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A woman's cure for them pesky men

By: Russ Teed

Page 1, A service all women will want, and need

Women’s cure for them pesky men

I’ve started a new business that all women will love! It's called "Man-A-Care".

We'll take your man into custody for 24 hours while you joyously frolic to your well-deserved husband holiday.

He’ll be safely yet heavily sedated as you attempt to recapture the sanity you lost so long ago with the "I do" mishap.

Shopping, sleeping, or a night on the town are your unfettered choices.

Imagine all the cleaning and repairs that certainly would be necessary if you left him in charge of the children.

When your fun is done we'll deliver your wretched spouse to his bed where he will wake to your impish smile.

Just call him "Thor" and he will be ecstatic, barbaric primate he is, and none the wiser!

Wait! Order now and we’ll take the kids free of charge! The safest narcotics available to man will be injected into their favorite juice box and they’ll be off to never never land in an instant.



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