoming fuzzy…

He stepped away from me, back toward the window, and the haze broke. I shook my head, wondering what had just happened.

"Luckily for you, I've got a date to pick up. But look, since you stole my ring, you're in debt to me. Remember that. Should I ever need anything from you, I expect you to comply. I could have killed you, but I'm not like that, so be grateful."

I was left speechless.

With one last look and a wide grin, Chris said, "Be seeing you" and slipped out the window.


My friend liked this one and I thought it would be nice to upload something new. Comments are awesome! :)

5/9/13 - Since so many people wanted me to, I continued this. It now has five parts. If you want to read more about these two, the second part is 'Repaying a Vampire' if you want to check it out.


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